i've already picked paint colors

Well, as the old saying goes, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a split level in the suburbs and a thirty year mortgage.

That's right.

We're homeowners.

We officially settled on our house last Friday, and moved in on Saturday.  And by Sunday evening, the Christmas tree was up, the entire family room was decorated, and in a spontaneous act of renovation enthusiasm we pulled out an ugly orange shag rug in a spare bedroom at about 8:00 Sunday night.

We absolutely love the house, but it needs some updating.  The wall paper sampler below should give you an idea of the style.

We bought the house from an old man who had lived here since the house was built fifty five years ago.  When we were talking about putting in an offer, Matt and I did a little crackerjack detective work and and learned that the owner's son and daughter in law live next door, and his son was the realtor.  They were very easy to work with, and once we knew the house was ours, Matt and I drove by several times a week because we were so excited.

And also because it was during election season and Matt liked to check out what lawn signs the neighbors had displayed so he could try and gauge the political climate of the neighborhood.

One night as I drove by, the owner was walking out of the house with who I assume was his daughter.  He was walking with a cane and she was filling the trunk of the car with boxes.  And I'll admit that I teared up a little bit because there he was, leaving the house where he lived for fifty five years, brought his children home, raised his family, lost his wife, and grew old.

Fifty five Christmases.  Hundreds of birthdays.  Thousands of stories and decisions and memories.  And millions of the day to day things that make up a lifetime.

And Matt and I are moving in with years of life and a family and lots of Christmases still ahead of us.

At closing, when he slid us the keys, his son/our neighbor said to us, "Lots of life, love, and laughter in that house."

And then on Tuesday morning, the doorbell rang.  We had an appointment for someone to come and give us an estimate on cutting down a tree, so when I opened the door to see a man standing there with a giant wrapped gift I thought "THE LANDSCAPERS IN THIS TOWN ARE SO FRIENDLY. YOU HAVE MY BUSINESS SIR."

I stood there waiting for the main to give me the estimate on the tree, but he was just standing there like he was waiting for me to do something.  Finally he said, "Um, miss, I need you to sign for these flowers" and I realized he was holding out a clipboard, and that he was not in fact a tree trimmer, but a florist delivery man.

There were two beautiful poinsettias inside the package, and this card from the previous owner.

It's only been seven days so far, but there's been lots of happiness.

And lots of trips to Lowe's.

But let's focus on the happiness.

And the Christmas decorations.


Bethany Carson said…
Congrats on your new home!!
Bijoux said…
Wow! So exciting! My sympathies on the wallpaper, though! I just removed black calla lily paper from a bathroom here.

Your Christmas decorations are beautiful! Have a joyous Christmas in your new home!
Shenine joon said…
Congratulations on your new home. I totally cried reading this post about how he handed you the keys and then sent you flower. They dont make them like that man anymore. What a wonderful new home story! Congrats again!
Ashlee F said…
That's Awesome! Congrats on your New Home and New adventure!!

I love how much history is in the home and now you get to start your own. Very Special!

-Ashlee Michelle
Brittany said…
That is so sweet! I bet they were happy that a young couple was buying it so you can make your own memories in the home for years.
Morgan Apfel said…
OMG that is the sweetest story I've ever heard! I'm about to be in tears! It's not often you come across a hole buying story like that. He is probably just so happy to be like handed over his happiness for someone else to experience it. That is amazing. Best of luck with everything! xx
Oh my gosh... how stinking cute that he sent you flowers!!! What an awesome way to start off in your new home together!
That is so sweet of the previous owner! Sounds like the walks are full of happiness!
Katie said…
I saw you post about the delivery on IG and it made me tear up. What a sweet sweet thing for him to do. Happy y'all have such a good home to have many years in!
Evelina said…
Oh my gosh how sweet is Walt? I totally teared up reading that! Sounds like you picked a great one. Congratulations!
Emily said…
Congratulations!! So happy for y'all. What a fun new step in life. SO sweet of the previous owner to send flowers.
Jennifer Oliver said…
Huge congratulations on your new place!!! That is so exciting! Loved the pictures, too (the wallpaper sampling made me lol). I teared up reading about the previous owner, as I pictured him loading his things and leaving his home of so many years. I know you're glad to be moving into a place with such happy memories, and I'm sure he feels at peace knowing that a happy young couple will be starting afresh inside those walls. Congrats, again!
Sarah said…
I still can't get over how sweet the previous owner is! I hope he becomes a part of your life now.

Good luck channeling your inner Joanna Gaines. I can't wait to see that wallpaper go where it belongs-a dumpster. ;)
Katie Skare said…
This was such a lovely post. Congratulations!
Corie M said…
Congrats on your new home! I can't wait to see all the transformations you guys give it. How sweet is the previous owner? I'm sure it gives him a lot of peace knowing a young and in love couple will be living there now!
Omg Walt is precious. Congrats on picking the sweetest man to buy a home from. Wishing you a wonderful first Christmas in your new home!
ae said…
Walt made me cry!!!

Congratulations on your new home! :D
Well that is just the sweetest thing! Definitely teared up myself, thinking of him packing up his car to leave. What a sweet old man. I am sure you guys will have just as many wonderful memories there!
Sara McCarty said…
Oh my lands, this post has me in tears! I'm so excited for you guys and all the happiness and memories you'll make in your new home. What a lovely family that you bought from. When we bought our house, the owner walked us through the house and told us stories of his kids and family in every room. I can't imagine how hard it must be to say goodbye. I'm all teary about leaving our house some day!
Faith said…
What a beautiful post! I love this so much.

Congrats on your new home! I can't wait to see all the updates you both do!
What a sweet post! I love this so much! Congratulations on your new home! You guys will make the best memories there, I'm sure!
Congrats on the house!! This is so sweet, it almost made me tear up too. I bet the previous owner was so happy to be selling it to you two. I hope you have a wonderful future in your new home! The fireplace and tree look AWESOME!
Sarah Alway said…
Congratulations! And what an adorable story about the previous owner. I think this home is going to have excellent karma for you guys. Enjoy the holidays there!
Jenna said…
Oh my goodness--what a sweet, sweet gesture from the former owner!!!

Congratulations! Your fireplace is BEAUTIFUL!
Tammy Jo said…
Your Christmas decorations look wonderful! And what a sweet man!
Cece said…
OMG, I teared up reading this post. That is so sweet. How wonderful that you are getting a home that was so loved and I'm sure the previous owners are thrilled to see a young couple with many happy years ahead of them move in there.

Michelle said…
Oh how sweet!!! What a sweet man. I bet that made you feel like you picked the perfect house. That wallpaper is hilarious. The house seems like a time capsule!
Baby Sister said…
Hooray! Congratulations!! Good luck with the remodeling. :)
Pegster said…
YAY, congratulations on your new home purchase. I just love that note from the seller, you are going to create some amazing memories in this house.

I hope you blog about all the renovation, I am sure it will be fun. Enjoy
Melinda Pollard said…
Congrats on your new home!! My husband and I bought an old 1940's cottage and completely remodeled it- lots of work but so much fun! I love a good before and after :)

xo, M
That is the sweetest story. I'm sad for that man but happy for you guys. Maybe you could have him over one day. That was so kind of him to send flowers.