Wednesday, July 26, 2017

maybe the popcast will do an episode about the michael phelps shark race

Well, I started this week feeling totally let down by the whole Michael Phelps vs. the great white shark special.  I marked the date down when I heard about the big race and have been looking forward to it ever since.  You want to know who completely bought into the hype and thought Michael Phelps would actually swim in the shark infested South African waters alongside a great white?

Gullible, party of one.

I'd thought about how he could possibly pull it off.  I figured they must have created some sort of movable cage that would move along with Phelps' speed but still keep him protected from his predatory opponent.

Imagine my disappointment when Phelps dove into the water and the shark was COMPUTER GENERATED.

Also, Phelps wore a shark-type flipper, which isn't as terrible as some sort of illegal performance enhancing drug, but come on.

And then, to top it off, PHELPS LOST.

In the end it was a bunch of mathematical equations that could have been done in the Discovery Channel offices.


Switching gears, I am a big fan of podcasts and I've written about one of my favorites before, the Popcast.  The hosts, Knox and Jamie, talk for one hour a week about "the things that entertain but do not matter," which are my favorite kinds of things.  I wrote a post years ago about Matt's belief that the words to The Circle of Life are "oh my God, a penguin and a llama." and then how I submitted his interpretation to their episode about misheard song lyrics and it stole the show.

Well, The Popcast posted this picture from their live show a few weeks ago.  Two fans actually took Matt's misheard lyrics, put them on a shirt, AND WORE THEM TO THE SHOW.

I've never met any of the people in this photo but I feel like I need to frame it and hang it in our living room.


A few weeks ago my mom and Emily and I went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  As we walked in my mom said, "Oh girls, I meant to tell you, I've decided to like elephants," which was perfect because the first thing we saw was a wildlife photography exhibit with elephants aplenty.

I don't know much about art, but I know what I think is pretty.  We wandered around for a few hours, had lunch in the little cafe, and then decided to check out the modern art before we headed home.

Modern art is something that I don't really understand.

Apparently I'm not the only one, because the guard at one exhibit said to us, "Please don't ask me any questions about these pieces.  I don't even understand them.  That one is just a piece of rope hanging from the ceiling.  It's called 'Rope Hanging From the Ceiling.'  Do you believe that?  I really just want to go home."

My mom is a fourth grade teacher, and when she saw this one, she said, "If one of my students left the chalkboard looking like that, I'd tell them it's unacceptable, go clap those erasers and do it again."

Also, while we were there Emily got a breaking news alert that Beyonce had named her twins, Rumi and Sir.  My mom said, "You know what Beyonce needs to do?  She needs to go grocery shopping and clean a toilet and then tell me what she names her kids."

Someone needs to put that on a t-shirt.


julie @ said...

Bahaha this post had me cracking up! And I read the back posts on OMG, a penguin and a llama. That is BRILLIANT!!

Ahaha, I've decided to like elephants. hehe

Kristin @ Going Country said...

I've decided to like your mom. She's a font of wisdom. I think the world would be a better place if EVERYONE had to clean their own toilets. (Though maybe I'm just bitter because I have to clean my own toilets as well as those used by every other member of my family.)

Brianne said...

LOL I love that your mom just announced that she's decided to like elephants. Also, she's right. Beyonce does need to go clean a toilet. I LOVE that they put Matt's lyrics on shirts! I think you two each need one as well!

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

Your mom sounds just as funny as you! That's so funny about the penguin and llama lyrics. I think I can imagine the song sung that way!

Sarah said...

Not only does the Popcast picture have Knox and Jamie, IT WAS LIKED BY MELANIE SHANKLE. I believe you've found your Christmas card photo.

I agree with that guard. Modern art is useless. The rope would go well with the crumpled paper bag exhibit I saw at an art museum here.

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

OMG I cannot believe that about the shirt!!!! I HOPE these ladies somehow see themselves on your blog and get in touch with you. If that's not the funniest thing!!

And I am officially a big fan of your mom... Beyonce DOES need to clean a toilet. Maybe that would take her down a notch. Haha.

Beautifully Candid said...

Now your version of the shark race I would have watched. That is too funny about those shirts...and yes, someone now needs to make a shirt with your Mom's Beyonce comment. Beautifully Candid

Audrey Louise said...

Your mom sounds like a riot. I like how she suddenly decided that she likes elephants, lol. Also, Beyonce definitely needs to clean a few toilets. Hahaha!!
*I thought Phelps was actually swimming against a real shark, too.

rooth said...

LOLOL He's famous and on a t-shirt! That is the best

Michelle said...

Hahaha I love that guard!!! And your mom and her comments. I would like to have her opinion on everything now.

Christina said...

DYING about the misheard lyrics! And now it's totally stuck in my head and I keep giggling. And I love that they made shirts. So cool. I need to download that podcast asap. I also love your mom.

Sarah DeWald said...

Can I be invited to your gullible party because I totally was wondering how they were going to have the shark swim in a straight line.

Jenny Evans said...

Your mom sounds awesome. Also, now does that mean she's going to start collecting ceramic elephants? Because that's usually what moms do. Just saying.

Rachel said...

I love how honest the guard at the art museum was. I like pretty things and paintings and such but I don't get modern art, either.

Marie said...

ahhaha dying over the elephant comment. I love elephants!! The Philly Museum of Art is so fantastic. I spent a whole Sunday there. It was fab, plus they have great A/C. hahah

Sparkles and Lattes said...

I am so glad I didn't watch the Phelps vs shark. I wanted to and heard it was a dud. Yay for getting the saying on the shirt and the shout out. That is so cool. Love Museums of Art. I haven't been to that one, but would love to.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Bey totally needs to clean a toilet. I'm with your mom.

I was sad that I missed the big PHELPS shark, not so much.

Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said...

Yep, I too was disappointed when I found out the shark was computer generated. Like, come on... if you think you're such a super fast swimmer, show us what you've really got!

In retrospect, however, it's probably a good idea he didn't because whilst he probably thought he was such a great swimmer... he totally would have died.

The Popcast totally need to give you a royalty payment everytime that lyric comes up... or at least a tshirt or something :P

Beyonce TOTALLY needs to clean a toilet... or 10.