Monday, November 6, 2017

lots of words about lots of things

Here we are a week into November.  It was dark by 5:00 tonight, and I'm sitting on the couch watching a holiday baking show, drinking a cup of pumpkin spice tea and and thanking the good Lord for heating pads, because my back is killing me.

I have scoliosis, and wore a back brace from freshmen year of high school through sophomore year of college.  I hated it, because what teenage girl wants to wear a hard, thick plastic brace from her shoulder blades to her hips with three giant velcro straps in front for 22 hours every day?  But man, what my 29 year old self wouldn't give to have that back brace right now.

I don't know for sure why my back hurts but I can only imagine it might have something to do with all the work we have been doing in the kitchen.  I use the term " we" loosely.  Matt has been doing the lion's share of the work and he is doing a great job.  It's not close to finished, but last night we turned on some good music and poured some wine and cooked a real dinner in there on our plywood counters and cardboard covered floors and I almost cried with happiness.

Matt took the entire week off last week and spent every day working on the kitchen.  Which means our text message conversations looked a lot like this.

I'm happy to report that he did eventually find his crow bar and I successfully turned on the water main.

One day he had to do a little work on the gas pipe which never fails to make me nervous.  He had the gas main off, and before he went outside to turn it back on, he said "You should probably wait outside when I turn this on" and then gave me a kiss and said, "Just in case things go south, I love ya."

He's a romantic.

On Friday morning I was making coffee and when I turned around I saw him shove slices of honey wheat bread down a water pipe and then fire up a blow torch.  I asked him what that particular method of plumbing was called and he said it was called "cross your fingers and hope this works."

It did work, and apparently it's a method Tom recommends.

And by Tom I mean Tom Silva, from This Old House, obviously.

We should invite Tom over for dinner when this is all said and done.  This is the kitchen that Tom and Youtube built.

Other things that have happened since I last posted:

- Michelle got married.  She now has her very own husband named Matt, and I have the text messages we exchanged the night after their first date which we have laughed and laughed about recently because they wouldn't exactly lead you to believe this day would come.  But, it did, and I couldn't be happier for them.  She was a beautiful bride and everyone should be so lucky to have a best friend like Michelle.

- Penn State lost to Ohio State by one tiny point two weeks ago and then last week lost to Michigan State by three points.  Heartbreakers.  WE ARE Penn State  very sad.

- Halloween came and went, but in a moment of early October brilliance I hid an extra bag of Reese's in our kitchen and then promptly forgot about it.  I found it the other night when I was emptying cabinets and it was a highlight of the month. 

- I had MORE car issues which I think are finally resolved, knock on wood or my brand new valve cover.  I did write a post about it but it was too fresh to be funny.  I've since found the humor so maybe I'll post it this week but let's just say I was literally not firing on all cylinders. 

- Due to the aforementioned car trouble, I had to drive Matt's F-150 for a few days, which is roughly three times the size of my tiny Ford Focus.  It was generally fine except for the time I accidentally turned into a dead end parking lot with many anxious pizza delivery drivers who wanted to get out of the lot and were being held up by Oh Laura Darling in the F-150 making a 476 point turn.  My sincerest apologies to any residents of Folcroft, Pennsylvania who have received cold pizza.  You're more than welcome to come and heat it up in our kitchen.  The gas stove is questionable, but you're more than welcome to use the blow torch.


Maureen @ Maureen Gets Real said...

I love the color of the cabinets! I can't wait to see the finished kitchen :)

Brianne said...

I love the color of your cabinets! I also really love your nail color in the picture with your fingers crossed ha. Glad the crossing of your fingers helped & that Tom was right!

Faith said...

I cannot wait to see the end result. So far it looks so good. The color of the cabinets are perfection!

Leslie said...

The kitchen is looking stunning, Laura! All of your hard work is coming to fruition!

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

I have / had scoliosis too but I didn't need a Gabbie also has it and we hope she won't need a brace. I like the text from Matt. "home many minutes" is a great typo!

Amie said...

Your kitchen looks great so far!!! You have a very handy husband!!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

The kitchen looks amazing, and lol at the text messages! Hope your back feels better soon <3

Rebecca Jo said...

Ahh - what a beautiful bride -you look gorgeous yourself!
Hope your back is feeling better today.
A stashed reese's bag? SCORE!!!!!

Beautifully Candid said...

I know renovations are so trying but your kitchen is turning out amazing! I love that Tom and youtube built it, where would we be without them?! I hope your back is feeling better soon! Sierra ~
Beautifully Candid

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Laura, everything is looking so GREAT!!!! I can't wait to see the finished kitchen. And I still can't believe that Matt is doing all of this. If I left this kind of stuff to Brian then we'd be eating take-out for the rest of our lives.

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i am LOVING following along. your kitchen is looking amazing. i know what you mean about getting to that point though where you can finally be a bit normal and cook and stuff, it was such a turning point for us. and yeah KC knew me well enough to do all the gas things while i was at work otherwise i would have freaked out!!

rooth said...

It looks SO GOOOD! And gas stove! YAY you guys are awesome

Foxy's Domestic Side said...

Love the color of your cabinets, so awesome that you're doing it yourselves, and when you're done you can say, we did this ourselves and feel proud. Can't wait to see it all done!

Hilary said...

Did you guys paint the cabinets yourself? They look great!

Michelle said...

Between the car and the kitchen, I don’t know how you have any sanity left!

It always makes me laugh when you talk about your friend Michelle. My middle school-college best friend was named Laura. She drove a Ford Focus like you. And I was dating a Matt! But unlike your Michelle, we didn’t get married. Obviously.

Jenny Evans said...

Kitchen looks great so far, I love the cabinets. Also, finding a surprise bag of Reese's is pretty much my dream. Do you think I should go look for one now just in case the same thing might happen to me?

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

haaaa I cannot drive MFD's (bigger than my) car for shit. It terrifies me.

Kitchen is looking awesome.

Nadine Lynn said...

It looks like the kitchen is coming right along!! Looks good! If I found a bag of random forgotten Reese in my kitchen, I would be the happiest person ever.

Audrey Louise said...

Ughhh. I always hate when I have to take my husband's truck somewhere.
I love all the kitchen stories and updates. Lol. That floor is gorgeous!!
Hope you back is feeling a little better. Back troubles are the worst- I had a brace for a bit, too.

Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said...

Um, how good does your kitchen look?! Wanna come and do mine??