Monday, October 23, 2017

i wonder if they had roadside assistance in bedrock

I was up early on Saturday to watch College Gameday and cut my coupons and drink my coffee and it was everything I dreamed it would be.  Matt was hunting and when he got home we did a little work in the kitchen.  I wore my favorite Penn State shirt, which is the softest one I own, probably because it's been washed hundreds of times over the last 11 (oh my word it's practically vintage) years.

I couldn't wear the shirt all day though, because after dinner we had to get into costume.  

And here we are, as Fred and Wilma Flintsone.

We had a lot of fun at the party and while we didn't win the contest, everyone loved our costumes.  I got to meet Matt's boss and coworkers and I'm happy that he works with such nice people.  They also must be sympathetic because they were all very concerned about his broken toe.

After his fall down the stairs last weekend, he went to the doctor and it turns out his toe really was fractured.  There's not much you can do for a broken toe but I was running to CVS for some first aid supplies later that night and I asked him if he needed anything else.  

"Could you ask the pharmacist if they sell something for the foot called a bunion splint?"

A bunion splint?  In the wise words of Meatloaf, I will do anything for love, but I won't do that.

Matt works in the city and has to walk to and from the train station each day, and wears a suit and tie and dress shoes that have absolutely zero comfort level at all.  I felt terrible for him and the poor guy was limping in pain, but he turned down my suggestion to wear sneakers with his business suit for the commute and God helps those who help themselves.

He did, however, request a gallon of whole milk for some extra calcium to speed along the healing process.

I mentioned in my last post but last week was not my favorite.  I woke up this morning optimistic for a fresh new week.  Unfortunately it didn't start off that great, and when I got to the third office/meeting of the day, I locked my keys in my car.

I've never done that before and I don't even know how it happened but I did tear up a little right there in the parking lot.  All I had with my was my phone and my lunch box, so I sat on the curb next to my car and ate my salad among the litter and cigarette butts and chuckled to myself because if you don't laugh you'll cry, and I was getting dangerously close to the latter.

(I keep scissors in my lunchbox because I don't like to rip things open!)

As I waited to the locksmith, I tried to think of the positives.  I had something to eat.  I had my phone to call roadside assistance.  I have a car that works, though lately it's been lurching forward a bit and when starting from a dead stop, feels sort of like a go-kart.  It's fine once I get going, but 0-25 mph is a rough stretch.  

All things considered, it could definitely be worse.

I mean, we could have a Flintmobile.

And with Matt's toe, we would get nowhere fast.


Audrey Louise said...

Your costumes are top notch! I love them! And plenty of room for Matt's toe ;)
So sorry about all the recent car troubles!!

Brianne said...

Your costumes looked great! I saw your IG story this morning about your car. I'm sorry that you need a new one!

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

Car trouble is the worst. I get annoyed when I need to get my oil changed, but a break down sucks. Also, I have locked my keys in the car once. I think everyone has to do it once in their life. Clearly your husband IS willing to suffer for fashion!! I think I have the same black Nike's as you. Love them so much.

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Bahahaha. I love how you always tie everything together in one little clever ending sentence! I'm sorry again that your week has been crap. I hope it turns around soon!

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

You totally tied that all together! Sorry Matt broke his toe and hope it gets better quickly.

rooth said...

You guys are too cute! Going to wear it when you hand out candy next Tuesday?

Lostvestige said...

Your costumes are amazing!! Ug it sucks so much to lock your keys in the car. I did that twice in one week once!

Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said...

Nooo to locking your keys in the car - but luckily your lunch was outside the car and not inside! Then you would have been waiting and hangry!

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

I am impressed and maybe a bit jealous that you can wear a shirt you've had for 11 years!! That's a positive. :) And I love the costumes. You look so cute!

Kristin said...

My PSU shirts are well-worn too!

Well, at least you had your phone? :)

Marie said...

Your costumes were awesome!!! You two look fantastic!!

lauren alford design said...

love the costumes!!

Jenny Evans said...

What's wrong with wearing sneakers for the commute??

Melvin Mann said...

You should have won the costume contest you guys looked so cool. Yea car trouble really sucks, AAA really comes in handy when you need road assistance