Wednesday, December 27, 2017

my microwave might not work but my anemometer sure does

Well, another Christmas has come and gone and I hope yours was merry.  We've had various Christmas celebrations over the last week or so, and concluded with Christmas dinner at my mom and dad's house.  It was just the five of us. The girls wore ugly sweaters and fuzzy socks, my mom set a beautiful table, my dad grilled filet, and it ranks high up there as my favorite Christmas dinner.

I know everyone says don't bring up politics with your family at the holidays, but they should add farm animals to that list because the most heated discussion we had was when my dad and Matt got into a debate about whether Perdue chicken breasts come from hens or roosters.

I know.  It always comes back to chickens with us.

I took this whole week off of work, and I planned to dedicate today to cleaning and organizing the entire house. I was pretty sick two weeks ago, this past week we were busy with holiday stuff, and let's just say things had gone off the rails big time.  My mom had to stop by Saturday afternoon  while we were out to pick up a Christmas gift, and I felt ashamed at the state of our house.  My sister was with her and she texted me "Mom says your house doesn't look bad at all" and while I appreciated the kindness, I can spot a lie when I see one.

It looked like a frat house.

This morning, I slept in and then went downstairs to get a cup of coffee to fuel up for my marathon day of cleaning.  Matt made the coffee before he left at 6:30, so it was a little chilly, and I stuck it in the microwave for fifteen seconds.

Except when I hit start, nothing happened.

I almost lost my mind.  We bought the microwave last year, but just installed it in mid-September.  I called the Samsung help line and the (rude) woman on the other end told me that the error code indicated that the control panel was dead.

It wasn't the fanciest microwave on the market, but it also wasn't cheapest and it matched our stove perfectly and we factored in the measurements when we bought out BRAND NEW custom cabinets and I was just so mad.  

And then I remembered my dad's Christmas dinner toast, when he said that we are all very blessed, with a great family and comfortable lives and nice houses, but that we should never lose sight of the things that really matter in life.

You know what doesn't really matter in life?

My microwave.

So I sucked it up and cleaned the house like a madwoman and I felt so. much. better.

And then my phone beeped with texts and I had to laugh when I looked at it.  As a little backstory, Matt LOVES the weather and the statistics and data that comes along with it.  It is a borderline hobby for him.  He is constantly tracking weather patterns and and watching the radar, major storms are his jam, and he has a nightly ritual of reading the ten day forecast to me so I know how to dress and drive for the upcoming week. 

For Christmas I bought him a fancy weather station, and it comes with an anemometer (I totally googled that) to measure the wind speed, which Matt mounted atop the chicken coop (I'm so sorry neighbors) and a feature that allows you to remotely monitor the weather at your house on an app.

It turns out, it was a slow day at work for him and he was keeping a close eye on the wind speed here at the homestead.

For the record, I did not get the eggs.

Although I will probably have them for breakfast tomorrow, since I can cook them on the stove and not in the microwave like my usual oatmeal.

At least the coffee maker works.


Kristin @ Going Country said...

My husband is EXACTLY the same with the weather. He texts people photos of our thermometer on cold mornings (like this morning--twenty below zero) and obsessively monitors wind speed. My parents got him a better weather station with the wind thingie for his birthday a few weeks ago and he is SO HAPPY that he now knows the wind is gusting up to 21 miles per hour.

Personally, I can do without that information. It's enough for me to know that it's slamming into the house so hard I can hear the windows rattle without knowing the actual miles per hour.

We had a weather station at our old house that had happy and sad faces to indicate the comfort level inside the house, and it was permanently sad. I found that incredibly funny. (But that was a wickedly cold house and I don't miss it.)

Rebecca Jo said...

I just had this conversation with someone how microwaves don't last anymore. They make appliances horrible with all the tech on them now.

Soaking of a weather nerd too ...always have been. In always on Ricky about the diecast. & his response is always, they don't know what they're talking about. Ugh

Faith said...

I love tracking the weather too! Matt is on another level but I appreciate and understand his enthusiasm, haha. As for Samsung, they have the worst customer service! We bought a brand new dishwasher with them, had an issue and they refused to help. Lesson learned! And yes, you don't have a working microwave right now but you have coffee and sometimes, that's all you really need :) Looks like a really nice Christmas!

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

That is funny that your husband likes the weather. My brother is a meteorologist!

Julie said...

It's interesting how much one depends on a microwave. You don't realize until it doesn't work!

Amie said...

So now I need to know what happened with the microwave??? haha

sara [at] journey of doing said...

My mom has been going through hell with her Samsung fridge, too. You might call the retailer and see if they will send someone to look at it. I think that's what she did... and it turned out the error message was just something related to the ice maker, not the full panel. IDK. I wasn't really following... but I do know that it's a Samsung and their service sucks. It took her 6 months or something to get help.

Brianne said...

LOL my dad is the same way with the weather. I'm sorry about your microwave. That's a huge bummer. Glad you can still get caffeine and Matt can still check the wind!

Lostvestige said...

Haha Matt is too funny! Sorry about your microwave, I definitely could not get by without mine!

Michelle said...

I DREAM OF HAVING A WEATHER STATION SOMEDAY! My dad has one and it’s my favorite thing.

I’m so sorry about your microwave! I’ve heard bad things about Samsung recently. I would’ve wanted to cry!

Audrey Louise said...

I love the Pearl photo bombings ;)
Oh my gosh... I'd be SO mad about the microwave. All our kitchen appliances are new and I'd be TICKED if something broke this soon!
Matt is so freaking hilarious. Lol

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

As a person who has had many a run in with the rude Samsung people, I hope you rain hell down upon them until they give you your money back and you can find a great replacement.

That is an AWESOME gift for your husband.

I love how Pearl got in on your photo.

Kristin said...

The coffee maker not working would be a bigger issue than the microwave not working but, I must say, the microwave thing is annoying after everything you went through to get that microwave put in. We lived in our current house for about 6 months without one though because it's not built-in.

Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said...

I am loving your Christmas sweaters, haha! It was actually quite cold on Christmas Day (we had a storm roll in on Christmas Eve that MASSIVELY dropped the temperature!) so I did actually end up wearing a Christmas sweater!

rooth said...

Oh Pearl! Love her popping in and out of the Christmas photos. I foresee a "broken" anemometer in your future

julie @ a hopeful hood said...

Genuinely didn't know what an anemoneter (I can't spell it, clearly) was until I read this post!! And sorry the microwave stopped working! I love hearing about renovation life because it's 100% been me, up until we decided the house is "good enough" and took a break. Eventually we'll be redoing the kitchen floor & repainting the house too, but it just doesn't have the same feel to it that "we don't have kitchen counters" does ;)

P.S. Heated discussions about chickens? I love it!