Wednesday, December 6, 2017

ford focus on the little things

My friend Rose and I talk on the phone several times a week.  She has three kids and a busy life and we usually catch up when she's in car line or when I'm driving to a meeting or when we're both cooking dinner before our husbands get home.  Once in a while we can talk for 45 minutes, but usually it's five or ten minutes here and there, and depending which of her kids are around, she has to spell half of her end of the conversation which always makes me laugh.

Anyway, Rose called me early the other morning and when I answered she said, "Oh I'm sorry! Did I interrupt you in the midst of some kitchen installation?"

When I told her that I was driving to work, she said, "Oh, it sounds like you're sawing!"

Her comment officially completes a trifecta of construction tools that my car, and its very loud, rattling dashboard, has been mistaken for.  I drive a lot for work so I have my car's Bluetooth set up, and I've also been asked by unsuspecting callers if I was using a drill, or if I was standing near a jackhammer.

I took a video to give you an idea of the noise.  This is how it sounds when I'm parked in the driveway.

It gets even louder when I accelerate and/or drive up a hill.

Then, according to my sister, it transitions from construction tools right into helicopter category.

All that to say, Rose and I talked for a few minutes about how lately it seems like so many moments in life are built up and staged and documented for Facebook and Instagram.  There's so much pressure to make things fancy and perfect.  We started talking about the most vivid memories from our childhoods.  I have lots of awesome memories from big events growing up, like going to Disney World and vacations at the lake every summer.

But I also remember random little things.  For example, I got a Shark watch when I was little and thought it was the coolest thing in the world.  It was also water resistant to 200 meters which was perfect in case I took up deep sea diving in the second grade.  My dad showed my how to set the alarm, and I selected 8:12 p.m.  I have no idea why that time was significant, but the alarm went off every night at 8:12.  Now when I look at the clock at 8:12 I always think of my Shark watch.

On big days, like report card day, we got to have a backwards dinner.  Chips Ahoy and milk before dinner was the ultimate day in my world.  I was living large.

One weekend, when my dad and brother went fishing, my mom took me to J.C. Penney and I got a ribbed turtleneck sweater.  It was blue and magenta and lime green striped, and I have no idea why that particular day and sweater stands out to me, but I loved it.

When I was about 22, I woke up and dramatically and JOKINGLY declared that I wish I could have cedar plank salmon and broccoli and alfredo noodles for dinner with strawberry shortcake for dessert.  That night, when my parents told me dinner was ready, I walked downstairs to the exact menu I'd wished for and it was like I hit the jackpot.

One year my mom and I made Christmas cookies with a homemade red glaze.  I remember dripping red frosting all over the booklet for Amy Grant's Home for Christmas CD, which I had out on the table so I could follow along with the lyrics, OBVIOUSLY.  I bet if you looked at the CD booklet at my parents' house you would still see some red frosting stained on the pages.

Growing up, watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics was a major event.  One year I watched at my cousin Jackie's house and my Poppop was there.  As the parade of nations began, we were so excited that the USA would be near the beginning because America starts with A.  My Poppop broke the news that we would be near the end, because, United States of.  And then when the winter Olympics were in Salt Lake City in 2002, right after 9/11, we watched the opening ceremonies and we all stood right there in our family room as they played the National Anthem.

With the exception of the fancy salmon dinner, none of those things were photographed or set up to be big events.  But I remember them all.  So in 2018 I'm going to try to remember that the big things in life are great, but the little things sure are are great too.

Like people thinking my car is a construction tool.


Brianne said...

I love this post so much. It's so true. If I get my butt in gear I plan on doing a reality vs social media post next Friday. I played your car noise & my dog stopped playing with his ball to stare at me like WTF is that?! He wasn't helpful in adding to the tools it could possibly be though.

Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

It's fun to try to remember things that were important to you as a kid! Also I agree about focusing on the little things!

Audrey Louise said...

When I was in college I had a car with tires that were SO loud. I was still living on my parents' dime and I begged them to replace them, but they said they were fine. Well, then we took my car to the beach for Thanksgiving as a family and the day before we left my dad FINALLY got me new tires because he couldn't stand the sound for +8 hrs on the highway.
I just wrote a post about the little Christmas memories I have. I'm posting it later this month. Sometimes it's all about the little memories :)

Nadine Lynn said...

I remember a lot of small moments too that there are no pictures to speak of. I think we all should focus more on soaking those up and realize that not everything needs to be staged or grand. Such a great reminder!

Kelly said...

I LOVE ALL THESE MEMORIES! And I agree completely that we try to make everything a "moment" these days - This is a constant struggle that I have. Wanting to make things special and fun but also wanting to do it for the RIGHT reason. This is a good reminder that the little things can be the best things.
Also - That Amy Grant Christmas CD was definitely the soundtrack to my childhood Christmas as well!

Rachel said...

Aww, I just love this! All those fun little moments and stories of years long past are what make life awesome--and that special dinner is very awesome indeed and I'm glad you have pictures! I really appreciate that it's easier to get photos of the little fun memories these days--there are hardly any photos of Angel growing up that exist in this world and I sometimes wish I could see a little bit more of his first 24 years. Looking through old books of photos is one of my favorite things to do when visiting people.
Also, your story about the car made me laugh because up until we moved to China, Angel drove a sporty-looking little Dodge Neon that was so loud, if he started it up while someone was around, they'd say in shock, "Wait, that car's a diesel?" It sounded like a tractor or a diesel truck, no lie. Nope, not a diesel, just a junker. :)

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i love all of these memories :) i had a water resistant watch as well, why were we all thinking we were going to need them lol. the little memories are definitely the best, i love when they randomly pop in my head. gives me all the feelings. i am worried for your car lol