Monday, November 14, 2011

one of those stories that's only funny several years later

One of my favorite things about my new Kindle is the ability to browse through countless genres and writers and topics.  I've already discovered several authors who I think will become long time favorites.   This afternoon I was reading a book by an author I've never read before, and he wrote a story about receiving an invitation in the mail for a fishing club.  As it turns out his experience in the world of fishing was limited to a few summers on the lake as a young boy, which didn't exactly qualify him as a prime candidate for an angler's club.  However, those experiences did provide him with enough material for a few funny stories.

Which of course made me think of my own fishing stories.


That would be because I'm not.

However, for nearly every summer of my entire life, my family has packed up the car and driven to the mountains of western Maryland to spend two weeks at a cabin on the lake.  And over the course of all those vacations, a lot of fishing has gone on. 

This particular story took place when I was about twelve years old, which means Emily was five and Phil was thirteen.  We had arrived at the lake earlier that day, and after dinner my parents, Emily, and Phil went down to the water.  For some reason I did not accompany the rest of my family down to the lake.  Probably because I had to put on some Bonne Bell lip gloss.  I was a big Bonne Bell fan at that point in my life.

Let's be honest.  I still am.

Anyway, my parents and siblings brought a fishing pole down to the lake with them, and the plan was to do a little after dinner fishing.  My dad rigged up the pole and put a worm on the hook at the bottom. 

At the time, Emily was a very inexperienced angler, as most five year olds are.  But Phil gave the fishing pole to Emily and showed her the basics of casting.

And then it was time.

First cast of the vacation.


My parents and Phil stood on the dock while Emily enthusiastically brought that fishing pole behind her head in preparation for one giant cast, hoping against hope to catch something. 

Well, she caught something alright.


Or, more specifically, his eyelid.

The good news was that my dad sprang into action and immediately cut the fishing line to free Phil from being anchored to a five foot graphite pole. I  heard yelling and crying coming from the direction of the lake, and after I put down my lip gloss, I looked out the window to see my mom running up the lawn with her arms around my panicked brother, who had a hook through his eyelid and a slimy worm dangling on his cheek.  My dad followed close behind with a hysterical Emily.

The next few moments were a bit of a blur, but it turns out that the while Phil was running up from the lake, the hook was jostled out of his eye.  Thankfully the worm was history too.  My parents decided that the best bet was to take him to the hospital, because, you know, he had just had a DIRTY FISHING HOOK in his eyelid.

And they wanted to avoid any situations of, HELLO TETANUS, SO GLAD YOU COULD ACCOMPANY US ON VACATION.

The three of them jumped into the car and drove to the nearest hospital, which was forty minutes and two stoplights away.  The fact that one can drive for FORTY MINUTES and only meet two measly stoplights boggles my suburban mind. 

Meanwhile, Emily and I watched Nick at Nite and I'd like to take this opportunity to give Bill Cosby a shout out.  It takes a very funny person to be able to make someone laugh when their brother is in the emergency room because she went fishing and CAUGHT HIM.

After a check up and a tetanus shot, Phil was fine.  He lived to fish another day. 

And I think it's safe to say that Emily will never be invited to join a fishing club.


Jessica and Stephan said...

lol, too funny now! of course, scary back then! I remember a friend coming to our cottage for my dad to fish a hook out of his was quite wedged in! I think he was ok though.

Anonymous said...

That was 2001, the first time we stayed at Island View. 2001 was also the year we went to dinner with Mom's cousin from Baltimore. Ned came for a few days that year, and it was also the last year Pop Pop and Mom Mom came to the lake.

The last part of that story is that when we got home from the hospital (after a rockin' thunderstorm) I went down to the dock to get the other fishing pole and there was a perch on the hook. We should always be that lucky.

Great memories.

Sarah said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Do I have a fishing story for you! You'll just have to wait for the email...writing it here would make it the longest comment in blogger history. Which is saying a lot because I've been known to write some pretty long comments! :)

By the way, you background is lovely.

Baby Sister said...

Wow. Just wow. That had me cracking up!! Your poor sister and brother...I'd be traumatized forever!! Good ol' Bill Crosby, he's the best!!

Morgan said...

Oh my gosh! Your poor brother! I would have been terrified and never wanted to go fishing again, haha. But Nick at Nite was totally awesome! And I loved Bonne Belle lip balm as well. Lip Smackers lip gloss? The best!

Marcie said...

Ha! That's a great story!
And Bonne Bell is the best ever lip gloss! Cheap too! :)

giaghani said...

OMGOSH YOUR POOR BROTHER! hahaha, I hope he is finding it funny now years later! Altho, I'm pretty sure I would be traumatized for the rest of my life.

BTW, are you loving your Kindle? I just started the debate over whether or not I wanted to purchase the Touch that is coming out. I have a feeling I've been seduced but I just need to do a little bit more research.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Haha! Wow! I love it!

20 Going on 80 said...

Oh my, I gasped when I read the part of it going through his eyelid! I'm a baby about those things. Haha. And I love reminiscing about the good ol days. Nick at nite was the best...brady bunch?! Loved it. Such classics :)

Hilary Lane said...

Haha, too funny! :-)