Wednesday, August 22, 2012

i left again sooner than i planned

Well just as I’m ready to start blogging again, our internet dies. 

 It just stopped working on Sunday night.  

And so here I sit in the technological dark ages, typing this post into a Word document.  If you’re reading this, it means that Mr. Comcast finally arrived at our apartment and set the Working Girlz on the straight and narrow once again.

I celebrated my birthday this past weekend.  I turned the big two four on Saturday, and kicked the occasion off with a bang in the form of spending three hours at the DMV to get my new driver’s license.  In Pennsylvania licenses are renewed every six years, so the license I had was from when I was just a babe, aka 18 years old.  It was still a vertical license, which signified that it was issued before my 21st birthday, but this birthday meant I was finally old enough to get the grown up horizontal license.
I got to the DMV, reapplied my lip gloss, and walked in ready for my close up.  There was a sign in the lobby asking patrons to take a number.   

I was #26.
They were on #5.  


When my number was finally, AND I DO MEAN FINALLY, called, I marched proudly up to the desk and handed my credentials to the woman behind the counter.  She shuffled through my paperwork and then looked right at me and said, “Well honey, you don’t look nearly old enough for a big girl license.”

Thank you.  Thank you so much.  That’s not something I hear ALL THE TIME.

Nevertheless, I smiled for the camera and waited for my new license to print, eager to get a look at the photo I would be seeing until 2018.  And here it is.   

And all I have to say is that it’s a darn shame that I couldn’t find any big earrings to wear.

I went to my parents’ for dinner on my birthday.  We had my favorite meal and I opened some presents.  You know you’re not a kid anymore when you get pot holders and spatulas for your birthday.

On Sunday I went food shopping.  I picked a few recipes for the week and hit the store armed with a list of exactly what I needed to buy, organized by aisle.  I know what you’re thinking.  MY WHAT A 24 YEAR OLD THING TO DO. 

The weekend ended on a high note, and by that I mean Michelle and I devoted several hours to proving/disproving the Birthday Paradox, aka the theory if you get 23 people in one room, at least two people will have the same birthday.  Well, thanks to Wikipedia and an overabundance of free time, we now know that the birthday paradox is accurate about 65% of the time, and that Nascar drivers, Cuba Gooding Junior, and Jennifer Aniston have an awful lot in common.

And then the internet died.

Perhaps it was a sign that we had too much time on our hands and it was time to do something more productive.   

Like use my new cooking tools.   

Or go earring shopping.


harmonysong said...

Happy Birthday! Mine was last Tuesday, and I turned 27...but people at work thought I was turning 22....I still haven't figured out if that assumption was based on looks or maturity level. :)

And you are not alone with having to wait in line. I had to go to the city hall three times to register my car...each time having to wait a while. What a pain in the neck and in the end having to pay $250 to register my car for the year.

Anyway, Happy Birthday! Welcome to your mid 20's!

eah42 said...

Happy Birthday :)
I love your expression in your driver license photo and those earrings... oh yes!!

Amanda Anderson said...

You're hilarious, I always love reading your posts.

I turned the big 2-4 back in the beginning of July and I too got kitchen utensils. Haha! It's a sad day when you realize you'd rather be gifted with new nifty objects for your home or a fancy roll of wall paper. Gone are the days of Mario Kart, Old Navy flip flops and Wet-n-Wild nail polish. Ah well.

Happy Birthday, Laura!
Oh, and I think your drivers license picture is super cute.

ae said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Carlie said...

Happy late birthday! This post made me laugh out loud!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday!
Those are some earrings! I love them and would have made the same mistake wearing them to get my photo. I wore lime green glasses the day I got my work ID picture taken and now it's displayed on all bulletin boards as the "New Employee"

Chelsea said...

Wow! What's with your internet? I'm sorry! That is soooo frustrating!

Mike McCormick said...

Hey, are you the same Laura Darling who wrote this weird story about a couch which ate people? If so, you're a bit crazy and I like it. Nice blog.

Kristin said...

happy belated birthday girl!!

Elise said...

I've never heard of the Birthday Paradox, but I just recorded all the birthdays of my students today and out of 28, two had the same birthday!

Happy birthday!!

Baby Sister said...

Happy Birthday!! I hate having to wait at the DMV. So annoying!! But at least your picture s cute. :)

Allison said...

Happy belated birthday! I'm glad you had a fabulous birthday (minus the DMV). And I'd be pretty happy with that picture. You are adorable, big earrings and all. :)

Caitlin C. said...

Happy belated birthday!! Your blog is adorbs :)