Thursday, August 16, 2012

i'm back until i leave again, and other very deep thoughts

I got a text from my mom last night informing me that my sister has been anxiously awaiting a new blog post.  And, since I aim to please, here we are.  Shout out to Emily.

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I have been absent here on the old blog lately, but I do have a good reason.  A reason that begins with a little trip down memory lane.  

Matt's uncle lives in Bermuda, and about five summers ago Matt went to visit him.  We were "just friends" at the time, or, as my parents called it, "non-dating."  Matt was gone for a few weeks and when he returned he brought me back a bottle of pink Bermuda sand.  My brother called it love sand because he is HILARIOUS, but I kept that sand on my dresser and even brought it with me when I went back to college in the fall.

And little did I know when I put that bottle of sand on the shelf in my tiny little college apartment that five years later I'd be lucky enough to go to Bermuda with Matt to see that pink sand for myself.
 We got home from Bermuda on Saturday night and on Monday afternoon I was on the road again, this time for work.  The trip required stays in two separate hotels, the first of which was brand spankin' new and had cathedral ceilings and a snazzy navy blue/lime green color scheme that made me want to come home and redecorate my bedroom entirely in navy and lime green.

Do you know what else it had?

The most complicated shower I have ever met.

Have you ever seen a shower with so much equipment?  I am not used to all of those knobs and controls, and my inexperience became very evident by mid-shampoo when I realized that I had neglected to open the drain and was standing calf-deep in water. 


The second day we continued on to the conference center, and upon my arrival I was informed that since I was a member of the planning committee, I earned the right to carry a walkie talkie.
And people say dreams don't come true.

You better believe that I clipped that technological status symbol to my belt post haste.  I also held it to my ear periodically to appear as though I was listening to some top secret information, despite the fact that no one ever told me what channel to use so the whole thing was completely useless.

NOT ONLY was I given a walkie-talkie, but take a gander at the card that conference attendees were given when they checked in.
Thaaaaat's right.  

Oh Laura Darling was the emergency contact. 

Do you know how many people found themselves in emergent situations and contacted me?  Zero.  Which was probably good because there was no cell phone service where we were staying, and the only way to call for help was with the walkie talkie that I couldn't use.

It's really a shame I didn't put the walkie talkie to good use though, because I had the lingo DOWN PAT.

Roger that.


Over and out.


Lisamarie said...

Show some more Bermuda pictures!

Sarah said...

Our caravan from the ghetto to our new home required walkie talkies and they were A DELIGHT. I called them drivie talkies because I'm very clever. In fact,maybe I should blog about the number of times I wanted to say "roger doger" during the drive so I don't forget those moments of joy.

Glad you're back! :)

Chelsea said...

Wow! That sounds like one very eventful trip!

Baby Sister said...

You went to Bermuda???? That is so awesome!! And you are so tan!!

We have walkie talkies at work, but we never use them anymore. So sad....