Monday, July 30, 2012

if eating was an olympic sport, i'd win gold

Well, I spent the majority of this weekend watching the Olympics and wishing that I had taken swimming more seriously in my youth.  I spent several summers on the community pool swim team, but I quit once I moved up to the age group that required two laps and a flip turn.  Listen, flip turns were not my forte.  I would get to the far end of the pool, flip, and then it would be a surprise to everyone, INCLUDING ME, which direction I would be facing when I surfaced. 

And so at the ripe old age of eleven I kissed my swimming career and any future Olympic medals goodbye.

After I quit the swim team, I didn't really miss the swimming.  What I did miss was playing hide and seek with my friends and eating cheese fries in my bathing suit and decorating my arms and legs with magic marker under the pretense of team spirit.

For some reason I doubt Olympians do any of those things.

I managed to break away from the Olympics coverage for a little bit this weekend, and on Saturday morning I went out to breakfast with Emily.  We talked and laughed and I ordered chocolate chip pancakes because I have the culinary sophistication of a seven year old.  

They were delicious.

Matt came over on Saturday night and we made nachos.  


We layered tortilla chips, taco meat, salsa, shredded cheese, and green onions, and then melted everything in the oven.  It was delicious, but as we were eating Matt said thoughtfully, "These nachos are missing a little something.  I say next time we add a jar of queso between the chips and the meat."

I don't know if I've ever loved him more.

On Sunday my mom and Emily came to my apartment and we all went to church together.  Then my mom went home and Emily and I spent the afternoon at the pool where I practiced my backstroke and flip turns in an effort to get a jump start on my training for the 2016 Olympics.  Rio, here I come.

We also sat in the sun and read and drank ice water out of travel coffee mugs because I am experiencing a shortage of water bottles.
We left the pool around dinnertime and I was still so excited about the nachos from Saturday night that Emily and I decided to have a repeat on Sunday.  We watched the Olympics and had a nacho picnic in the living room because we are FANCY.

When it came time to do the dishes, Emily decided that she was not really interested in helping.  In an effort to encourage her, I turned on one of my favorite Flo Rida songs and started singing and dancing around the kitchen.

Well, it turns out I was dancing a little too enthusiastically, because look...

 I danced so hard I broke my flip flop.

That footwear casualty caused me to stop by Target on my way to drop Emily off to see if I could find some replacement flip flops.  I got sidetracked in the clothing department, which was a surprise to no one, and experienced firsthand just how picky Emily is when it comes to wardrobe.  Every SINGLE item I picked out got a thumbs down from her.  

I finally chose a plain black skirt that I was pretty sure she would approve of, but when I showed her she rolled her eyes and said, "It looks like it's sweatpants trying to be a skirt."

Well yes, yes it does.  Emily, I'd like to introduce you to what's known as A COTTON SKIRT.

"Geez Em, you're a tough crowd!" I told her.  

She rolled those eyes again and said "I like what I like.  And I don't like that."

I ended up buying the skirt and she ended up buying me a Milky Way so IT WAS A WIN-WIN.

If you need me this week I'll just be laying on the couch eating snacks and watching world class athletes hurl themselves off of diving boards in synchronization, or perform backwards somersaults on a three inch wide beam.

Or maybe I'll be practicing my flip turns.

Rio's going to be here before I know it.


Elise said...

Hahaha, you crack me up. Especially the title of your post. I'm pretty sure I would be in that competition with you. I wish had stuck with my gymnastics in fourth grade. I'd be scoring perfect 10's on the balance beam, I know it.

GreenGirl said...

That happened to me in the KOP mall on my way to a lunch meeting. Mortified! And like, leaves you thinking...what to do??

Miss Amy said...

haha! Funny post - I'm in love with Target clothes, they always have something I like. :) Those nachos look amazing too - now I'm craving some!

Sarah said...

RAVE: hey i just wanted to stop in and say that your blog is literally my favorite blog ever! i love your writing style, when i deleted my blogger i bookmarked your blog just so i could keep reading your posts!(: So thank you!!

Baby Sister said...

I absolutely love homemade nachos. They are the best.

Meg {henninglove} said...

ok my blogger friend turned real life friend who blogs katie lately, whenever we get together she talks about a laura darling and i finally found your blog!!

M said...

haha this post is just too great! there are a lot of things that if they were an olympic sport i would be a gold medalist too - eating is certainly a tasty one.

new follower via GFC, come and follow me back!

xo, M at Rock Paper Scissors

Rachael {all things beautiful} said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend. Anything with that much deliciousness is fabulous in my book! And girl, I hear ya on the swimming career.. kicking myself that I quit so young too! Ha.