although 'highway to the danger zone' probably isn't wedding day appropriate

Matt currently shares a house with a few of his buddies, and last week this bad boy became a part of their dining room decor.  

It's an old, gigantic, fully functional jukebox complete with boxes of records and an unlimited supply of tokens.  

And it's awesome.

Since its arrival in the dining room, we've spent hours playing "Guess That Tune."  I've learned that Matt's go-to songs are typically by either Elvis or Led Zeppelin, whereas I am partial to selection A-8, Highway to the Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins. 

Can't put us in a box.

The jukebox is filled with classics and has given me tons of thoughts for our wedding.  One of those thoughts is that we probably shouldn't dance to Cheap Trick because we did so in Matt's dining room and my hip is still slightly sore from a particularly enthusiastic twirl right into the buffet table.

My other thoughts include songs that I'd like to play, and this is really all perfect timing because the item on the to-do list getting the most attention right now is music.

I've emailed several DJs, and last week I got a phone call from a company that I had contacted.  The woman I spoke with asked about our wedding and OF COURSE I told her (all) about it.  She asked what we were looking for music-wise, so I told her we're pretty simple, but we like country, classics, and wouldn't hate the occasional eighties ballad/rock song/Broadway show tune peppered in.

As far as what we don't want, I told her that while one or two Flo Rida songs is okay because I do love me some Flo, other than that we're not really into rap and hip hop.  I then may have gone onto a little bit of a tangent about how I want wedding music that is romantic and wedding-ish and that everyone knows and not a bunch of hip hop songs.

She "mmm-hmmmed" and "okayed" very politely and then she said, "Can I take a few minutes to tell you a little bit about our company?"

I said yes because I love a good sales pitch and that's when she told me "Well, we were founded by Jam-Master Jay of Run-DMC..."

Wow.  Wish I had known that you were founded by the DJ of one of the most famous hip hop groups of all time before I climbed up onto the old hip hop soapbox.


So needless to say we're still on the search for a DJ.  I'm sure we will be able to find someone who can play exactly what we're looking for, but if that's not possible, we can just haul the jukebox over.  

You can always count on Elvis and Kenny Loggins.


Baby Sister said…
Lol. Sounds like something I would have done. :) Good luck!!
Haha, oh dear. That's good you can mark one DJ off your list though :-) Good luck with all the wedding planning! I know you'll find the perfect DJ for your special day!
You're near Philly...Check out Schaffer Sound Disc Jockeys. It's my friend Dave's family's company. They're awesome and sound like a good fit for you.
Lauren said…
Honestly, I think the jukebox would be an amazing touch that your guests would remember! Kenny Loggins seriously needs to plan a comeback. I think the world is ready. Good luck finding a DJ!
Jennifer said…
This post made me laugh. It's hard to choose. When I was a kid, I thought Elvis's "Suspicious Minds" would make a good wedding song. I guess I hadn't listened to the lyrics. :)
Lol I love that jukebox, it is so cool! And good luck with the DJ search, I agree with you that rap is not romantic!!
I totally love the jukebox idea! I'm a huge oldies fan though, and jukeboxes really excite me! I would totally use it if I was getting married, the guests could even choose the song!

Good luck in whatever you choose!
Dude! That thing is sweet! Seriously, I would play "guess that tune" until I knew every single song by heart. Haha
Oh my, so funnny! Make sure to let them know your DO NOT PLAY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES list too! The chicken dance was off limits at our wedding, even 10 years ago!
itbritt said…
BAHAHAHAH oh my goodness.
That is the funniest thing ever.
I cannot imagine what that poor lady was thinking...

Hopefully you'll find somebody, and if not - the jukebox could be pretty darn cool. Is it loud?
Anna said…
Oh my gosh that would totally be me trying to stick my foot in my mouth! Haha!

Good luck on the DJ search!
brooke lyn said…
haha fantastic, i would have been fumbling for words after she dropped that knowledge on me.
Susannah said…
How totally awesome to have a jukebox!!!! I vote that you guys just have the jukebox DJ your wedding. ;-)
Rachel said…
Oh man, that jukebox sounds sweet! I know my husband would love to have one of those in the house!
Haha, I'm sure you'll find the perfect person to play jams!
Fourteen Five said…
I must say, I love your blog! It just makes my day everytime I read your posts, they are so funny! (Especially after a super hard week, or two, at work with a lot of over-time working..) So a big thank you and I'll sure keep reading! :) Have a great day! :)


Katie said…
Highway To The Danger Zone is pure gold. I love this, and I may be a bit jealous. xx