have a salad, but please don't wash your plate until the laundry is finished

I am sitting next to Matt on the couch, and he just looked over at me and said, very solemnly, "You know, if the corn crop goes under one of these years, we are going to be in deep trouble."


Now that may not be an unusual statement to make if we were watching a show about corn, or if one or both of us is involved in the farming industry, but we're watching baseball and neither of our jobs have anything to do with agriculture.  And in my twenty five years on this earth, I've spent exactly zero minutes thinking about the corn crop and the potentially catastrophic events that could ensue if it ever goes south.

Evidently that only makes one of us.

Matt and I didn't live together until we got married less than two months ago, which means that we are learning new things about each other every day.  Exhibit A: Matt's feelings on the corn crop. 

I have also learned that living with Matt means that I will never have to worry about things like being unprepared when the power goes out (which happens a lot here) because he has a few flashlights placed strategically around the condo, and the really impressive thing is that there are batteries inside those flashlights, AND they actually WORK.

I am more the type of person to decide one day on a whim that I should have a flashlight for possible power outage purposes, go to the store and buy a very adorable one, assume that there are working batteries included, come home and place that adorable flashlight in an important, unforgettable hiding spot, and then completely forget where that unforgettable hiding spot is when the power actually does goes out.

Not Matt.  He is (thankfully) a man who is prepared.

He is also a man who cannot resist a grocery store sale and for that reason, we will never run out of condiments or granola bars, and we laugh in the face of low potassium levels.


I am not without my own quirks.  Just this weekend I spent a solid half hour explaining to Matt why I don't like to to conduct two water-centric events simultaneously.  For example, taking a shower while the dishwasher is running, or doing a load of laundry while someone is hand washing dishes.  And that is because, naturally, I don't want one appliance to get better water than the other.

Because that makes sense.

I think I've spent too much time thinking about it.  I should probably focus my thoughts on something that could have a more devastating impact.

Like a less than stellar corn crop.

Or running out of salad dressing.



Haley said…
My husband says the funniest shit too. I like this corn crop comment. AND- Rob also owns far too many flashlights... But one day I'll be thanking him for them. Maybe when the corn crops deplete....
Haha, I love this post. Learning even more about each other is a lot of fun.
Brittany said…
Sweet Baby Ray's for the win. Can't get enough of that. Love your quirks.
Angela said…
That is too funny! The funny things you learn when you get married... :)
Ashlee said…
Oh Laura - this had me rolling in laughter! My Husband and I have conversations like this practically every day of our lives. Random and slightly confusing. Even though we got married last weekend, we've lived together for 3 years and I am STILL learning new things about him every day. Atleast the married life will never have a dull moment.

But really..now your husband has me thinking about a Corn Crop. hmm..

-Ashlee Michelle
Amy said…
that is incredible lol.
learning those little quirks makes life so interesting...and out of no where, corn crop? seriousLY? haha
Blogger Ash said…
What a fun stage of marriage!

~Ashley @ A Cute Angle
Wow that was an interesting post! Living together sure opens up some new doors you didn't know about prior to! My husband and I have learned that we are much more different than we thought but thank god we are to balance each other out!
This is great & ya'll sound adorable! haha So glad I am now a new follower! (& know where to come for dressings, etc.) :)
Mrs. Teacher said…
I never do more than one water-centric activity at once. It's just smart ;)
This is so funny I love it! And I can so relate!
Kelli Gilbert said…
love your blog! so glad I found it! xoxo
oooh the quirks you learn after marriage when you live together, eyes are opened!! i would start laughing if my husband turned to me and said something random like that
Paige Gunter said…
Random comments were perhaps one of the best kept secrets my husband had. We have been married six months and while it no longer surprises me, it always makes me smile. I wasn't aware he did this until we came home from the honeymoon. I'm glad though. It makes me feel better, seeing as I have that "one thought leads to another" syndrome and am bound to do much the same to him! :)
Baby Sister said…
It's amazing all of the things you learn about your spouse after you get married, even if you happened to be dating for a long time. I totally get that. You two must have hilarious conversations. And I'm glad you'll always have salad dressing. :) And fair-share water!!
Robin said…
I am the same way about water-involved processes! I can't wash the dishes while the washing machine is doing laundry.