Monday, May 5, 2014

april showers bring may flowers. and hopefully they don't drown them.

Last week was a rainy one around here.  On Wednesday, I came home to discover that we suddenly had waterfront property. 

Unfortunately our front door is right in the middle of that river.  Since I didn't have a raft with me, I stopped on higher ground for a minute while I weighed my options for getting myself to the front door while staying as dry as possible, and not ruining my clothes.  After some thought, I decided that my best bet would be to take off my (lovely, brand new, cream colored, very poor choice for a rainy day) shoes and roll up my pants legs because DESPERATE TIMES. 

I was about to do just that when I heard a voice yell, "DON'T WORRY, LADY, I'LL HELP YOU."  And I turned around to see Matt, my knight in soaking wet gym shorts and waterproof hunting boots, walking down the sidewalk.  He had already been outside playing in the rain trying to clear out some clogged drains, and he picked me up and carried me to the front door.

Luckily, the rain and flooding has subsided in the past few days and we haven't had to invest in either a wet vac or a boat.  However, I am worried to death about the status of the flowers that I planted last weekend.  I am worried that they got too wet during the storm and then too cold and that they're not hearty enough and maybe they'd be better off with a sheet over them at nighttime and SHOULD I GO OUTSIDE WITH A HAIR DRYER TO WARM THEM UP A BIT?

I am just so proud of my little garden. I know the saying is that pride cometh before a fall, but in this gardening story, the fall actually came first.

I decided that last Saturday was going to be planting day, and since I had a 40% off coupon to Michael's Arts & Crafts burning a hole in my pocket, I decided I'd have myself a perfect Saturday morning and stop there and and then go to the Home Depot right next door.

Not only does that particular shopping center have a Michael's and Home Depot, but it also has an Ikea and BJ's Wholesale Club, so that joint was jumping on Saturday morning.

Because I have a rocky relationship with reversing out of parking spaces on busy Saturdays, I drove around the parking lot until I found a pull through spot.  I grabbed a cart from the corral in the lot, and then headed straight for the racks of plants and flowers on the sidewalk outside the store.

I walked up and down a few short aisles, but was disappointed in the selection.  It was surprising because I got my flowers at Home Depot last year and there were so many more choices.  I picked up one pack of yellow marigolds and a set of gardening tools, but decided I'd drive over to Lowe's for the other things I needed. 

I headed inside to pay, and as I walked through the first set of doors, an older gentleman standing there said, "Good morning, miss.  BJ's card?"

"No thanks," I responded quickly, and, obviously, without thinking.

Because a half a second later, it hit me.

He wasn't trying to interest me in signing up for a BJ's card. 

I had actually been shopping at BJ's.

Not Home Depot.

And I am not a member of BJ's.

I abandoned that shopping cart quicker than you can say petunia and practically ran to my car.  Which is when I realized that in my quest to find an easy, pull through parking space, I had driven out of the Home Depot section of the lot and into the BJ's one.  And when I got out of my car I was so focused on the flowers that I didn't look up at the sign of the store I was heading towards.

After that experience, I really hope that my flowers pull through.  If they don't, one thing is certain.  I will be going to Lowe's to buy the replacements.



Lisa Loves John said...

I absolutely love your little garden :) :) Unfortunately I live in an apartment, otherwise I would be growing some flowers and veggies!!

Happy Monday, pretty lady! xo

Shenine joon said...

I can't believe that river in front of your house. Uggh thank god your man showed up when he did :) Your flowers are pretty cute, I have a good feeling they'll be ok. Fingers crossed!

Catherine {Spring in my Step} said...

Ha - sounds like a blond moment! I have quite a few of those. I think the garden looks beautiful - I hope it pulls through!
- Catherine

Brittany said..., waterfront property without the extra cost? Not bad. When I have something in mind that I'm shopping for, I get tunnel vision, too.

Paige Gunter said...

If it makes you feel any better, that is definitely something that I would do. I actually used to work at a bank, and we had people come in all of the time mistaking us for other banks. I lost track of how many times I had someone argue with me about their account...that I could not find...because it was at Capital One or somewhere like that. At least you thought of it quickly and didn't stumble out like I would have done. :)

Sarah said...

I find it hilarious that Matt called you "lady". As if you were his neighbor. ;) He's such a gentleman!

Ashlee said...

HAHA This made me laugh. which was definitely needed today since I caught a bug and am sick :( It randomly started raining there this morning in San Diego after a week and a half if 90-100 degree weather...I guess you can say we were all a bit shocked! haha

I want to start a garden too, we've been digging and moving things around in our backyard so I can start one..I'm so excited. and I will make sure to look at the signs before I enter a store! haha (even though I will probably still end up in the wrong one)

-Ashlee Michelle

Michelle said...

OH MY GOSH. This is exactly what I needed on a Wednesday morning. I am CRACKING up. I hope your flowers pull through! They are so gorgeous! I'm going to test my gardening skillz with some hanging flower baskets on the balcony this year. I'm extraordinarily excited about it.

Baby Sister said...

Lol! How embarrassing and hilarious. What kind of flowers? And how cold was it getting at night? I can tell you if it needed to be covered or not, if you would like