Wednesday, May 21, 2014

i also used a weight machine backwards, but that's another story for another time

Well, Matt and I joined a gym last week.

That's noteworthy because I am not the least bit athletic and/or all that interested in fitness.  When I was a senior in college I had a knee issue that, according to my doctor, could be cured if I spent 40 minutes a day on a recumbent bike.  So I got myself a gym membership and rode that recumbent bike for the prescribed 40 minutes a day and not a second more.  And I didn't dare venture to the treadmill or the rowing machine or, heaven forbid, the stair stepper.  And then I graduated and that was the end of my gym experience.

Until last Wednesday, when Matt and I laced up our sneakers and joined Planet Fitness.  In the last seven days we have gone to the gym five times, which is more than I've gone in the last five years, so basically we have already gotten our money's worth.

On our first day we rode the bikes, but by day two I was drawn to the glamor and apparent grace of the elliptical machine.  So I climbed aboard, started elliptical-ing, and lasted four painful minutes until I determined that my sweet spot at the gym is probably on the treadmill, speed: 3.2, incline: 0.

After day two I was feeling fantastic and full of energy, so when we got home I decided to do a little apple cider vinegar hair treatment because it makes my hair so shiny and smooth and who doesn't want their hair to look healthy?  I wet my hair, soaked it in apple cider vinegar, and then folded some laundry and straightened up a little bit while the vinegar worked its magic.

I hopped back in the shower to rinse it out, and when I walked back out into the living room, Matt was just walking in the front door.

"Where'd you go?" I asked him.

"Something really smells weird in here and I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is - so I cleared the leftovers out of the fridge, and then took all of the trash out."

Well, mystery solved my friend.

I have half a bottle of apple cider vinegar on my head.


Not only do I want my hair to look great while I stroll on the treadmill, but obviously I need the right wardrobe.  So this weekend I got some fancy new fitness-style yoga capris, and last night I hit the mall to got myself a new pair of sneakers.   I've read it takes 21 days for something to become a habit and while I'm only a third of the way there, I figure I may as well look adorable for the next 14 days while we see if this gym thing is going to be a long term commitment or a flash in the pan.

I wore my new workout gear to the gym tonight for the first time.  I walked faster and with so much more pep in my step.  And after the treadmill portion of the gym experience I pranced around from weight machine to weight machine in my fancy new shoes feeling like a million bucks.

And then we got into the car and I crossed my legs and I spotted this.
 I had forgotten to take the tags off of my new shoes.

Listen.  I keep myself humble.  And marginally embarrassed.

Although if this gym thing doesn't turn into a habit in the next two weeks, I could still return the sneakers.

Silver lining.


Hilda said...

(Reads title) ROTFLOL!!!

I'm not into exercise either. When i used to be on the treadmill, I was so looking forward for it to end! LOL!

Becky said...

Haha the tag! Being new workout clothes is so much easier than working out but are also great motivation when you're working on in them! :)

ae said...

I have never tried a vinegar treatment on my hair. Mainly because I cannot stand the smell of vinegar. Maybe they'll invent an unscented vinegar one day. ;)

Blogger Ash said...

Hahaha about your hair! Funny story! New work out clothes make me more motivated! I wish my husband was interested in exercising together.

~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

Brittany said...

As always, so excellent. I'm not sure what I would even think if I saw someone working out with tags on their shoes.

Amy said...

yo uare not alone - i have forgotten to take of many'a'tags!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

HAHAHAH! I've totally been there with new stickers on gym clothes.

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

HAHAHAH! I've totally been there with new stickers on gym clothes.

Pamela said...

You crack me up!!

brooke lyn said...

good luck lady! but beware i do apple cider vinegar on my hair and face and then sometimes when i sweat i smell like it. whoopsies.

Haley said...

Bahahaa! You dork! That is soooo something I would have done and I'm surprised I haven't actually..!! The regulars are at the gym.. Pfffting you in all of your peppy stepping glory. Love it.

Apple cider vinegar sooo does stink! I remember someone had some out to catch the fruit flies and I thought all day at work that someone had stinky feet.

Rachel said...

heeheehee! I'm no pro gym girl either. Angel and I got a one-month membership in March because he was training for race and I just wanted to hang out with him... :P

Kelli @ A Deeper Joy said...

Good job joining a gym! Even if you don't go a ton, be proud of yourself for when you do go. I have to do that or else I get so down on myself during the weeks that I don't go.

That is hilarious about the apple cider vinegar! Does it really work for your hair?

Hilary said...

Planet Fitness is a judgement free zone, right? ;-)

Katie said...

oh you are so one of my favorite bloggers. your real hilarious stories are my favorites!!!

Paige Gunter said...

I loved this! I wish so much that I were not such a klutz. My husband is trying to talk me into working out with him, but leaving the tag on my shoes is the least of my worries. Even so, I did buy some cute shoes and yoga pants to go walking with him in.

Baby Sister said...

Lol!! That is awesome. I did that with new shoes I just bought while I'm back in Utah to help out at the family business. I didn't even notice until the next morning. Lol