Monday, June 4, 2012

just consider us your local botanists

 At the beginning of May I had to go away for a few days for a work conference. During my first day of the conference I received a text from a coworker who stayed back at the office that went something along the lines of "THEY ARE OPENING A ROOFTOP GARDEN AT OUR BUILDING.  THERE IS A RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY WITH THE BIG BOSSES AT 11:00.  I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU ARE MISSING THIS."

And really, I couldn't believe I was missing it either since there are few things in life that bring me as much joy as watching a bunch of people in fancy suits cut a ribbon with awkward, oversize scissors whose accuracy is mediocre at best.  

Plus I love a good rooftop garden.

As soon as I returned to the office on Thursday morning I dropped my bags at my desk and hightailed it to the elevator so I could see the garden for myself.  My building has five floors, so naturally when we got in the elevator I pressed 5 because most logical people would assume that is where the rooftop would be located.

However, my coworker said, "Oh no, the garden is actually on the third floor."

 IT HAD ALREADY BEEN A NAVIGATIONALLY PERILOUS WEEK.  The news that the rooftop garden was on the third floor of a five floor building was almost more than I could process.

I trusted my coworker though and sure enough when the elevator got to the third floor the door opened to a huge garden and bright blue sky.  The garden had a lot of potential, but it struck me that that there weren't too many flowers in the gardens, and I wondered why.  

I didn't have to wonder long because at the staff meeting the very next morning our director announced that each department was going to get assigned a section of the garden to plant, and in a few months the gardens would be judged.  And the best news?  They just so happened to still need volunteers from my department.


My friend and I volunteered to be the gardeners for our department, and the other day at lunch we walked out to our cars to bring in our gardening supplies, which included a few trowels, gloves, several flats of flowers, and twenty five pounds of potting soil.  

One of the security guards saw us walking in with our goods and gave us permission to use the freight elevator by the coroner because it was bigger and closer.    

People may assume that there are no perks to sharing an office building with the coroner, but oh, those people would be wrong. 

My life never felt as glamorous as it did when I carrying twenty five pounds of dirt and a dozen white vincas to the elevator by the morgue.  JUST LIVIN' THE DREAM.

Just another day at the office.

 Here is a picture of the finished product.
 It might not look like much now, but once those flowers bloom we are confident that we can win this contest hands down.

As long as don't get lost in the elevator on the way to the third floor rooftop.


Christina said...

I've just been reading your blog for a few days, but laugh out loud at your stories! I had to comment, because of the elevator situation. How funny! I've enjoyed your writing very have a great voice. :)

Evelien said...

Wauw! How great is this?! Maybe I should find myself an office where they have a roof garden when I'm looking for a job! Haha :)

Ashley said...

This sounds like an awesome project!!! And you got to use the special elevator which is a definite bonus. Good luck with your garden. You are adorable!

Chelsea said...

How awesome is that??!! I've been thinking of going into paralegal work! Do you like it?

Amanda said...

Amazing gardening skills! You look so cute with your hands in the dirt! Hope your week is off to a good start!

Jessie said...

What a cute and fun blog! Can't wait to read more. I'm glad you found me. :)

Carlie said...

I want my work to do this! It is random that it's on the third floor instead of the 5th though!

Amy said...

You had me at Penn Stater. You seem so silly and I love it. Let's be blog friends.

poptartyogini said...

Oh my goodness your posts slay me. I'm not sure about a rooftop garden on the third floor either but it an awesome thing to have in your building. It kind of balances out the creepiness of the morgue. Your section looks beautiful. I planted seven flats myself this weekend!

Michelle said...

This is just golden. How on earth have you managed to find all these wonky buildings?!

Jay said...

I feel like if a rooftop garden is on the 3rd floor, it should be called a courtyard garden instead. I hope you win the garden contest. Those look like they'll be really nice looking in a little while :)

Baby Sister said...

Oh yeah, you are totally going to win. It looks awesome!!

The Conway's said...

I love that you garden in such adorable clothes!!