i suppose you could make a writing/paper connection

Well, it’s officially been one year since Matt and I tied the knot.

We’ve come a long way in the last twelve months.  For example, I am now comfortable referring to Matt as “my husband.”  A year ago those words felt strange coming out of my mouth, which is why when I went to the doctor a few weeks after returning from our honeymoon and she asked me if anyone close to me was also sick, I said, “Well, no, not my…household member.”

Yes.  Because that’s so much less awkward than saying husband.

On Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to take Matt’s car to the mechanic for an inspection.  It was ready a few hours later, so we went back to the garage to pick it up.  I stopped at my parents’ on my way home to pick up the top layer of our wedding cake, and when I got back to the apartment Matt still wasn't home.

How mysterious.

He walked in a few minutes later with two sandwiches from Heavenly Ham, and M&M luggage tags.

Because of course.

We had 7:00 dinner reservations, so we got all dressed up and then utilized the self-timer feature on the phone that I have just discovered because apparently, I am behind the times.

We were eating dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse.  I’d never been before, but Matt had been to a similar restaurant in the city for a work function and knew the ropes.  The first course was buffet style, and Matt cautioned me to save plenty of room for the meat that is served at the table, but a girl can’t resist potatoes and rice and sauteed mushrooms and tortellini.

In a moment of bravery I also put a quail egg on my plate which was a decision I’d come to regret.

If I never eat a quail egg again, it will be too soon. 

We went back to our table, and turned our cards to green, signifying the waiters walking around with gigantic meat skewers (I wish there was a more eloquent way to describe them) that we were ready for them.  There were 21 types of meat and over the course of the next few hours I bet we tried at least 15 of them.  After filet mignon and sirloin and bacon wrapped chicken and parmesan pork and salmon and leg of lamb I turned my card over from green to red because I’d eaten so much I could hardly breathe.

Matt kept his card turned to green, but gave himself periodic pep talks all revolving around the same theme of “pace yourself Matt, just slow down and enjoy.”

When Matt finally turned his card to red, we talked about how delicious everything was and how we’d absolutely, positively never been fuller in our entire lives than we were at that moment.

And then our waiter came back and asked if we needed anything and Matt promptly requested another round of drinks and the dessert menu.

I've never loved him more.

When we got home, we decided to keep the celebration going and exchange presents.  Matt told me that my present was so big he had to keep it in the downstairs storage unit, so while he carried it up I waited in the bedroom absolutely convinced I was going to walk into the living room and see a reclining chair.

I have no explanation.

I don’t even want a reclining chair.

As it turns out, it was a desk.  

Specifically, a "premium writing desk" so that I can be a premium writer.

I have been talking about getting a desk since we got married.  We didn't really have room in our first place, and since we moved here I have gone desk shopping about twelve times but haven’t purchased anything.

However, that doesn't stop me from frequently proclaiming "I WISH I HAD A DESK.  I JUST LOVE A DESK.  MY LIFE IS NOT COMPLETE WITHOUT A DESK."

A few weeks ago I told Matt that the traditional first year gift was paper.  And he said, “Well, okay, but do I look like a traditional type of guy to you?”

I am so glad Matt broke the tradition.  

Here's to year two.


Margaret said…
Sounds like a perfect first anniversary celebration :)
Pamela said…
21 types of meat!? Holy cow!! I bet it was all so good though!
Amie said…
Happy Anniversary!! That restaurant sounds like something similar to one around here. I haven't been yet but I want to try it!
Sarah said…
Congrats on 2 years and the writing desk! Maybe now you'll have somewhere to blog more from...hehe :)
Martha Woods said…
Aw, that's so sweet! I think a desk is a great gift, but I love writing/blogging so maybe that's just me. :) Happy anniversary to both of you!
Emily said…
Congrats on one year of marriage! The celebration dinner sounds wonderful. Hooray for a desk. And paper writing desk. :D
Victoria said…
You guys are the cutest!!!! And your "my household member" story just cracks me up!!! lol! :)

That restaurant sounds like it would be an awesome experience! Ohh...Except for the quail egg. I have my own quail egg story and it makes me gag just thinking about it. Just think jr. high science class, an incubator that didn't quite work, a sink in the back of classroom full of an English class, and a poor girl left to take care of a class worth of eggs..:(

I love that Matt got you JUST what you wanted!!! I hope you love it.
blm said…
happy anniversary! those steakhouses are CRAZY but, man, are they delicious. i love the luggage tags and the desk--premium anniversary gifts!
Kristen said…
aww so lovely :) glad you got your desk. i have no idea how to use a self timer feature on my phone so i guess i am behind the times as well. happy anniversary!
Baby Sister said…
Happy Anniversary!! Yay for a desk!! And those M&M luggage tags are adorable. :)
Happy Anniversary!! Sounds like you had a lot of fun celebrating!

Traci said…
Happy Anniversary!!
Laynah said…
Congratulations! You looked gorgeous on your wedding day
Brittany said…
So great all around! Happy Anniversary! I love those Brazilian steakhouses so very much...no such thing as too much meat. But, I do tend to fill up too much on the starch buffet. I think that must be their plan. Save money on the meat by filling them with potatoes?
Lisa Loves John said…
So fun - sounds like a pretty perfect first anniversary!! Here's to many more! :) :)
LifeasKLK said…
Happy Anniversary! Brazilian steakhouses are amazing and awful all at the same time. We try to go for brunch and spend half the day there (normal, right?)
Rachel said…
Your dress was gorgeous!! Happy 1st anniversary, i think the gift he gave you was definitely better than paper. :)
Brazilian steakhouses are the yummiest! I love that your husband bought you a desk - so thoughtful! Happy anniversary, and cheers to many more :)
Okay as a newlywed this post just melted my heart!
Jodi said…
Happy Anniversary! I hate quail eggs and was forced to eat one once. Yuck!!
Katie Elizabeth said…
Happy Happy Anniversary! Love that he got you a desk - to be a premium writer! ;)
Katie Elizabeth said…
Happy Happy Anniversary! Love that he got you a desk - to be a premium writer! ;)
Hilary said…
Happy Anniversary! I think a desk is a great present, lol. I want one too.
The Lady Okie said…
Happy happy (belated) anniversary! I've never eaten a quail egg, and now I don't feel bad about that :) Happy Friday!
BLovedBoston said…
Happy belated anniversary!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston
MilitaryPugWife said…
Omgosh you were such a pretty bride! We just celebrated a year 1-11. It flew by! :)