hello detroit

One of Matt's close college friends, Ron, got married in Michigan this weekend, and we made the trip out for the occasion.

We left bright and early on Friday morning, and were through security and eating breakfast  sandwiches and drinking Dunkin' iced coffee by 8:30.  We were traveling with two other friends, and our flight was on the prestigious and luxurious Spirit Airlines.  The seats were tight, but the plane was nice enough and I resisted the urge to ask the pilot the date of the last major engine inspection and if he was prepared to respond appropriately in the event of a bird strike.

I wouldn't say I hate the whole flying experience, because once we are at cruising altitude and the plane is level, I'm a happy camper.  But getting up there?  I cry REAL TEARS.  It is completely ridiculous but I cannot help my terrified self.

I've never liked roller coasters or amusement park rides for the very same reason.  The descent isn't the bad part, it's getting to the top that does me in.  The last time I rode the log flume I almost climbed out of my log halfway up.  I hate it.

Anyway, we survived the flight (no bird strikes!) and we landed in Detroit around 1:00.  We took a shuttle to the airport Enterprise location and as we pulled in, our shuttle bus driver proudly announced, "Welcome to Detroit! To thank you for coming to our wonderful city we are offering all Enterprise customers complimentary, one of a kind, Detroit hot dogs!" 

And she was right.  They were grilling right there in the parking lot.

I'm sure all that jet fuel and car exhaust gave the hot dogs some extra flavor, but we passed.

Instead we stopped at the CVS across from our hotel to pick up some snacks, but what to our wondering, Pennsylvania eyes should appear but liquor! And beer! And a whole aisle of wine ON SALE.

In Pennsylvania you can only buy alcohol at a state store, so seeing it in a CVS was like seeing a unicorn and obviously we indulged.

The bride and groom invited us to their house for pizza and wings on Friday night.  They have a beautiful piece of property in an itsy bitsy, teeny tiny town called Pinckney, Michigan.  It was about 40 minutes from the hotel, and for the first 35 minutes of our drive, we saw nothing.

Literally, nothing.

 No grocery store.  No gas station.  No police station.  No Target.

Just flat land and trees.

And the four of us pretty much talked about "Where does Ron buy food?  Where does Ron get gas? How does Ron get cold things home from the nearest grocery store?  What happens if Ron forgets a dinner ingredient? Do they even have police where Ron lives?"  By the time we got off the exit we were almost ready to stage an intervention and bring Ron back to civilization/suburban Philadelphia, but at that moment we drove past a Kroger, a gas station, a McDonald's, and a chiropractor, and what more could someone really need?

The wedding was happening AT THEIR HOUSE the next afternoon, so we ate our pizza and wings in the tent they had set up in the backyard.  I'll tell you what I wouldn't want to do at my house where I would be throwing my own wedding the next day.

Host a bunch of out-of-towners for pizza.

But the bride and groom were so laid back and we had so much fun and I mostly just laughed the whole time because there's not much funnier than a bunch of guys telling college stories.  I learned that Matt's buddies didn't believe that I existed at first.  They thought Matt made me up to impress them.  I also learned he scored a 42 on a Music Listening exam once and may or may not have illegally transported a construction barricade in the backseat of his 1996 Chevy Prism.

We left around 9 so we could navigate back through the Michigan wilderness to the hotel before it got too late.  We made it back safely even though the GPS was giving directions like, "In .2 miles, turn left on Plant Trucks."

Michigan is strange.

I'm going to continue this in a part 2, because evidently I have a lot to say about Michigan.


shelleystursma said…
I live on the west side of Michigan. And I've actually heard of Pinckney before, though I've never been there. Glad you enjoyed buying alcohol at CVS--it is just the norm for me to pick up beverages at drugstores/grocery stores. I didn't know that about alcohol and Pennsylvania.;)Looking forward to reading about the rest of your trip!
Morgan Apfel said…
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Girl. I am from that area. Not Pinckney, but same county. I just died laughing. Whenever anyone asks where I'm from, I'm like "trust me, you've never heard of it." BUT I bet it was a really pretty place for an outdoor wedding!! And what the h about the liquor??!! It's crazy how every state is different. I remember when we first moved away from Michigan and one Sunday we tried to buy champagne and they were like, "no you can't it's Sunday." We were like..."excuse me, what." It's like they must have encouraged us to drink because I'm really not sure there are any rules lol.
ae said…
Haha! You would probably write similar things about the rural areas of Georgia. We have A LOT of empty space/farm land.
Corie M said…
Hahaha! I really hope you got to explore more of this AWESOME state and that your only MI experience wasn't Pinckney!
Julie said…
So how was the airport TSA lines? I'm kind of okay not flying this summer because I've hear they are pretty bad.

Can't wait to read part 2!
P!nky said…
Rebecca Jo said…
Fun Fact - I DID crawl out of the log flume on the ride up in Disney World (Splash Mountain)... i freak out at all stuff that go up & come down. Needless to say, I had to walk down the steps & was standing in a bunch of automatic moving creatures while other logs were driving by, all staring at me & found an exit where security was quick to find me. Moral of the story - just ride it down - a lot easier ;) haha
OMG I FLIP OUT at take-off as well and then I'm fine for the rest of the flight. I think it's just because it's so dramatic and the plane sounds like it's going to explode. Plus, it is really freaky to see all of the people in front of you about 6 feet higher in the air than you because of the angle of the plane. That's the very worst part to me!
Spirit airlines, hotdogs at Enterprise, barren flat lands...oh the luxury!! But obviously it's what you make it and sounds like you had some fun. I do not even know what a state store is. What is that? Alcohol is sold pretty much everywhere here.
I hate the first part of flying, too! I just have to stare down at my hands and pretend nothing else is going on! Michigan is great - I definitely wouldn't be one to host people the night before my wedding, though either. I had no idea you couldn't get wine at CVS or those types of places - I am too used to the convenience here in the Midwest!
I can't even imagine getting alcohol at CVS.. Stinkin Pennsylvania and our prohibition era alcohol laws!
Traci said…
I live in Louisiana & we can buy beer, wine & any other alcohol you can think of at Walmart! People from out of town always think it's weird.
Aww. I have no flying fear. I am claustrophobic, so if that was combined with a flying fear I'd have to be institutionalized.
Emily said…
I've never seen a full on liquor store at a CVS. The ones in Florida do have some wine and beer though. LOL @ Michigan is strange.
In Oregon and Washington you've always been able to buy beer, wine, cider, and super classy stuff like Mike's in grocery stores, but Washington passed a law recently where you could buy hard alcohol in normal stores too (except the tax is like 20%!). We moved from Seattle to Portland about six months ago and I was definitely a little bummed I had to go to state liquor stores for hard alcohol again (even though I've only gone twice since moving...). My hometown is in Oregon, but if you drive right across the river you're in Washington, and everyone from Washington just comes over to my hometown to buy their liquor and cigarettes to avoid the taxes, so I guess it works for those people!
Rachel McCarthy said…
haha! I grew up in Ohio and have actually have been through Pinckney while visiting Ann Arbor. I guess I was more use to the "nothing-ness" growing up in Ohio and it didn't seem too out of the norm for me! I'm the same way with flying, the take off is rough!

xo, Rachel
A Blonde's Moment
Brittany said…
Isn't the ascent so scary?! I'm always having a panic attack as the plane goes from zero to 40 billion on the runway. Three minutes later, I'm fine. I think I read somewhere that planes are most likely to crash on takeoff, so it stuck with me. Isn't the Midwest such a strange place with their CVS liquor sections?
Anonymous said…
As a displaced Pennsylvanian living in upstate NY, I still get weirded out by the beer in the grocery store, so I completely understand your reaction to the CVS! :)
oh man, the ascent on roller coasters is the worst! i don't cry when flying going up or down, only when it's super bumpy and i think we are going down for real. i quite like roller coasters though, but the ascent is definitely 0% fun.
that's so interesting about the different liquor laws/rules all over the country. i honestly don't know if we have anything similar at home, i think it's buy whatever you want wherever you want whenever you want. that might be why we apparently drink the most beer, but who knows.
Emily said…
SAME with the flying! We've been pondering flying Spirit several times, but always make an excuse not to. BUT THE TICKETS! So. Cheap. SO cheap! Other than the terrifying climb to the top how was flying Spirit?

Isn't it so funny being around your husband's friends?! I love it, and love hearing the ridiculous stories. And also kind of love that I didn't know my husband back then ;)
Liz Jo said…
It sounds sooo foreign ha, I know it's just another state but I've never been there.

I hate taking planes too haven't been on one for over a decade now. Probably have to fly later this year >_<

liz @ j for joiner
Erin Peyerk said…
Listening to my husband and his buddies reminisce about college days is the best! Can't wait to read more about your trip to this great state.
Rachel said…
"Michigan is strange" As a Michigander, I approve this message.
The Lady Okie said…
I bet you missed out! Those hot dogs were probably the best you'd ever eaten. Ha! That's so random. They are just so excited you came to Detroit!
Marie said…
Seeing as I live to close to so many different stores and malls, I totally don't understand how people live like an hour away from a store. Clearly, I spent way too much time shopping. haha Enjoy your weekend.
I have really bad flying anxiety too so I can totally relate to your feelings about taking off! I'm from a small town in Michigan so hearing you talk about Pinckney made me laugh.