this is for the birds

Well, last weekend we visited Hell, but on Friday we felt like we were actually living there because it was a zillion degrees in our house.

It's one thing to buy a house in December and say, "No air conditioning? No problem!  We love the fresh air!" and it's quite another to try to sleep on May 27th when it was 94 degrees all day with 74% humidity and your bedroom will not cool down past 86 degrees.

Our house has one air conditioning wall unit in the family room and a very old one in the kitchen.  And by very old I mean it was manufactured during the first Regan administration.  

And it has wood paneling on the front.
However, it still works like a charm so obviously the GE engineers of 1984 were doing something right even if the decor and style were questionable.

Matt and I went to Wal Mart on Saturday to buy an air conditioner for our bedroom because we are weak and high maintenance and I'm a bear if I don't get 8 hours of solid sleep, but they only had one model left and it cost $400.00.  That's a high price to pay for a cool bedroom.

A Wal Mart employee told us that they restocked 260 air conditioners on Friday night and all but 4 were gone by Saturday morning.

We went next door to Lowe's and they had a plethora of appropriately priced air conditioners.  We bought one and also breezed through the lumber department for some more chicken coop supplies.

When we bought our chickens someone told us that our first dozen eggs will cost us a thousand dollars, and she was right.  This chicken coop is quickly approaching the short but prestigious list of valuable items we own, including my pearl necklace and our wedding rings.  I think we need to add a line item in our will for this chicken coop.

Luckily it's almost finished, because the girls are still in a box in the garage, but they're getting big. 

We came home from running errands a few weeks ago and Daisy was standing outside her Rubbermaid container looking in.  

She had literally flown the coop.

I bet she was too hot and looking for the land of air conditioning.


ae said…
I lived in Chicago for a year and, as a Southerner, was so confused by the lack of air conditioners in apartments. :D
Faith said…
We bought our house in the fall and we completely were not thinking of air conditioning either. We got lucky! But yeah, I wouldn't want to be in your hell either. It got so, so hot! But I think it should be a thing that every home has to come equipped with central air, haha.
Marie said…
I have been very lucky as every where I have lived has had central air conditioning. I don't know how I would live without it. However, I know so many people who don't have it. It always amazes me too.
Julie said…
Wow those chicks have gotten big!!
Martha Woods said…
I feel ya on the lack of AC...for our first several years together we were in small apartments with no AC and only a struggling window unit that could barely cool our bedroom (and only worked half the time anyway). Summers were miserable! This is our first summer in our new house and while it doesn't have central AC, and we still have a window unit up in the bedroom, the house on the whole actually stays very cool (it helps that we have shade trees all around) and the basement is practically sub-arctic year round, so we can retreat to the family room to eat and watch movies in comfort. Looking back I don't know how we coped all those years!
Emily said…
That sounds so uncomfortable to have no AC with those temperatures. I love getting a good night of sleep so I don't blame you for upgrading your AC unit.
Whitney Leigh said…
I would be dead by now if I was in that kind of heat. It gets hot here, but we don't have to deal with humidity like, at all.

Look at your girls growing up!! that's awesome! My mom LOVES her chickens, and I love getting free eggs.

Now go set up camp in front of your new AC!!
Oh dear god, I would rather die than not have air conditioning. It is in my top 2 of material things I couldn't live without (tied with my iPhone for #1.)
Amy said…
I grew up in Florida. I don't do no central air.

The coop looks beautiful!
I grew up without central air. I will never live in a house without it again, except at the shore. LOL
My air broke this year once and I was such a baby about it!
Kelly said…
That chicken coop is mighty fine! Those are some lucky ladies.
We don't have AC but living in the Colorado mountains it is mostly OK... There's always a couple weeks in August when I'm cursing the lack though.
I don't think you need AC in SF but this was my life in Portland. You don't need it most of the time but then we have a heat wave and it's truly the most miserable thing ever (esp. since most homes in Oregon don't have AC). We have reverted to sleeping on our deck with sleeping bags more than once to escape the heat! Chickens are SO cute. I always wonder how expensive it is to set one of those things up.
I'm a 13 year old boy and laughed at "pearl necklace."

Living without AC in the bedroom would be unbearable for me. I like it freezing at night.
Emily said…
That's a nice looking coop! I think it needs an AC wall unit, too ;)

I cannot get over that wood paneling on the unit. Classy.
The Lady Okie said…
Our air conditioning is on the fritz and keeps freezing up! It's seriously so hot in our house. I feel you! Those chicks are getting so big!
Unknown said…
I can't believe how big the chicks have gotten!! There's no way we could have survived without an air conditioner. Poor A was a sweaty mess and couldn't cool herself down after being outside for a hour.
Andrea H. said…
I would die - not an exaggeration - without AC. I sweat buckets in winter. It is a serious problem for me so I can certainly feel your pain!! Love the chicks!! Crazy how fast they grow!!
Reasonably priced air conditioner, you say? In the PNW pretty much no one has AC, it's not a standard thing you find, because you're not supposed to need it. (Enter global warming and it's supposed to be a high of 102 on the beginning of June. Oy.) We've survived with fans and open windows in our apartments, but now that we have bedrooms upstairs...we might just need to buy a unit for our room!
our air conditioner stopped working for like 2 days last week, and while i love the stuffy oppressive heat, my husband does not haha. thankfully we got it fixed quick smart and not too expensive. the chicken coop looks fabulous but ouch! that's a lot of money for eggs lol.
Liz Jo said…
Umm yes. Them chickens need a formal home :) That chicken coops looks really nice so far, I'd be honored to live in that coop.

Also is that really in your house??? Both the wallpaper and the AC unit???

liz @ j for joiner
laurensparkle said…
those chickens are beautiful! I never thought I'd hear myself say that! at least you got your AC fixed before the heat of summer really kicks in :)
Rachel said…
Love the part about specifically including your chicken coop in the will due to its value! There was an ancient window air conditioner that was in the basement of the house we rented in Michigan, and we'd put it in our bedroom in the summer--worked just great, and I especially loved the fact that it was free. :)
Michelle said…
Truly I don't know how you're living with out AC. I would cry. The chicken coop is looking so good! Someday I'd like to hire Matt to build one for me.
Ambrose said…
Isn't it just like us to long for what we don't have? Every winter I crave the summer and in summer, winter can't come fast enough. However, I can definitely relate across the board. The AC went out in my apartment this morning and the landlord is nowhere to be found.
Melinda Rose said…
I have an AC unit in my bedroom too. Sleeping when you're hot and sweaty is impossible. I'm glad you'll be able to rest because of the new AC unit. I love your chicken coop, too! The chickens are growing beautifully. They will be much cooler and happier once they are in their new open air coop.
Tommy Hopkins said…
My parents had that same panel-front air conditioner in our living room in the house we grew up in. It was one of only two in our house at that time; the other was in our parent’s bedroom. I guess as kids we didn’t notice or mind the heat on those hot, steamy summer nights. I couldn’t live without my central air today, though. Hopefully you get some wall units quick, or it will be a long year!
Jodi Bennett said…
I can completely sympathize with the hell that a lack of air conditioning brings. My family and I stayed at a "rustic retreat" which was fun except for the overbearing heat that we all had to suffer through. Not sure how they did in the old days, I guess we are just spoiled.