anyone have a good quiche recipe?

Well, tonight I'm coming to you live from Noah's Ark.

I am not kidding.  My laundry room is flooded and there are three chickens in my garage.

Let me back up.

From the beginning of time, Matt has been talking about how he wants to get some chickens to raise in the backyard for a hobby and eggs.  My long-standing counter argument was that we don't really eat eggs, but several months ago he launched a strong chicken campaign and started eating egg salad for lunch and making me eggs for breakfast on the weekends.  He has not let up on his egg consumption for MONTHS.  

In addition to eating eggs like crazy, he's been researching backyard chickens and even has a few books.  Last Saturday we went to a party at his aunt and uncle's house, and they just so happen to have some chickens.  

And on Wednesday I was driving to Moyer's Hatchery to pick up our very own chicks.  They are the prestigious (sarcasm) breed known as Brown Egg Layers and cost a whopping $2.70 a piece.  I know an elephant at any price isn't a bargain, but I'd say a Brown Egg Layer for two bucks MOST CERTAINLY IS.   

Since the chicks were only going to be one day old, I brought a nice basket, a towel, and some hand warmers to keep the delicate little things toasty warm on the drive home.  And then I walked into Moyer's Hatchery and was handed a brown paper bag with three chickens inside and sent on my way.


Either I'm high maintenance or this was going to be easier than I thought.

Once I got home I got the chickens all set up in their bed, or if you want to use the technical farm term, their "brooder." Which is actually a bright pink Rubbermaid container.  They settled right in and mostly cheep and eat and sleep, but they seem happy, as far as chickens go.  

We cleaned out their bed on Saturday and put them in a cardboard box temporarily.  I stayed in the garage with them and made sure they didn't fly away while Matt washed out their food and water dishes.
And then on Sunday evening I ran a load of laundry, and when I went to switch it to the dryer I walked into a pond of water on the laundry room floor.

Matt immediately jumped to the worst conclusion, and while he fiddled with hoses and pipes and started hypothetically comparing repair costs versus buying a new washer, I stood off to the side by the wash tub sharing positive sentiments like "It could be worse!  It doesn't seem to be leaking ALL the time!" and "Hey, at least I got that last load of undies done!"  

And it was then that I noticed that the drain of the wash tub was filled which pine shavings from the chickens' bed, and that the newspaper that was wrapped around the red maple tree sapling that has taken up residence in our washtub (don't ask) was completely soaked, leading me to believe that the pine shavings clogged the drain, causing the wash tub to fill up and overflow when the washing machine drained into it.

I ran my hypothesis past repairman Matt, and we did a little test run, and that's exactly what happened.        

Luckily it was an easy fix, and I've done two more loads since Sunday with no problems, but I'm here to tell you I won't be sad when the chickens graduate to their outdoor coop.

It was totally bizarre but he was famous on campus until he unfortunately received a disorderly conduct citation for bringing a farm animal into an academic building, and had to retire the Chicken Man persona.  

But now it's like I have my very own chicken man.

Or, Noah.

Now I just need an ark.


Faith said…
So neat that you have chickens! And I love the story about the Chicken Man. Too bad it was appreciated, haha. And glad the flooding wasn't a major issue!
Marie said…
That is so cool that you have little chicks! They are so good. Glad to hear that the flooding wasn't too bad.
Rebecca Jo said…
That Chicken Man thing is hilarious!!!! Boo on whoever is a grump &gave a citation.

I cant wait to hear your adventures into chicken raising.
my step daughter has 6 chickens. I love petting them. They're so soft.
Omg the excess egg consumption to convince you to get chickens had me cracking up!! Those little chicks are sooo cute!
I can't believe they were just like, "Here's your paper bag of chickens!" Hahaha! Good luck in chicken parenthood!
Michelle said…
I love this! I'm a little ashamed to admit that I share Matt's backyard chicken dream. I've always wanted some.
Liz Jo said…
Oh my gosh sorry on the flooding!!! Hope you have great flood insurance.

Also chickens are great! When we had our chicken she laid eggs like nobodies business I really loved having that chicken too.

liz @ j for joiner
Emily said…
Okay, but can we talk about that Chicken Man some more...WHAT?! In the world?! Crazy.

So basically I'm ready to see a picture of Matt's chicken costume while he's holding the said baby chickens, please and thank you ;)
I would want them to stay little forever! They are so cute! Kinda of weird they gave you the chickens in a brown paper sack. Glad it was nothing major with your washing machine. I hate when stuff like that breaks. We've had a replaced our automatic garage door opener and our fridge and our garbage disposal all in the last 4 years. Boo to adulting!

Jane MC said…
Just found your blog and I really enjoyed reading it I love the way you use humor in your writing and I was smiling or laughing the whole time I was reading!
Lux G. said…
They're so cute, aren't they? I think I saw some people sell them with dye. Like some are pink, yellow, green. Not sure if that's safe to do though.
BLovedBoston said…
Oh my gosh those little chicks are so cute!! I'm sort of glad he won out and got you to agree to get them! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston
ae said…
You will enjoy having chickens once they start laying eggs.

I am glad the washer was an easy fix!
I am dying over the eggs! Guys will do just about anything to justify their need for something. My brother in law is a chicken man and has had all kinds of breeds. Hope yours are good egg layers!
Oh, they are just the cutest little things!! I can't wait to watch them grow! And I love your new look! I want to update my blog so bad!
Amy said…
I'm jealous! I want chickens so badly but have to wait until we move. I had them growing up and loved them so much.
Rachel said…
We had chickens for a year or two when I was a kid (the end of the chickens was when a fox broke into the coop--rural Michigan is a brutal place, apparently). And we've had the exact same thing happen with an overflowing washtub due to a clogged drain and a laundry room that flooded and water spilled through the heating vents and got into the basement. Drains like to be dramatic sometimes...
Andrea H. said…
I can't believe they sold you the chicks in a brown paper bag. Hilarious!! This story made me laugh out loud several times! Glad that everything got resolved with the washer - and all seems well with the chicks so far! Did they say how long until they are old enough/big enough to hatch eggs?
Corie M said…
I'm sure you're going to have a ton of hilarious chicken stories LOL
Kayla MKOY said…
OH my word! Chicks are so cute!!!! I hope they grow up quickly and can live outside soon! ;)
oh i feel bad for chicken man and his pet chicken. your chicks are so cute! i want chicks now.
Julie said…
What a story haha! Our new house is having flooding issues from all the rain MO is getting so we've been dealing with that - I wish I knew why though, and could blame it on chickens, haha!
The Lady Okie said…
Chicken man!? That is so crazy. Also, chicks! So cute.