that pearl is a real gem

I had a different post planned for today, but then I stopped by my parents' house in the afternoon and those plans changed.  The reason I stopped at their house was two-fold.  First, I was going to let their puppy Pearl out for a little bit, and second, they have central air.

On the other hand, at our house we have doors that won't close because the wood has expanded and three wall unit air conditioners whose combined age is probably well over 100 years.

I am not joking.

Good times.

God love these two jokers who bought this house in frigid December and didn't give a second thought to central air because "we love fresh air and summer!"

Anyway, a few months ago I wrote a post about my parents' puppy, Pearl, and their creative tactics to keep her off of the furniture.

(Pearl was totally unimpressed.)

Today, I thought I'd give an update.  Here's a photo from this afternoon.

(Pearl remains totally unimpressed.)

You may notice that the balloons are gone, but long live baby gates and chafing trays.

When I got to their house I took Pearl outside, sat down on the chair, and before I knew it, she took my flip flop right off my foot.

I wish I could read her mind.


After many minutes of pleading with her to give me back my flip flop, I finally resorted to distracting her with a handful of Cheerios and swiping it back when she wasn't looking.

Naturally, she was thrilled to have the Cheerios and I bet if I could read her mind, right now she'd be saying, "I win."


Nadine Lynn said…
Haha dogs right?! I remember when we lived in PA, none of our houses had central air. Now that I've had it all my adult life, I could never go back.
Brianne said…
Hahaha oh Pearl! I love the picture with Pearl's head just laying on your flip flop lol
Ahahaha! Omg. I'm obsessed with Pearl and those trays on the couch. That is the best! And ugh, we have AC and couldn't live without it because spoiled.
Jenny Evans said…
I'm pretty sure I've done the same distract-with-the-Cheerios-and-take-back-my-shoe trick, but with my children.
Leslie said…
Lol, the Cheerio trick works everytime for kiddos and pets alike!
Confuzzled Bev said…
Aww, Pearl is adorable, even if she does steal flip-flops. Look at that face!
Pearl's face says it all. What a sweet dog. :)
I understand this battle all too well, ha ha. I can't get over how darn cute Pearl is!
rooth said…
But what a cute little thief :)
Rebecca Jo said…
Oh man... I have puppy fever & then I see these things & remember how hard it is to get them into 'teenage years'... which luckily is only like 3 years old.
Haha! She is so so sweet! What in the world would we do without our fur babies?!

And girl, a house with no central air conditioning?! I. Would. Die. Of course, I live in the south where it gets up to 100 with 100% humidity every single day during the summer, so there's that!
Audrey Louise said…
Oh my GOSH. No way you can be mad at that squishy little face for running off with your flip-flop ;)
We bought a house without a/c. It had two window units- one in the family room on the main level and one in our bedroom upstairs. They BOTH broke in the same summer season, about 2 years into home ownership. At that point we said the heck with it and put in central air. Lol
Kelly said…
That puppy is too cute! But seriously - So much work!
That's pretty much how I feel about my kids too. :-)
Hena Tayeb said…
i don't think I could handle having a pet.. I just need to keep the focus on keeping these kids alive and well..
Pearl is so naughty - but so stinking cute too! How can you be mad at that face?!
Andrea Nine said…
PEARL! What a cutie! My dad calls his dog my sister, LOL so I guess Pearl is your sister, right?