my mom is always the funniest in group texts

My phone has been prompting me to download a software update for weeks now, but I didn't have enough space on the phone so I kept putting it off.  One of the things taking up room was the app One Second Everyday.  If you've never heard of this app, you upload a one second video clip every day, and it combines your clips into a movie.  I've been doing it all year and it's been so fun and worth the space on my phone.

But finally, last night, I could delay the software update no longer.   I decided I'd delete some photos, and came across tons of screenshots I'd taken just because they made me laugh.  I thought I'd share some today because who doesn't need a pick me up on a Tuesday?

A few weeks ago my mom, sister, and I had a group text while we watched the ACM awards.  My mom's text about Sam Hunt's new song, Body Like a Backroad, cracked me up.

My mom also introduced me to my current favorite county song, A Boy Gets a Truck by Keith Urban.  I think Alexa is getting tired of me and Matt asking her to play it because it's basically been on repeat on our house for days.

Speaking of trucks, I drove Matt's old pickup this weekend to run some errands and holy cow, the turning radius is much different than that of my tiny little Ford Focus.  I hopped a curb before I was even out of the neighborhood.  I notice Keith didn't include a verse about how the boy's wife took the truck to Target one day and had a near miss with the cart corral.

Back to the funny screenshots. One of my favorite Instagram accounts is @Wrivey.  He posts photos of notes he puts in his kids' lunches and they always make me chuckle.

Another favorite funny poster is @jonacuff.

And the rest of these just made me laugh.

Speaking of meal plans, these sheet pan fajitas are now a staple on our meal plan.  Sometimes we have them over rice and sometimes in a wrap and sometimes just on our plate with salad because they're so delicious and easy and better than dry cereal by the time Thursday rolls around.


Robin said…
Where does Alexa play your music from? Do you have to put playlists on Amazon, or can it detect Spotify, iTunes, etc.?
One time I had to drive my husband's old truck--which was way, WAY older than yours and a standard as well--to various errands including the feed store to get hay for the sheep. I am not comfortable with a standard in general, and this truck was hard to drive anyway. I had to stop at about four places, back into some pretty tight spots by new vehicles, and I stalled a lot. Including three times in the middle of the village main street. Mostly in front of a bunch of macho country guys who were no doubt rolling their eyes at women and their driving.

My husband told me later that I shouldn't have put on the parking brake--which I though you had to do with a standard to keep it from rolling--because it wouldn't release properly. So it was partially engaged the entire time.

It was a good day for me when we brought that truck to the scrapyard. Though it got its final revenge by ripping up my shirt on the rusted wheel well as I was walking past it to leave it at the scrapyard. Vindictive thing.
Lizzie Simantz said…
This is just a hysterical post! Love the texts from your Mom and that note to his kid, awesome! I almost spit out my coffee with the Steve Madden shoes!!
Brianne said…
This is hilarious! I so had those shoes lol. I really want a truck, & grew up driving my dad's truck/mom's SUV until I got a car of my own. But then I'll get behind the wheel of a truck & hop curbs & wonder if it's really the best idea to get a truck of my own... If one can't parallel park a car should they own a truck? Probably not.
Marie said…
OMG! I spit my coffee all over my computer screen when I saw those Steve Madden shoes! I LOVED them. Although, I hated all the noise they made when you were walking. I can still hear it like it was yesterday. You could never be a spy and wear those shoes, everyone could hear you coming from miles away. Thanks for the laugh this morning.
rooth said…
The last one is 100% me except I think the dry cereal would be gone first. No shame...
Whitney Leigh said…
annnnd now I'm following all these people on instagram. haha
Rebecca Jo said…
Jon Acuff is awesome.
HEYYYY- those sandals are back in style. I literally cant believe it - but its true.
Amie said…
Oh my I had those exact shoes but I already know I am that old...ugh!! And yes to basically spending a paycheck if you walk in Target.
BAHAHAHAHA!! Your mom is a hoot! And I love that song.

And girl, that Steve Madden meme just made me actually LOL. I had some of those! Guess I'm getting old!
The "brave banana" note made me laugh! I hope I do stuff like that for my kiddos someday! :)

Also, I've never understood why people didn't enjoy meal planning because I have always loved it. But being so sick with this pregnancy has definitely meant that meal planning has been pretty much non existent so that last one made me laugh!
Audrey Louise said…
Ugh. I hate driving my husband's truck. It's just not comfortable...
That Target meme is EVERYTHING. Hahaha!
Awww, makes me miss my truck! When I could hop curbs and not think twice about it, hehe. I love all of the meme, I had to chuckle at all of them.
Erin LFF said…
I always tell Jared I really want a truck! But in reality, I probably couldn't drive it because I've always driven fairly small cars, lol. I've never even attempted to drive an SUV! SO many funnies, too! The meal plan one made me LOL because it's totally true!!!
Using my night serum right now.
Mary Leigh said…
Poetry. So funny! And I love the night serum one! I've seen it before and it makes me laugh every single time!
Nadine Lynn said…
Downloading that app right now!!! I want to make a video of Zoe! I wish I would have known about it back in December when she was born. How cool would it have been to have that video of her first year. 5 months isn't too late to start, right? Also added that Keith Urban song to my Spotify playlist to listen to on my way home. Love him. The serum one is hilarious because I owned those shoes. Who didn't???
I laughed at the one with the shoes. I owned a pair just like that. Now I feel old! Haha
HAHA THE TRUCK THING!! YES!! I drive Devin's pickup to church (so he can have my car with a car-seat) when I have to be there early, and it is horribleeee. I feel like I can't turn at all, and thankfully I don't have to try and parallel park that monster!
I came home from Europe to find that my in-laws had TOWED my husband's non-working high school truck to the front of our house (parked the wrong way no less) while we were gone. I'll save you the words that came out of my mouth. He's now driving it again... and all my staff asks now is if my husband is experiencing a mid-life crisis. I refuse to drive it because it's a standard and is missing a rear view mirror. I expect that my experiences at Target would mirror yours (or be way, way, way worse).

I LOVED the banana graphic. LOL
Jenny Evans said…
I think I need to try the "brave banana" thing with my kids. The banana looks FINE on the inside so who cares if the peel has some spots on it? You don't eat the peel. But I'm just their mom, what do I know?