what i read in january

I didn't read too much during the holidays, but I got back on track in January.  January is long and cold and I think we had maybe four days of sun here, so I decided to go with a beach theme.

First up was The Girls of August by Anne Rivers Siddons. 

What's the bigger question, how many books can be written about a bunch of old friends with significant baggage who reunite at the beach and uncover secrets about each other, or how many of those books will I read?  

The answer is likely all of them.

So, this book was about a bunch of old friends with significant baggage who reunite at the beach and uncover secrets about each other.  It wasn't brilliant literature, but it kept my attention and made me feel like I was spending a summer week on a barrier island off the South Carolina coast.  I would give it 3.5 stars.

Next up was another Anne Rivers Siddons, called Sweetwater Creek.  

I loved this one.  It's about a young girl whose mother has been missing for years.  She lives with her father and brothers in the South Carolina lowcountry and they breed and raise hunting spaniels.  There are a lot of quirky characters and unexpected turns and difficult relationships in the book, and overall it had a melancholy feel to it, but it was beautifully written.  I'd give it 5 stars.

I shifted authors after that one, and read Body Surfing by Anita Shreve.  

I started another book of her's this month, A Wedding in December, and I couldn't get into it.  It never picked up.  Body Surfing was good though.  The main character is 29 is has already been divorced and widowed.  She takes a summer job as a nanny for a girl whose family spends summers in their oceanfront cottage in New Hampshire, so you know I was all in.  Even though she's trying to avoid love for the summer, it finds her anyway.  This was a good one, 4 stars.

My final read was a non-fiction, called the 5 AM Miracle: Dominate Your Day Before Breakfast by Jeff Sanders.  

The title contains two things I don't really enjoy, 5 AM, and breakfast.  I am historically not a morning person.  My husband and family are nodding their heads.  I don't like to wake up super early, and even when I'm awake, I'm not really happy until about 9:00 or so.  I'd heard about this book on podcasts so I picked it up at the library with the hopes that perhaps I could transform myself into a morning person.  The book had some good tips for time management, but I think I need one called the 7:15 Miracle.  

Linking up with Steph and Jana today!  Did you read anything great this month?


lol @ 7:15 miracle. what do you struggle with most about getting up early? i am a morning person just in the sense that i would always rather get up early vs stay up late. so i do. i don't enjoy getting up early, i''d rather stay in bed, but i like it more than staying up late or doing whatever i wanted to do (exercise) after work instead of before. blah. no thanks. i hate it haha. added body surfing and sweetwater creek to my list!
"The Summer Before the War," by Helen Simonson. She also wrote "Major Pettigrew's Last Stand." Both are excellent, though I slightly preferred "The Summer Before the War." Also "Longbourne," by Jo Baker. And my husband and I also really liked "Meat Eater" by Steven Rinella.
the 5am miracle!!! that sounds insane. I will never be a 5am person, but hopefully you found other motivating tips in the book outside of the whole 5am part ;)
I am not a morning person either, but totally wish that I was so I'm intrigued by that book (even though 5am is a tad early, haha).
Confuzzled Bev said…
Ugh... 5am. I have to get up at 5:15 twice a month (on the days I go into the office) and I loathe it!
hotmesscoolday said…
I listen to Jeff Sanders' podcast sometimes (also called the 5am Miracle) and it definitely has some great productivity tips and work from home pointers (which I totally need), but yeah...it would be a miracle if I got out of bed at 5am in the first place. I "wake up" around 6 and still don't get out of bed until 6:45am...
I think I need to read that 5 AM miracle book!!!
People swear by that 5AM thing but I'm going to pass. I tried to be an early morning person. It didn't work. I accept how I am.
Rebecca Jo said…
Sadly, I have to get up every day at 5am so maybe this is something I need to pick up because I'm always grumpy about it.
Waiting on the first one from the library. I am a fan of both Anne Rivers Siddons (more her earlier books than more recent ones though) and Anita Shreve.
Sweetwater creek has been added to my reading list!
Sweetwater Creek sounds like a good book so I added that one to my list! The Girls of August sounds like the perfect book to warm up with during the winter since it's set at the beach!
I am SO there with you on the early mornings. I wish SO BAD that I was a morning person, but I've always been a night owl. I really want to train myself to be, but I just don't think you can!
Tanya said…
I am most definitely not a 5 AM person (I'm a big night owl) and have no real desire to be one. But 7:15 sure - that' fine! LOL! Sweetwater Creek sounds interesting - adding it to my TBR.
LOL, I liked your review of The Girls of August. You're so right-there are so many books about that topic!
Reading beachy books in winter sounds like a winning idea. I love getting lost in a book - but getting lost in a book in another climate sounds even better. Remind me of that in like two months when it's cold here and I'm whingeing.

And as for the 5am miracle.... I wake up early and I'm a morning person... but 5am is usually DARK so that's not gonna happen.
Robyn Proctor said…
Body Surfing sounds good, definitely a unique situation.
Lux G. said…
Dominating my day before breakfast sounds like an awesome way to start my day. Must check that out.
Jenny said…
The 7:15 Miracle, made me laugh. :) I've read 2 this month that I really liked. The Mistress, by Danielle Steel. And, It Ends With Us, by Coleen Hoover. I think you'd like either of them. My sister just read, It Ends With Us, after me nagging her, and she really liked it as well.
Haha! You should write the book "The 7:15 Miracle" ;)
Julie said…
Finished "nantucket sisters" and it was great. Going to do a review soon!
Rachael Alexis said…
I have been SO BAD at reading lately...I was going to put it on my list of things to do in 2017 but honestly if I get through one book I know that will be like crossing the finish line. Reading as a nurse is so hard...I am exhausted on my days off and if I bring a book to work I have already jinxed myself by walking in the door. Just trying to finish "A Dog's Purpose."

XOXO Rachael
Miranda Hunt said…
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Miranda Hunt said…
I normally stray from non-fiction unless it's a subject I'm super interested in...but I'm intrigued by the last book. I used to be the total opposite of a morning person, but over the past year or so I see that changing, so I wouldn't mind learning how to conquer the day by 5am. :)

Jane said…
Dying at the 7:15 Miracle! That's too funny! I'm sort of a morning person in that I'll naturally wake up at like 6, but I am sooo sleepy and sooo comfy that I don't actually get out of bed until I have to. lol The struggle is real!
I've never heard of The 5 A.M. Miracle, but yeah, I don't think that would be me. I get up for work around 5.45 but I don't like it!