Monday, June 13, 2011

i am a phan of physics and the phillies

Matt and I went to the baseball game on Friday evening.  On the drive down I took a few pictures of the skyline, as I do every single time I drive down I-95.  You just never know when a new skyscraper will appear, and I would hate for this scenic view to go undocumented.  

When Matt picked me up, he brought a new Phillies shirt that he got for me to wear to the game.  It was a Cliff Lee shirt, and about thirty seconds after I took this lovely photo of I-95 at rush hour I turned to Matt and said, “So, what position is Cliff Lee?”  He took a long, deep breath, collected his patience and said, “He’s. Our. Pitcher.”  And then he probably wondered whether or not he could just let me camp out on the side of 95 and pick me up on the way home from the game because WHAT KIND OF PHILLIES PHAN AM I?  

 As we got close to the ballpark, I became to get a wee bit apprehensive about Matt’s parking plans, since last time we had a bit of a run in with the long arm of the parking authority.  Matt was at a game earlier this week and apparently parking was $15, and Friday night it was $25.  Well, Matt was not going to fall victim to such a tricky weekend price gauging scheme.  As we drove around in search of alternative/cheaper/still safe and well lit parking, we happened to pass by the scene of the crime from July of oh ten.

It appears that despite Matt's suggestion, the Philadelphia Parking Authority has not yet installed additional signs that clarify "PARKING = STOPPING."  

Perhaps that's on the agenda for July.

We ended up parking in the lot of a church on the next block for only ten American dollars.  It was a win-win really, because the money was going to the church as opposed to those tricky parking lot guys, and we figured the car was probably extra safe spending the evening in a holy parking lot.

When we got inside the park I immediately bought a Schmitter sandwich.  I will admit that at the sky high price of $9.50, it was about $6.50 more than I would normally spend on a sandwich.  However, this particular sandwich not only features every type of deli meat you can imagine, but is covered with a special dressing that words cannot describe.  I may or may not dream about it.

As the innings ticked by, I threw out the occasional "COME ON" or "LET'S GO!" but I will admit that I was completely fascinated by the fact that the pitchers threw (pitched?) those baseballs at a speed faster than I have ever driven my car.  Either they are supernaturally strong, or I need to pick it up a little bit on the highway.

Matt appeared very interested in the game, so I was a little bit surprised when he looked at me in the middle of the third inning and said, “Ok, I have a serious question.”  This is an introduction he uses multiple times a week, and the serious question that follows is usually something like “Which do you like better – M&Ms or Reese’s Pieces?”  So, basically, ULTRA SERIOUS.

This time he continued with, “If you shot one bullet out of a gun, and dropped one bullet from your hand to the ground AT THE EXACT SAME TIME YOU ARE SHOOTING THE GUN, which do you think would hit the ground first?”  

Baseball with a side of physics.  What a combination.

I will be honest.  Until that moment, I had never given that particular situation a second of thought.  Nor have I ever held a gun or bullet, let alone shot a firearm or dropped a bullet from my side and paid any sort of attention to the subsequent free fall.

I figured it was some sort of trick question, so I chose the gun.  Matt responded, “What would you say if I told you that you were wrong?”  And I said, "I would absolutely believe you because my answer was pretty much a SHOT in the dark."  

Oh, I am clever.

Matt then enthusiastically explained that both bullets would hit the ground at the exact same time because horizontal motion has no effect on gravity.  Or something like that.  It was actually very interesting and as soon as I verify the accuracy of the explanation I am going to file it away because you never know when you might need to impress someone with that sort of scientific information.  My 11th grade physics teacher would be so proud.  Although there is a good chance he taught us that junior year and I just don't recall, in which case I will overcompensate my forgetfulness with an abundance of knowledge in the realm of maximum velocity.  I remember that concept vividly because my teacher demonstrated it by walking us around the school and dropping bowling balls from various heights.
Anyway, the game continued on after our physics discussion, and eventually the Phillies ended up winning 7-5.  There were a few tense moments and LOTS of clapping and cheering and after a particularly exciting grand slam.  Not to be confused with graham slam, the ice cream flavor.  

Although, I do cheer and clap for that too.

P.S. - No parking ticket. :)


Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Yay for the Phillies!!! I miss those games!

ae said...

I love it . . . physics & baseball!!

Cathrine said...

I would say your man stole the results of a myth busters episode. You should call him out on it.

Baby Sister said...

Wow boys can be random. Sounds like a blast. :) Although I think I'd rather have a graham slam. ;)

Erin said...

I always get such a kick out of your blog :) Glad you guys had a good time!

Amanda said...

Sounds like you had a great time, and you just taught me somethinng new. Win win :)

Steph said...

Haha... I love your wittiness. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

We went to a Cardinals game this weekend. We usually start cheering for the Phillies when the Cardinals are out of the penant race.