Monday, June 20, 2011

if only i really did have such valuable advice

Seems as though I blinked and this whole weekend was over.  I hate it when that happens.

The weekend started on the right foot Friday night with an evening o’ fun.  Meaning that by about 8:00 I was in my pajamas and reading Bossypants.  Tina Fey, you are hilarious.

Then I spent a solid hour making up a ridiculous story and seeing how much I could get Emily to believe.  She and my mom were going to New York on Saturday, and as I hugged her goodnight I told her I had one piece of advice for her to remember the next day in the city.  I even wrote it down for her on a piece of notebook paper so she could tuck it in her purse and bring it along with her to the Big Apple.

 Total nonsense. 

Even though Emily’s common sense told her that my little adage meant absolutely nothing, I could tell that there was a tiny part of her that thought just maybe there was a deep, hidden meaning.

So Emily contemplated the advice while lying on my bed with my computer and researching MIT.  Meanwhile, I sat at my desk and took pictures of myself trying to pose like Tina Fey on the cover of Bossypants, because OH, that picture makes me LAUGH.  Also, I felt like I needed to counteract a little bit of the maturity and sophistication that came along with all the MIT research.

Finally Emily announced that she thought she had uncovered the meaning.  She said, quite confidently “Don’t EVER let anyone else wash your back for you.”

Given the fact that this sentence was complete nonsense, I have to say that wasn’t a bad conclusion.  And truthfully, it probably is advice that everyone should put into practice during their time in New York City.  And, really, life in general.

Saturday afternoon I got the following next from Emily, “I still have no idea what that advice means.  And mom says you have too much time on your hands.”

I can’t really argue with that.

Sunday was of course, Father’s Day.  For dinner, we made my dad the traditional Father’s Day meal of grilled pork and mango skewers with Vietnamese dipping sauce.  ‘Twas delicious.  I was responsible for the rice, green beans, and the dipping sauce, which was a key component of the meal.  Luckily, the whole family enjoyed it and we are all still alive today, so SUCCESS!

And as the icing on the cake, or the Vietnamese dipping sauce on the pork, as the case may be, we took a picture in my favorite popping pose.

Happy Father’s Day, indeed.


Jamie Lane said...

Bossypants is on my "really, really, really want to read this year" list. Love the popping pose!

Bellanouva said...

Absolutely hilarious. Thats like when my sister convinced our other sister that turtles have shells to keep the farts at bay....she believed it and told everyone at school the next day!


Caitlin said...

What an adorable picture, and I really enjoyed your advice. It's make sense in its nonsensicalness.

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

That pose is awesome - it's like The Sound of Music. (-:


Erin said...

Love the "advice", haha! I also think Bellanouva's turtle fart story is pretty funny, too!

Anonymous said...

Man your Dad has a lot of gray.

ae said...

You are a very wise woman;)

Sounds like y'all had a great Father's Day!

Baby Sister said...

Oh you crack me up. And your advice is classic. :)