Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Well, last week was quite the week around here, meteorologically speaking.  There was an earthquake AND a hurricane here in the northeast, in case there is anyone left out there unaware of our major weather events, in which case they must live under a rock or perhaps just the central/western parts of the country.

Luckily things didn’t get as bad as the meteorologists thought/hoped they might, and honestly it was kind of nice to just spend most of the weekend at home.  I only left the house three times, and that was to go to church and Sonic.  The math whizzes out there will realize that means I went to one of those places twice.  

It was not church.

Although we went to church on Saturday evening when the storm was picking up, so I’m really hoping that means we scored some heavenly bonus points.  And the priest started things off by saying how the Lord SHOWERS his blessings upon us, and I do enjoy weather related humor.

The local news stations were SO EXCITED about Hurricane Irene.  Their meteorological enthusiasm apparently warranted CONSTANT NEWS COVERAGE starting at 5 a.m. on Saturday, which I thought it was a bit unnecessary because it didn’t even starting raining until about 12 hours later.  That left them with a lot of air time to fill and I’m sad to say that things hit an all time low around 2 in the afternoon when the anchors on the local NBC station WENT THROUGH THE CONTENTS OF THEIR LUNCH BOXES ON AIR.  I am not kidding.

 At that point Emily decided to do something productive with her time and started crocheting, while I laid around on the couch in my pajamas and tried change lyrics to songs to fit the current weather conditions.  My best was changing Cascada’s “Evacuate the Dance Floor” to “Evacuate the Seashore.”  What can I say?  Hurricanes bring out my lyrical brilliance.

Emily rediscovered her crocheting supplies earlier in the afternoon while were taking everything off of the basement floor in case it flooded when the storm hit.  She taught herself to crochet a few years ago and has gotten pretty good at it, and even started making little gifts for others.  And by “others” I mean my mom, my grandmother, my aunts, several of her friends, her teachers, and her hairdresser's neighbor's cousin.  

Do you know who is missing from that list?  ME!

Over the course of Emily’s crocheting career, I have ordered about sixty seven items.  I've picked out scarf colors.  I’ve let her measure my ipod and various cell phones under the guise of a promised case.  I've gotten my hopes up time and time again, only to have them dashed.  For several years now my cell phone has been case-less and my neck has suffered through some very cold, scarf-less winters.

However, a little bit of guilt and a whole lot of boredom finally wore Emily down this weekend.  On Saturday night she came in my room to sleep on my floor (partially to up the HURRICANE RELATED DRAMA and also because she currently thinks I'm the greatest person ever.  Seriously.) and brought her crocheting with her.  She worked away while I read before bed.
I was lying there minding my own business when she THREW something at me.  Just chucked it right on over.  Under normal circumstances I would have reacted to an incoming projectile in a loud/probably immature manner, but not this time because IT WAS A CELL PHONE CASE.  MIRACLES DO HAPPEN.

As if that wasn't enough, the next day I was sitting on the couch and she came in and handed me something.


And here they are...

As you can see Emily is liberal with the whole concept of "measuring."   However, if my cell phone is every having a day where she is feeling tall and skinny, she will have an appropriate case.

So, all it took was an earthquake and a hurricane for Emily to make me a cell phone case.

Maybe someday if we have a volcano I'll finally get my scarf.


Mallory said...

Best line of the post (though I did laugh through the entire thing, as expected): "However, if my cell phone is every having a day where she is feeling tall and skinny, she will have an appropriate case." What a way to start the day. :)

GreenGirl said...

That's awesome!
When Katie told me she was pregnant with Sophie, I went out and got a ton of supplies to make little bean a blanket.
Sophie is two and a half and her blanket is the size of my pinky.
Maybe if Emily has time she can make Sophie a blanket and I will pay her to let me pass it off as my own creation...although there is no way Katie would believe it...

Lauren said...

seriously, what a crazy weather week for you guys...but I guess you did get a bonus out of it! cute cell phone case!

Nicole said...

I'm glad y'all are okay!! And your sister does a really good job! Those are so cute!

Morgan said...

Glad you are all safe! You are so right, the media just loves this sort of thing. They really do get all excited, haha. And that's an awesome cell phone case right there. I love handmade things!

Kristin said...

those covers look great!

Miss Amy said...

How sweet and thoughtful! I wish I could crochet. Very cool! :)

Stephanie said...

New stations love a good storm, don't they? They news stations here in the Great Northwest love to name our snow storms. Last year it was "Arctic Blast 2010". SO FUNNY!

Alana said...

haha your recap of the weekend news cracked me up! Glad you survived!

Baby Sister said...

Glad you stayed safe. And those cell phone cases are so cute!! The size differences had me laughing.