Wednesday, August 17, 2011

what's been going on

I took this picture of the hydrangeas in our front yard yesterday.  It POURED a few days this week, but this is a happy little side effect of all the rain.  :-)

We did have a break from the rain on Saturday though, and that was perfect because I was going tubing down the Delaware River, which is one of my top five favorite summer activities.  Actually, I don't have an official top five favorite summer activities list, but if I did, this would totally be on it.  There is a place along the river where you rent a tube, and ride a school bus several miles up the river and get dropped off.  Then you float back down!  

Matt and I went with a bunch of friends and once we arrived we had a blast. The key words are "once we arrived," because the day started off slowly due to some construction and a very tricky detour.  It seems no event in my life is free from driving related troubles.  The directions for the detour said to cross over the (teeny, tiny) bridge into New Jersey, then turn left and cross the next bridge back into Pennsylvania.  The directions failed to mention that the next bridge was about TWENTY SEVEN MILES AWAY.

There were three boys, three GPS systems, and three VERY STRONG OPINIONS, which resulted in us crossing that little bridge between New Jersey and Pennsylvania a grand total of four times.  After the third time I wanted to just get out of the car and swim across, sort of like when George Washington and his troops crossed the Delaware, except far less dramatic and not nearly as important to the future of our nation.

After our day on the river we went to Red Robin for dinner, where I was introduced to the concept of endless fries.  Brilliant.  And THEN, because we were on a serious mission to cram as much fun as possible into one day, we went bowling.  Which I was thrilled about because I've just been dying for an opportunity to showcase my less than mediocre bowling skillz.

Yesterday was my second to last day of class, and also happened to be my second to last day of being 22!  I actually thought last week was my final week of class, until I realized I had been a bit too enthusiastic in the calendar department and still had a week to go.  However, the rush hour commute last night was once in a lifetime.  I don't know where my fellow motorists were, but it wasn't westbound on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, that's for sure.  

At one point I went several miles without seeing another car, until a bright blue Mustang, who must have been boycotting speed limits and blinkers, came flying up the left lane.  You know how those wild Mustang drivers are.

Oh, I kid because my mother is also a member of the 'Stang Gang.  Actually I'm not totally sure what comes along with being a member of the 'Stang Gang, and if it's any true gang related activity I can assure you she's not involved in that.  She just drives a sweet Mustang around whilst FOLLOWING ALL THE RULES OF THE ROAD AND NEVER, EVER BREAKING THE LAW.

In addition to a light traffic night, I heard Party Rock Anthem on an unprecedented THREE RADIO STATIONS AT ONCE.  And then I heard Bottoms Up, and we all know there's nothing I enjoy more than a musical collaboration between Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj. 

I am actually quite fond of Nicki Minaj's song Super Bass.  The other afternoon Emily met her friends at the bookstore cafe to work on their summer math assignments, because they are sophisticated yet slightly nerdy.  I picked her up when she was finished, and when I arrived I texted her and said, "Hey Em, I'm in the parking lot.  Follow the sounds of Nicki Minaj."

When she got to the car she looked at me with a priceless look of an amusement and disgust and said, "Oh.  You weren't kidding." 

She does not like Super Bass.

Tonight was my very last day of class, and, of course, my very last day of being 22.  I have high hopes for the next year, but 23 seems like a much more mature age than 22.  When you're 22, I feel like you're still sort of a kid.  But 23?  Well to me that just screams maturity and adulthood and HEY LAURA, IT'S TIME TO GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER.

My dad just nodded in agreement as he read that last sentence.

Anyway, that's what's been going on around here.  Getting lost, eating french fries, enjoying summertime things.    

Happy Thursday!


A Cajun Belle said...

I so agree with you about 23 feeling more mature. I turn 23 in Jan & told my mom that I'm finally going to be an adult & she gave me the "......" look ha!!

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...


Jamie Lane said...

Happy birthday!!!

Lauren said...

happy early birthday!

Mallory said...

WOO HOO! I CAN COMMENT NOW! I'd say this was a great birthday present, except it's your birthday, so you giving me a birthday present wouldn't make much about I call this lovely comment my birthday present for you? Because I know just how valuable my ramblings are. Hahaha! Thanks for (finally!) changing it, Laura. I'm going to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY here, too, just because you deserve it! :-) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

GreenGirl said...

23...let me think...23 was my "lucky in love" year...I had two serious boyfriends while 23...THAT is when I knew what love was...
I must have been hot then...! Haha...
I need to look up those pictures...

Steph said...

23 is a good age to be.

Hope you have a very Happy Birthday!

Nicole said...

We just celebrated a friend's 23rd birthday... she said after 21 they just made her sad! Ha!

ae said...

Sounds like a great day! I really need to go tubing soon.

Happy Birthday!

Julianna said...

Ah! Happy birthday! I'm an August baby, too, but my birthday's not until next Saturday! :) Good to hear from you and LOVE the photo.

Baby Sister said...

So not fair that your hydrangeas look like that...our soil isn't acidic enough.

Happy Birthday!!

Jessica said...

totally agree with you on the 22/23 thing... I feel so much older being 23 for some reason..and I'll be 24 i dec and then I'll really feel weird! ha eeek

haha that's hilarious about your sister/follow the sounds of nicki minaj story! i love super bass!