Monday, February 20, 2012

and a happy presidents day to all

I haven't written on this little blog very much lately, and I miss it.

I think the problem is that I've been doing a WHOLE LOT of thinking at work lately (imagine!), and when I get home I just want to let my brain relax for an hour or seven.  And that relaxation usually comes in the form of reading a book or hanging out with Matt or watching reality tv with Michelle or going to Target and walking up and down every single aisle JUST BECAUSE I CAN.

And also, you never know when you may come across an item that you didn't even know existed before you arrived at Target, but once you see it there you purchase it because suddenly YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT IT.

That that rationale is responsible for making me the proud owner of an ice cube tray that makes ice specifically for water bottles and 20 individual servings of cilantro.  

I don't use cilantro EVER, so why I decided that I need TWENTY individual servings is really beyond me.  All I can say is that I lose the ability to distinguish need from want the second I walk through the doors of Target. 

Anyway, after I spend several hours relaxing, I get in bed at 11:00 and suddenly my brain is raring to go and I am thinking in story lines and paragraph organization and word choice and half of me wants to go to sleep and the other half of me wants to get out of bed and write something.

I'll be honest, the half that wants to go to sleep usually wins out because I am a girl who needs her 8 hours every night.  But sometimes I think that is the wrong decision.  As you can see, it is QUITE THE DILEMMA.

And now for something completely unrelated. 

I was using the oven yesterday, and as soon as I turned it on to preheat, I dragged a kitchen chair down the hall to disconnect the smoke detectors in a preemptive effort to save our eardrums from the inevitable beeping.

I decided to just leave the chair in my bedroom until I was finished using the oven and could put the smoke detectors back on.

While I sat on the couch and waited for my dinner to finish cooking, Michelle came into the kitchen.  She stood in front of our kitchen table and three chairs and exclaimed:

And then we laughed for ten minutes because WE ARE EACH OTHER'S BIGGEST FANS.

And also, what kind of robber would steal ONE KITCHEN CHAIR?

Happy Monday!


REBrown said...

Individual servings of cilantro is a good thing! I never know how much to use and end up using too much and everything tastes like soap.

allison said...

I feel less crazy knowing your smoke detectors also go wild for the oven preheating and cooking, even if nothing is ever close to burned.

Jas said...

You need to divide cilantro into servings? Normally I just buy a whole bunch and gnaw on the ends.

Baby Sister said...

I want that ice tray!!!! I must go to Target today...