Thursday, February 9, 2012

i hear the prius is nice

On Tuesday afternoon I get a text from Matt asking how things were going.  "Good," I told him.  "I left work a little while ago and now I'm trying to get gas."

He responded with one word.   


I informed him that I had been to THREE gas stations and still didn't have any gas in my car and was getting A WEE BIT FRUSTRATED.  And then, coincidentally and/or intentionally, he did not ask any follow up questions.  I think he saw a can of worms there and did not want to open it.

(Perhaps he didn't want to throw FUEL on a fire!)

((Oh, I am so witty.))

Well, the can is about to be opened.

When I was learning to drive, I remember my dad telling me that I should get my gas at Sunoco.  I can't say this with complete certainty, but I believe his loyalty to Sunoco has something to do with the fact that Sunoco doesn't drill for oil in the Middle East.  I think the oil comes from a place called the Pacific Rim.  I should probably google that to be sure, but googling is a slippery slope with me because one minute I'm researching oil drilling and the next I'm on checking for any updates in the life of Beyonce or seeing if perhaps Kate Middleton wore a new dress this week.

Also, my parents may/may not own stock in Sunoco.  I can't remember, but I always feel good when I support companies that they own stock in.  They also happen to own stock in McDonald's, which is especially beneficial when my car gets a mind of it's own and JUST DRIVE ITSELF TO MCDONALD'S and before I know it I'm sitting in the drive-thru waiting for a medium iced-caramel coffee with two creams, one sugar, and some whipped cream thankyouverymuch.  

And that teeny tiny feeling of McDonald's guilt that occasionally shows up is soon negated by the realization that not only am I enjoying a delicious treat, but also assisting my parents on their way to a luxurious retirement!


  Anyway, ever since my dad told me that Sunoco is his gas station recommendation, that is the only gas station I've ever used.  Because I am a rule-follower.  And I knew when I moved that I would have to find a Sunoco near my apartment to become my new "home station."  Turns out that there is a Sunoco conveniently located about a mile from my office and not far from my apartment. It even has flat screen TVs at each pump, which is a bonus because there's nothing like getting the day's news while standing at the gas pump.
The other afternoon when I was leaving work, my gas light came on.  I had an important errand to run, specifically I needed to swing by Target for some grown-up necessities like milk and medicine.

Okay, I really just needed nail polish.  And so I navigated Old Blue to Target so I could buy some nail polish.  Gas light blazing and priorities clearly in check. 

I knew I was risking getting stranded on the side of the road with no gas, but at least I would have been able to paint my nails a lovely shade of Fancy Delancy while I waited to be rescued.

Luckily my car started when I came out of Target, and I drove down a busy street that I knew had a bunch of stations.  I found a Getty and an Exxon right next to each other.  The price at the Exxon was about twenty cents lower, so I decided to go there because HELLO, I AM SO FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE. 

I pulled into Exxon and all of the pumps were open, which was surprising since the Exxon is on a busy road, and it was rush hour.  But still, SCORE.  I pulled up to a pump, got my wallet out, and turned the car off.  I walked over to the pump and as I went to slide my debit card, I noticed a sign on the screen informing me that the pumps were out of service.  

Upon further examination of the station, it became evident that the gas station was indeed completely abandoned.  


No wonder the price was so low.  IT WAS FROM 2009. 

I'm sure passersby got A KICK out of the girl trying to get gas at the abandoned gas station.   

I turned my car on and drove next door into the Getty parking lot, where I quickly realized that it was a full serve station with attendants at every pump.  I am not a fan of those stations.  I like to pump my own gas because it seems I have some sort of control issues when it comes to my car.

And it was goodbye, Getty.

My last resort was another Exxon a few stoplights away.  While this one was actually in operation, every single pump was occupied and I just left out of pure frustration.  BOTH MY CAR AND MY JOY WERE ON EMPTY.

I decided that I would just get up a little bit early the next morning and stop at my trusty Sunoco station on the way to work, where I could get both gas and the morning news all at once! 

When I walked into the apartment, Michelle asked how I was, and so I told her.  

"I just tried to get gas at THREE GAS STATIONS, and couldn't get gas at ANY of them!!"

And that's when Michelle said "Oh, did you go to that Luk Oil on the corner?!  I ALWAYS have trouble at that one!" 

And that is why Michelle and I are friends. 

And also why I am looking into electric cars.


Jessica and Stephan said...

That is HILARIOUS! Oh, I was laughing so hard while reading this!

Anonymous said...

North Sea, not Pacific Rim. But, that was years ago, don't know where they source now. Also, no stock, but the are the Fuel of Nascar.

Meredith said...

This made my morning. Seriously.

My dad told me to go to a particular gas station too--and then once I got married, I discovered that my husband also is a loyal patron of a DIFFERENT gas station, and hates the one my dad told me to use...that was quite a conundrum.

Denise said...

This post is hilarious! You are so witty :)

Baby Sister said...

I only go to one specific station too. Luckily I've not had any problems though. However, there was one time I ran out of gas and had to find some gas at work, which everyone told me was true gasoline. Well, a new gas pump and $5,000,000,000 later...come to find out it was diesel. :p Not cool.