Sunday, April 22, 2012

elegant emily

The weather was gorgeous last Sunday, so I called Emily and asked if she wanted to go for a walk in the woods with me.  When I arrived to pick her up, she came downstairs in a pink blouse, a long, flowing skirt and platform flip flops with pink sequin straps. 

Not really the look I was expecting.

I've known Emily for her entire life, and if there's one thing I've learned about her over the last sixteen years it is that if she has her mind set on something, NO ONE CAN CHANGE IT.

And on Sunday she had her mind set on that skirt and those flip flops.

And so I set off with my spiffy sidekick.  About ten minutes down the trail we started to walk down a slight incline.  And Emily started to regret her choice of footwear.
 It was a little dicey there for a few minutes but Em and her flip flops made it safely to the bottom of the hill.

Where we encountered this sign.
Turns out Emily was breaking every rule but number one.

But at least she looked like a movie star doing it.


Shelby said...

Oh goodness, this is too funny!

harmonysong said...

Ticks are SO bad this year in New England because our weather was so unseasonably warm! Ticks freak me OUT!

Beverly said...

LMAO at how she got it all wrong. She is too cute and funny.. hey you can never be too fashionable.. even on a Sunday hike!!

J and A said...

This looks fun! Love the walking outfit! New follower. :)

Jay said...

I don't think she realizes that there's basically a rule that you have to look completely terrible when you go hiking. I feel like I look awful while hiking, but at least it's not nearly as bad as I would if I followed the rules on that sign!