Thursday, July 5, 2012

some words and some pictures

Well, to say that the last few days have been filled with monumental events would be a drastic overstatement. However, that won't stop me from writing several hundred words about what I've done over the last forty eight hours.

It's what I do.

Let's start with Tuesday.  Old Blue was getting inspected so I borrowed my mom's car and became a temporary member of the 'Stang Gang.
 Let me tell you.  I could get in some CAPITAL T TROUBLE if I drove that Mustang every day, namely the type of trouble that comes from the combination of enthusiastic acceleration and local law enforcement.  As I told my dad when I returned the car, "You don't realize how fast you're actually going until you're going.........."  


He took the words right out of my mouth.

Matt came over that evening so we could attend the local fireworks show.  We had some time to kill between dinner and fireworks, so we went to the food store because Matt wanted to buy plums and also because, HELLO, WILD AND CRAZY!

Here is Matt shopping.  You are probably thinking, "Wow, look at Matt bringing a walking stick along to the food store!  Why didn't anyone tell him he wouldn't actually have to hike along the mountainside and harvest the raspberries himself?"
No, my friends, that's no walking stick.  That's six and a half feet of sugar cane.  Which you can purchase for just 99 cents and so PURCHASE WE DID.
It was so big that we (Matt) had to snap it in half to fit it into the car so it could come home with us.  When we got back to my apartment I started walking towards the front door before I realized that Matt had other plans.  Apparently cutting sugar cane is an outside job, and Matt just so happened to have some sort of knife/blade contraption in his trunk so he started to cut that sugar can right there in the parking lot. 

 I believe the words you're looking for are CLASSY and SOPHISTICATED.

Final verdict on the sugar cane is that I wasn't a huge fan.  You can't swallow it, so after you chew it for a little bit and you have to spit the rest out and HOW UNLADYLIKE.

The fireworks were at a park just a few blocks from my apartment, so around 8:45 we walked down to make sure we could get a good spot.  The fireworks were beautiful and definitely the closest that I have ever seen.  We ended up sitting near a police tent and if I had a dollar for every time I heard, "DEBRIS IN THE EYE! DEBRIS IN THE EYE!" over the walkie talkie I would be able to buy a whole forest of sugar cane. Nothing like a little Independence Day medical drama to keep things interesting.

On July 4th I went home and Emily and I went to a new frozen yogurt shop.

 Emily wins for most patriotic outfit.

  Here is the concoction I made for myself.  Vanilla yogurt with chocolate chips, blueberries, pretzels, Reese's, and hot fudge.  

And yes, there is bacon on there as well.  GOD BLESS AMERICA.

After we consumed 3529835779 calories we went for a walk along the creek and took some photos of ourselves.  Never leave home without a packet of tissues and your vanity, that's what I always say.

 After our stroll along the creek we came home and watched Enchanted which is one of MY FAVORITE MOVIES, EVER, and then ate paninis and pasta salad for dinner.

It was delicious.

If only there had been some bacon.  And some sugar cane for dessert.


Sarah said...

I am impressed that Matt knows the proper way of cutting sugar cane. I would have had no idea. I wouldn't put it past myself to try using it as a straw.

We found a frozen yogurt place here and it is the BEST thing that has happened because of this move. Unfortunately they don't have bacon.

GreenGirl said...

I was at the same fireworks. I swear I though it was on top of us. The first one went off and I ducked!

Amanda Anderson said...

Laura, I always love reading your posts. I basically piss my pants laughing at some of the things you come out with. Such as how unladylike it is to eat sugar cane and how you should never leave the house without tissues and your vanity. Baha! Epic comments! :)

My Mom and Dad once had a Supercharged Monte Carlo and they let me borrow it once. Needless to say, we're very similar. Fast cars = many attempts to flirt with the fat old doughnut-loving police officer asking "Ma'am, do you know how fast you were going?" Never good.

Have a good weekend, lovely! :) xoxo

Baby Sister said...

Ooooh, I would love to drive a mustang. Maybe one day when I'm rich. :) Thanks for the warning on the sugar cane!! Now I will know not to give in on the super amazing low deal.

Chelsea said...

Gosh sweet car!

Kristin said...

that creek is gorgeous!! And I have always loved mustangs but I could see the trouble it'd get me

Jay said...

Bacon on frozen yogurt! That sounds delicious. Have you tried the new bacon sundae from Burger King yet? I haven't yet, but I want to so badly.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I had no idea that you can't actually eat the sugar cane. Glad you had fun!