Thursday, September 13, 2012

being 24 is as glamorous as i dreamed it would be

You'll never guess what I bought after work yesterday.

A new bathrobe.

That's right.  I'm a girl who loves a good bathrobe, and I've had the same one for quite a while now.  It's warm and cozy, but not too heavy that it makes me hot.  It's soft but not fleecey, and it has two big pockets.

It's everything I could ever want in a bathrobe. 

And then this past Sunday I went into some sort of unexplained organizational frenzy, and threw away and donated a whole bunch of stuff.  Including my bathrobe.  Which was fine until I woke up on Monday morning and walked straight to my closet to get it, and it was gone.

I spent the better part of the day experiencing the opposite of buyer's remorse.

I knew I needed to get myself to the store TOOT SUITE to try to find a replacement, and finally went last night.  Sears didn't disappoint and I managed to find a new robe.  I think we will be very happy together.  You better believe that I came straight home and changed into my pj's and bathrobe right away.

Then I walked into the kitchen, opened the cabinet, and yelled to Michelle, "Hey, do you know how many ounces are in a shot glass?"

There's nothing like having a shot of vodka after you buy a new bathrobe, that's what I always say.

Actually I wasn't having a celebratory beverage at all, it was simply time for my nightly dosage of cold medicine and I inadvertently threw away the handy little cup that comes on top the night before. 

Clearly I need to be more careful before I toss things in the trash.

I'm happy to report that the shots of cold medicine I've been taking are doing their job, and after a few days of feeling VERY SUB PAR, I am now almost back to normal.  I even cooked myself dinner tonight and was cleaning up when Michelle walked in from work and announced that she was experiencing the worst headache of her entire life.  I was planning to go to the food store tonight anyway to get the essentials, AKA Triscuits and coffee creamer, and offered to pick up some Excedrin for her while I was there.

I went to the pain relief aisle first thing so I wouldn't forget because HORRIBLE ROOMMATE ALERT.  I stood there for ten minutes and didn't see any Excedrin.  I thought about going to ask the pharmacist but I knew it would be one of those situations where they would come out to show me where it was and I would feel like an idiot because OH, IT'S BEEN RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE THIS ENTIRE TIME AND FOR SOME REASON I DIDN'T SEE IT. 

But I finally caved and went to the counter.  When it was my turn I stepped up and said, "Hello, could you please tell me where the Excedrin is?"  

And then the pharmacist looked at me with a sympathetic expression and said, "Oh honey. Excedrin was recalled six months ago."

Which explains why I couldn't find it on the shelf.

 I settled for a generic bottle and came home and delivered it to Michelle.  And then I put on my bathrobe and took a shot of cold medicine.

And we watched House Hunters.

Just livin' the dream.


stephanie said...

bathrobe and house hunters? sounds like my kind of night!

Kirsten said...

Bathrobes are awesome.

House Hunters is fun.

House Hunters International (when they are in Europe) is GREAT!


Chelsea said...

Haha hilarious post! Hope that you had a wonderful birthday!

Hilary Lane said...

What???? Excedrin recalled? That stuff was amazing! :-(

Meredith said...

Dude. I feel you on the bath robe. I've had an actual terry cloth robe TOWEL that I've used post-showers for years. Like...too many years. But (a) it is awesome and (b) I haven't seen anything like it in the stores lately to replace it with.

And maybe also (c) I'm cheap, and don't love spending fun money on stuff like towels until there's NO OTHER OPTION.

Enjoy your robe!

Baby Sister said...

Now that you say that, I remember that Excedrin was recalled...that makes me want to start hoarding!!