Monday, September 3, 2012

i love having mondays off

When I was in elementary school, I loved to go to school on rainy days.  A rainy day meant I would carry my umbrella (pink, with pictures of tiny umbrellas ON IT, HOW CLEVER) to school and wear my navy blue uniform cardigan with my plaid jumper.  It meant the classroom was a little darker and a little cozier, and we would stay inside at recess time and color or do puzzles or play Heads Up, Seven Up.  It meant we would run from the school bus to the front door after school and when we got inside, we would skip after school outfits and change right from our uniforms to our pajamas. 

When I woke up this morning and saw that it was dark and pouring rain outside, I smiled.  I love warm, sunny days, but sometimes you just need a good rainy day.

: : : : : : : : : : : :

It wasn't raining on Thursday which worked out perfectly because I had a dinner date with my brother and sister and the sunny sky meant that we could eat outside.  Emily's favorite appetizer is fried macaroni, and since we were eating at the Cheesecake Factory and they have it on the menu, we encouraged her to order it.  She did, and please take a gander at that plate of deliciousness.  We ate every. morsel.

 When it was time to order dinner, the waitress went around the table and took my order for chicken, Phil's for a burger, and Emily's for the fried macaroni and cheese burger, which is basically a regular burger with one of those fried mac 'n cheese balls on top.  

It's really a shame that Emily is so health conscious.  I wish she'd let loose and eat some junk food once in a while.

After dinner I logged into facebook and look at what greeted me.  Two suggestions for "Pages I May Like" -- Catholic Memes and Wedding Crashers.  Those two things couldn't be more different.  CAN'T PUT ME IN A BOX.

 On Friday night Matt and I had plans to go out with some friends in the city, but we ate dinner first.  I was wearing cute white shorts that I had even IRONED.  Well, guess who spilled vodka sauce on her shorts at dinner.

This girl.

And that is how I ended up washing my shorts in the sink and then drying them with my hair dryer at 9:30 on Friday night.

It's all pretty glamorous around here.

After my shorts were dry, we headed into the city.  Matt drove, and since he works downtown we parked in the parking garage of his office building.  It's in the historic section of the city, which meant that we walked right by the Liberty Bell on our way to the bar, which isn't a sentence you hear every day.

We had a fun night even though I made the mistake of wearing sandals and had one foot crushed by a very large man and an unidentified liquid spilled on the other.  Next time I am wearing work boots.  We called it quits around 1:00 and trekked back to the parking garage.  We drove down to the little booth and -- PROBLEM -- the man inside, THE GATEKEEPER, was sound asleep.

We were stuck. 

We just stared in silence for a few seconds and then Matt looked at me and whispered, "What do I do?"

Luckily the man awoke after a minute or two and released us from the garage.

Last night I cooked salmon for dinner.



After  the delicious dinner Matt and I rented 21 Jump Street.  We have very sophisticated cinematic taste.  Matt is diabetic and halfway through his blood sugar went way low.  He stood up to go into the kitchen in search of some carbs and asked, "Which cabinet is your bread in?"

Funny thing.  I don't buy bread.

I also did not have any sugary juice that would have helped him in his moment of need, so he drove up the street to the food store.  He came home with a loaf of bread and apple juice, and these...
He knows me so well.

Happy Monday!


Delaney said...

Sounds like a good weekend!

Erin @ Sassin' Southern Style said...

What?! No carbs in your house?! Next time Matt falls into a bit of the hypoglycemia, send him to my house and he'll pass out not from low sugar levels, but the sheer amount of options.

Kelsey Higgins said...

Those macaroni and cheese balls look CRAZY good. Definitely getting that the next time I go there! And a friend of mine has the same problem (diabetes and frequent haver-of-low-blood-sugar) so once I bought a giant bag (5lb jokes) of Hershey Kisses and I keep it in the drawer in my kitchen so he can pound some of them in case of emergency!! :)

Baby Sister said...

You don't buy bread?? I don't know that I could survive...

Britt said...

chips deluxe cookies are my favv!

Corals Country said...

BAM! You've been nominated by yours truly for The Versatile Blogger Award! :)

Go here for more info!

Happy Blogging! : )

Corals Country said...

BAM! You've been nominated by yours truly for The Versatile Blogger Award! :)

Go here for more info!

Happy Blogging! : )

Chelsea said...

You guys are such a cute couple! I love having Mondays off too!

Liz Brown said...

Sometimes diabetics are nice to have around, aren't they? :) Its bad I know. But quite true.

Kristin said...

fried mac balls from chz cake factory are the best!!!