Monday, October 15, 2012

a lesson on scarves and parking lots

Matt and I had plans to go out to dinner in the city with some friends on Friday night.  Matt works in the city, but since he is finished work at 5 and our dinner reservation wasn't until 8:00, he decided to take the train to my town and hang out at my apartment until it was time to head back in.

 The train station is less than a mile from my apartment, but I never drive down that way at rush hour and had no idea how congested the traffic would be. It took me eight minutes to make one left turn.  To make matters worse, all I had eaten on Friday was a banana that had seen better days and some pumpkin gumdrops.  Listen, I'm not proud.  Anyway, my famished state plus ALL THE TRAFFIC was a recipe for disaster in the form of ONE REALLY BAD MOOD.

I finally made that left turn and pulled into the parking lot to wait for Matt's train.  And wait and wait.  And wait.  Eventually it occurred to me that I was parked on the outbound side.  Which would have been fine except Matt was waiting for me on the inbound side.

I switched lots and found Matt and executed a rolling stop while he jumped in the car.  He could tell right away that I was in a really bad mood.  Probably because I said, "HELLO.  I'M IN A REALLY BAD MOOD."

The car was very quiet for a few minutes as I concentrated on feeling sorry for myself and Matt weighed the pros and cons of abandoning ship and getting back on the train.  As we sat at a red light I heard a sound coming from the passenger seat that sounded like Matt was blowing bubbles through a straw.  

I stared straight ahead. 

The bubbling got louder. 

Finally I caved and turned to look at him.

And there was Matt, in his shirt and tie with his fancy briefcase at his feet, holding a water bottle and gargling.  


My bad mood was gone after that and we had a great time at dinner.  It was Restaurant Week in Philadelphia, which means that several fancy restaurants have a special menu and you can get three courses for just $30.  It's a good deal and kind of balances out the fact that I ordered a fourteen dollar martini.  

For dinner I had caesar salad and filet mignon and sauteed mushrooms and creme brulee.  It was delicious and we all ate until we couldn't eat another bite.

Except Matt.  Because after dinner we stopped at a bar and he promptly ordered a beer and a giant tub of crab fries with hot cheese dipping sauce.  

Nothing like a little dessert, that's what I always say.

Saturday night's plan originally included the movies, but at the last minute I said to Michelle, "Matt wants to go somewhere haunted tonight" and she looked at me and exclaimed "YOU'VE READ MY MIND."  And so we went to a haunted hayride, motel, and corn maze with Michelle and her boyfriend.

The weather was chilly and Michelle and I decided to wear scarves so we would be warm while we waited and also fashion forward.  Here's a photo of Matt and me before the hayride.  Please note my scarf.

As we handed in our tickets for the haunted house, Michelle's boyfriend said to the ticket taker, "Tell the people inside that these two girls are really scared."  And the guy looked at us and said, "They've already given themselves away. Look at them.  They're wearing SCARVES at a haunted house."

I will be honest with you - the haunted house was so scary that I thought I might physically get sick.  And when that was over we went through the haunted corn maze, which about pushed me over the edge.  Matt dropped me off around midnight and I proceeded to lay in bed and watch 48 Hours: Hard Evidence, because I AM A GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT. 

On Sunday Emily had a school event and both of my parents were busy, so I was in charge of getting her there.  She had to be at school at 12:30, so I walked into the house at 12:00 to pick her up and she said, "Oh hey Laura, I'm just making some biscuits."

Nothing like making biscuits when you're in a time crunch.

Luckily they were done a few minutes later and we got in my car and Emily drove to school.

That's right.


I know. 

I can hardly believe it myself.  

She told me she's taking the driving test in a month or two and I know what you're probably thinking.  I should teach her the difference between the inbound and outbound parking lots before she has to pick a future boyfriend up at the train station.

I'm on it.


Chelsea said...

Wow, that haunted house sounds really crazy!

Baby Sister said...

Lol. You crack me up!!

Helene said...

haha I love your description of what you ate: banana that had seen better days and some pumpkin gumdrops
And I am terrified of haunted houses- I went once with my boyfriend now husband and I will never go again.

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Sarah said...

Girl you were hangry (hungry + angry = the worst possible thing ever). I get hangry often and it is NOT pretty. So sorry hubs!

I am not a fan of being scared either, you are braver than I!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

It sounds like despite the chaos it ended up being an awesome night! The haunted house does sound scary!!

Cait the Arty Runnerchick said...

awww, that's so cute that Matt could totally kick ur bad mood. laughing at things always helps me, even if it's more just laughing at how ridiculously terrible a situation might be.
glad u had an awesome night and dessert ALWAYS makes things better too. :)

Amy said...

i HATE scary things...i know the point is to scare you, but i get so flippin' scared i can't even concentrate for a while!
I know the feeling!
AND i also know the feeling of being in a bad mood that just keeps getting worse. :(