Tuesday, February 12, 2013

just your typical happenings

At some point last week the volume on my television stopped working.  The picture was as clear as it gets on an old fashioned 19 inch television, but all I could hear was static.  I decided that when I got home from work on Friday night I was going to fix that tv.  

What that actually came down to was me employing the only real strategy I have to fix anything electronic, which is to turn it off and on repeatedly and then hit and any and all buttons in a somewhat wild fashion.  

I was about five minutes into working my technological magic when I heard a hallelujah chorus.

Just kidding.  What I heard was Alex Trebek's voice, which was equally exciting given the circumstance.

Unfortunately it appears that in the midst of my wild button pushing I unintentionally changed the language setting on the tv.  And now that it's changed, I cannot change it back because I do not read French.
That's okay though.  I may have lost a battle, but I won the war.  

Or, the guerre.

I spent the remainder of Friday evening preparing for what the meteorologists convinced me was going to be A MAJOR WINTER WEATHER EVENT.  And by preparing I mean I bought a bottle of chocolate wine, ate Mexican food with Matt, and was asleep by 10:30.

I woke up on Saturday morning to see less than an inch of snow on the grass.  COLOR ME DISAPPOINTED.  Since the roads were completely clear, I joined Matt, his roommate, and his roommate's girlfriend for an afternoon of errands.  

First on the list was haircuts for the boys.  Imagine my surprise when we pulled up to a pale yellow building with at least a hundred plastic flowers in a garden out front and a giant sign that said ELEGANCE HAIR SALON.

Just when you think you know your boyfriend, you find out he gets his hair cut at Elegance Hair Salon by a lovely elderly woman with a thick Korean accent named Edith.  

Although I must say his new haircut makes him look very handsome.

Well done Edith, well done.

After that little experience we went to the bank and the food store and eventually ended up back at Matt's apartment with some frozen pizzas and a box of brownies.  While the boys unpacked the groceries I discovered a Valentine's movie marathon on TV.  


The Back Up Plan starring Jennifer Lopez was just starting, and while I knew we had seen that movie already, I was hoping Matt would forget because I highly doubted that was a movie he'd want to watch twice.  My hopes were crushed when he sat down and said, "I think we've seen this movie already."

We watched anyway (he's a keeper) and it was your typical romantic comedy - totally predictable (especially since it was our second viewing) and funny, but the funniest part came about three quarters of the way through when Matt pointed to J-Lo and said, "Is that lady Beyonce?" 

What can I say? I'm dating a total pop culture junkie.

Monday was unremarkable other than the fact that I made myself a delicious soup from scratch for dinner.  The downside was that when I was ladling the boiling soup from the pot into my bowl, I missed the bowl and burned my finger.  

I spent the rest of the evening with a bag of frozen green beans on my hand.  

We were out of peas.

I'm happy to report that I recovered from my very minor injury beautifully, which was a relief because today was Fat Tuesday and I didn't want an unfortunate injury to interfere with my donut consumption.

It didn't. 

And all four donuts were delicious.



Baby Sister said...

Lol. Well, at least you can brush up on your French I guess. :) I'm glad your finger recovered. We can't have anything get in the way of donuts!! :)

Chloe said...

I just died. You are too funny! Is le television still in French?? At least you can find the humor.

Sara Louise said...

"Is that lady Beyonce?" = awesome.
Since I live in France, I'm going to turn my tv on and off and wildly hit the buttons in hopes that Alex Trebek appears on the screen in English :)

Joy said...

Ha! I love this... and the fact that your man gets his hair cut at a place called Elegance. =) like I told my Mr, as long as it looks good on you, I don't care where you get it cut! lol Hope your finger is better, and I'm jealous of the donut consumption.

Robin said...

This post was so funny...I hope that isn't offensive...but the way you wrote it was amusing. :)

Stephanie Marie said...

You had me at chocolate wine. So happy I found your blog! - Your newest follower, Stephanie @ Seven Days & Sunny

Ashley Barnhill said...

Oh no! A TV in French... I wouldn't know what to do, ha! I'm always worried I'm going to accidently change the language on my phone and then be screwed, ha.

Victoria said...

Love your Matt stories! Beyonce and Edith....lol! Glad you missed out on Nemo! Some of the people in New England are JUST getting their power back. I definitely don't envy them! I've felt guilty about every bit of hear, light, and hot shower I've enjoyed lately.

Anyway...You've been having so much fun enjoying the simple things! Makes me happy to read about. :)

Tamara said...

That Beyonce comment is so great! My husband has no pop culture reference whatsoever, so I'm constantly having to explain things to him. It's hilarious and completely exhausting. The other day we were watching American Idol and he was like "I don't know any of these people". I had to explain Nicki, Mariah and Keith to him.

And after all was said and done he was like "Oh, don't care" and walked away.


Corinne said...

Oh my gosh I'm so sorry but I laughed so hard when you said your TV now is in French. Your version of fixing something electronic is the exact same way I fix things. And it always finds someway to backfire.

Jordan said...

"Is that Beyonce?" KILLED ME.

Amy said...

"is that lady beyonce" hahaha amazing! :)
Sounds like a fantastic time, hair cuts, frozen pizza & brownies, romantic comedy movies, and home made soup (minus finger burning!)

Rachel said...

Haha I seriously love your style of writing. This post is hilarious. And we are kindred souls when it comes to trying to fix the TV - I just close my eyes and start pushing every random button my fingers can find. It totally works, though!

JanM ♥ said...

Donuts. I want donuts. This is all your fault. LOL

I didn't know there was a Valentine's movie marathon last weekend! I'd take those movies anytime. LOL

I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested. :)

Sarah and Stewart said...

"Turn it off and on repeatedly and then hit and any and all buttons in a somewhat wild fashion." -- This is totally my way of fixing broken technology, too. It's usually successful. :-)

Susannah said...

You're definitely just going to have to learn French now. ;-)

Ashley from The Kitchen-Sink Chronicles said...

I spent Saturday night watching romantic comedies as well!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

hahaha! Two donuts for me yesterday.

My husband used to have an old Korean lady named Ann cut his hair. I was shocked as hell when I discovered that.

Riza said...

Hope all is well with you dear:-)
Pour L' Instant

agalandherdog said...

Haha! You are too funny!

Staci said...

Hahahaha I love the French Jeopardy part. You are going to be so smart!

Anonymous said...

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Laura @ Chaotic Domestic said...

Love that he mistook JLo for Beyonce. At least he recognized it was a singer/actress.
How is the Backup Plan? Must be pretty good if you wanted to watch it twice. I haven't seen it yet and should maybe add it to my netflix queue.

Amanda* said...

My TV broke last week, too! But mine is still not fixed! :(

Janna Renee said...

Congrats on fixing the tv!! Maybe you can learn French from reading the tv ;) My hubby is going to a random little Korean lady for his hair too now! Apparently they know what they are doing. Haha

Kat@shop.school.sleep. said...

haha my husband says that all the time, "we've already seen this move" and then I explain that I love said movie and must watch it!! haha boys are funny!!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

It is always nice to be surprised by your significant other..even if it is by his lack of barber shop :)

aki! said...

Haha. Your writing is adorable.

My dad and little brother get their hair cut at a place just like that.

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Anne said...

HAHA, I was watching Downton Abbey and my boyfriend Gilbert shouts out, "that redheaded girl is in Game of Thrones, she tried to get it on with John Snow!" He then watched a few minutes, decided her character wasn't as interesting as it was on GOT, and left the room.