we also laughed. A LOT.

Last Friday afternoon my parents, Emily, my grandmother and I piled into the car and set off for Virginia to visit some family for the weekend.  As we were approaching the toll booths at the turnpike entrance, my mom turned around and joked, "Well, I hope anyone didn't forget anything! Like their toothbrush!"

And Emily said, "Whoops.  I forgot my toothbrush."

And that's when we added a stop at CVS to the itinerary.

We left Philadelphia at 3:00, which put us right outside of Washington D.C. at rush hour.  Do you know where you don't want to be on Friday at rush hour? Outside of Washington D.C.  We found ourselves in a forty mile bumper to bumper backup that solidified my decision to never, ever get a job that requires commuting into Washington D.C. 

Eventually, and I DO MEAN EVENTUALLY, the road opened up a bit and we reached our destination (after our CVS/toothbrush pit stop) around 9:00. 
 On Saturday we slept late, had a big breakfast, went to the movies, and had a big dinner.  So basically it was my dream day.

 We also played with my aunt's very cute three legged dog named Molly.

On Sunday we woke up a bit earlier and went to Mass at a monastery.  Emily and I took a photo of ourselves on the drive over because we are very humble.
My fantastic eyes in this photo are brought to you by my great aunt's eyeliner.  I realized on Saturday morning that I had forgotten to pack mine and you can imagine the histrionics that followed.  I love nothing more than some good fabricated drama.  Luckily my aunt had some eyeliner that she wasn't using and the weekend was saved.

After church we went to brunch at Mimi's where I discovered the wonder that is eggs benedict florentine, a much fancier alternative to my typical daily breakfast of an Oreo dipped in peanut butter and half a cup of coffee. 

 We relaxed for a little while on Sunday afternoon before going to my great aunt and uncle's house for dinner and the Super Bowl.  I didn't even know who was playing until about two hours before kickoff, but once the score became close I got incredible joy out of saying "Ladies and gentleman, we have ourselves a football game" over and over because I am a riot.

 On Monday morning we packed the car and all I have to say is it's a real shame my family doesn't like Vera Bradley.
 We stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch on the way home because it's not a trip if it doesn't end with fried chicken and dumplings.

...and a self portrait photo shoot.
 ...and an impressive display of maturity.



Shelley said…
Looks like a good time!!
Mrs JK said…
Hahaha, love the self portait shots! Sounds like a fun weekend. Molly is SOOOOOO cute!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog Laura.x
Chloe said…
What a cute puppy! And I love the last picture. Immaturity is the best!
stephanie said…
yeah welllll last time i went anywhere, i completely forgot clean underwear. so i had to make a target stop. :)
I'd never survive that kind of traffic!
Krista said…
Road trips are a blast :)
Amy said…
that last picture=golden!
I've heard about traffic in DC...no thank you, i don't think i'd ever want to experience that...i'd loose my patience!
Kelly said…
Looks like you had a lot of fun on your road trip! I'm really craving Cracker Barrel fried chicken and dumplings right now thank you! lol
That drive outside DC sounds terrible! Oh and now I have a desperate craving for eggs benedict... thanks! Must add that to my list of "things to do" this weekend.
Jessica Gehman said…
That drive is the PITS. 99% of the time I decide it is worth it to burn the vacation day and drive down mid-morning on a Friday. Getting on 95S in DE usually saves me a bunch of time, but once you're stuck staring at the big white temple in DC and are so sick of 95, there is no cure for the insanity. End Rant :)
Katie said…
looks like such a great trip!! except the traffic part at the beginning!
hahaha!! love the last pictures. so funny!! And of course someone always forgets the little things...toothbrushes are a pain!! and the doggy is too cute!!
Faith said…
Hehe, this really sounds like a great time! Love the pictures!!
Shay said…
I am a dental hygienist and wouldn't you know- I never remember my toothbrush! ha. LOVE that last photo!
Baby Sister said…
Hahaha. Looks like a very fun weekend. :) I hope I never have to live outside Washington DC too. No thank you!!