the heat is on


I am currently conducting a little Monday night science experiment.  

And that experiment is called "Using High Efficiency Detergent in a Normal Efficiency Washing Machine."  I'm fairly confident that everything will be fine thanks to some investigatory googling I did before I turned it on, but if things don't work out I can always just call the maintenance department.

Since my life is apparently not complete without at least one maintenance call per week.

I had to call maintenance yesterday morning because OUR HEAT BROKE.  


I should have known something was wrong on Saturday afternoon when Matt asked for a blanket, since I have seen Matt chilly approximately ZERO times in my entire life.  He is always hot.  

I didn't think again about the heat, OR LACK THEROF, until about 2 a.m. when I woke up shivering.  It was 58 degrees in the apartment. 

So I marched myself to the leasing office bright and early the next morning to request some maintenance assistance.  And half an hour later my friend Marv the maintenance man showed up at my door to tell me a heat sensor was malfunctioning and that the boiler was only half firing.

I don't know what that means in the technical sense, but I do know you don't want either of those things to happen in the middle of February in Pennsylvania.

Long story not short at all, there is heat in my apartment once again.

Last but not least some pictures of my happy Valentine's day...

{work treats}
 {flowers from Matt}
{dinner Matt cooked}
{my Valentine}



Robin said…
Those flowers are beautiful. I'm glad you have heat in your place again. I live in the South, but it can get quite cold during some years.
agalandherdog said…
I think HE detergent has less suds than normal, so you should be good. Looks like a great Valentine's Day!
Jessica said…
Ugh, that sucks! I once had my heater break in the dead of winter when I was stationed in Illinois. It wasn't a good time at all....And I love that you used a mason jar as a vase. I use them for everything! -Jessica L
That dinner looks sooooo delicious!
love the photos :) and hope your boiler gets sorted
Sara Louise said…
What a sweet Valentines!
And a broken heater in the middle of February is no good at all. Thank heavens for Marv! :)
My heat going out is one of my worst fears... I'm always cold!
Katrin said…
There is something wrong with our heater too. It keeps kicking of which is very annoying. I need a warm house. :) They are fixing it right now. Hopefully!
You know what's sad? If I accidentally forget to open my bedroom door during the day my bedroom gets down to about 58 degrees. It's AWFUL.

Glad your heat is back!
Abbey said…
Thank goodness for Marv.
Haha this cracks me up. I've always wondered about the laundry detergent as well. Let us know how it works out.

And that is horrible about the heat. Glad it is back on!
Ashley said…
Oh man the heat breaking? That's no fun. We didn't even turn our heat on until a few weeks ago. Too cheap haha.

Love the pictures!!

How did the HE Detergent in the washer go?
Kelly said…
Glad to hear you have heat again!

That dinner that Matt cooked looks amazing! Props to him!
Baby Sister said…
Brr!! That would not be fun. I was living in Vegas once (when it was still cold there) and our water heater went out. That was AWFUL!!

I'm glad you had a nice Valentine's Day. That dinner looks super nummy. :)
Ok you guys really do call maintenance a lot, LOL! Thank gawd for Marv! Super cute Vday pics. :-)
So glad you have heat again! I would die in 58 degrees!!
MintedPlus said…
I like that you and Marv are on a first name basis. LOL

I just closed my old blog and opened a new one. I was following like 250+ blogs on the old one and how in the world was one of them not yours?!

I love your layout!
oh lord no heat - that would drive me crazy - i had issues with mine at 1 point - i still gotta call the plumber to see what went wrong ..

PS pass it along - giveaway going on at my blog :o)
Brani Laine said…
I just love your blog! Sooo cute! Isn't being in love the BEST?!

Dang 58 degrees? That's a chilly night! This coming from an always freezing cheapskate -- we keep our heat @ 68 degrees in winter because propane is expensive darn it! Glad it's fixed :)
jackie jade said…
fun weekend! besides waking up to your apt being 58 degrees ha. but that's good your maintenance guy got it fixed for you!
Eeewwww, the heat broke in winter??? Worst ever!!! Glad it's back though.

Siri Natalia said…
Valentine's Day looks fun! :) It's such a fun day!
Marina said…
Wow, Mat did a great dinner :) Yum!
Elsha said…
I call the maintenance guys about once a week as well:) it must not work so well if I can break it so easily right?
Kristin said…
Matt picked out pretty roses!