this time, my car trouble involved law enforcement

Well, now that this Monday is just about over, I can officially say that it was better than the last one. 

Last Monday morning, I woke up feeling pretty lousy.  I stayed in bed for an extra half hour and had a surprisingly involved internal debate with myself about whether or not to take a sick day.  In the end I decided that I’d feel better once I got moving and I had a lot to get done (you win, work ethic) so I made myself get up and go into the office. 

Which turned out to be the wrong decision.

On my way to work, while I was driving along a VERY BUSY HIGHWAY, I saw large pieces of metal bouncing around the lanes ahead of me, and before I knew it, I felt something hit my tire.  I knew right away that it was a pretty forceful impact, and ten seconds later my low tire pressure light lit up and an alarm started dinging.
I pulled onto the shoulder and hopped out to take a look at my tires and see if I could make it to the next exit, since it was just a mile away and, you know, being in a disabled vehicle on the side of a three lane highway during rush hour is not the most ideal situation.  Unfortunately, my right tire was already COMPLETELY flat, so I got back in the car and called my BFFs over at roadside assistance to tell them, HEY, IT’S ME AGAIN WITH YET ANOTHER CAR PROBLEM.

I honestly feel like I should invite the roadside assistance operator over for dinner, I talk to her so often.

I looked around while I dialed the insurance company, and I counted at least ten other cars and trucks pulled over with flat tires.  Evidently I was not the only one who fell victim to the metal debris in the road.  And a few minutes later, I saw cop lights in my rear view mirror.  Normally that sight would fill me with dread, but in that moment I stopped just short of hanging my head out of the window and screaming PLEASE OFFICER, PICK ME.  

The state trooper came to my window and when I told him that roadside assistance gave me an estimate of an hour before they would arrive, he rolled up his sleeves and changed my flat tire for me.

I could have kissed him.

Once I was all set, I rolled very slowly to the nearest auto part store and bought myself two new tires and an alignment. Which brings the current total for Matt and me to EIGHT new tires in eight months of marriage.

This week, we are going shopping for bikes.

Or personal chauffeurs.


P!nky said…
So sorry about the car problems :(
I cannot believe another tire incident for you guys! UGH! Hopefully eight is the magic number to make the replacements stop.
Amie said…
I work at a police department so believe me when I say you should have kissed him for doing that!! I don't see that happen often around here, I certainly think they should though :)
Sarah said…
oh my gosh, you and cars... at least he did pick you and you got your tired changed. Yes you probably should have just stayed home, that work ethic cost you money, LOL.
Uh, terrible luck with car issues! Glad to hear your are safe and that you got some help!

~Ashley @ A Cute Angle
Brittany said…
This is unbelievable. You truly have horrible car luck, except for the fact that the cop chose you to help, of course. What a saint.
Bekah Bruce said…
Oh my gosh! How terrible is that!! Bless that sweet police officer!! I think someone should have bought you that new tire though. Just saying! :)
MakeMeUpMia said…
Oh my gosh, that really stinks! So nice of the officer to help you like that though :) Hope your tire luck improves!
Traci said…
Yikes! I keep saying that I don't understand why we don't have flying cars like they did in the Jetson's. Everything else they had has become a reality. Wait, are you old enough to remember the Jetson's?
Becky said…
Okay I think you've surpassed your car trouble quota for the year!! Hoping you don't have any more problems anytime soon!!!
Jamie said…
So glad the cop helped you!
Emily said…
That was really sweet of the officer! Sorry to hear about your car!
Jen said…
Oh no! 8 tires in 8 months! Here's to hoping your luck improves. That stinks that so many people were getting flat tires. Sounds like a busy day for that cop, but glad he was around to help!
What a nice police officer! But wow - what bad luck that y'all have with tires! Hopefully eight is the magic number and it will be a long time before you need new tires again!
Baby Sister said…
Good grief!! What is with you and tires?? I'm glad you had a nice cop who helped you....but wow, I hope this is the last of your tire problems. Because right now the bike idea is sounding really good, but I would choose the the chauffeur, personally.
Edward Taylor said…
Laura, you are hilarious! I constantly wonder if driving is worth it when you have to worry about (usually accidentally) breaking some law that could attract the wrong type of attention. It definitely pays to keep little things like tail-lights properly maintained as well. If you don't give them a reason to isolate you, they'll pick someone being even less responsible than you!

Edward Taylor @ Niguel Auto