Wednesday, July 8, 2015

at least i know pat sajak's name

Yesterday morning I had a meeting at Panera and I ordered an iced coffee.  I haven't been drinking coffee recently and the reason is twofold.

First, thanks to Dunkin' Donuts' irresistible summer promotion, every single morning from April 20th through June 20th I treated myself to a large iced coffee with a double shot of caramel, cream, and sugar.  I thought it might be a good idea to take a little break from beginning my day with a giant cup of sugar.

Second, I had a bottle of Chips Ahoy flavored creamer in the fridge that I planned to reserve for weekends only.  I decided Sunday morning that I'd love nothing more than a nice hot mug of coffee and I pulled the creamer out of the fridge only to discover there was about a tablespoon left.

Evidently someone had been drinking the creamer and also drizzling it on the occasional bowl of ice cream.

I won't name names, but there's only two people who live here and it was not me.

So, I got a big cup of iced coffee yesterday and I don't know if it was the fact that I hadn't had coffee in a few weeks, or that Panera includes some sort of illegal substance in their beverages, but by the time I arrived at the office at 1:30, I was KEYED UP.

I share an office with one of the attorneys I work with because my life is very glamorous.

Speaking of glamorous offices, Matt's company moved to a new office downtown and this is his view.

 His company occupies ten stories in the building and on the first level they have their VERY OWN BISTRO.

Do you know what's on the first floor of my building?

The coroner.

Anyway, by about 3:30 my energy and I had shredded seven boxes of paper, jammed the copy machine, sent about forty six emails, re-recorded my voicemail greeting, and checked the mailbox four times.

I also responded to my emails out loud by talking to my computer, which is fine when I work from home but I guess it wasn't pleasant for my office mate because when we were packing up our laptops I said to him, "I just wish that for one day, ONE DAY, I could say what I really think."

And he said, "Let me know what day that is, I might want to take off."

I thought I'd calmed down by last evening, but when we were making dinner I heard Matt say something about Alex and the last names of the feuding families in Romeo and Juliet and I said, "ALEX?  WHAT DOES ALEX HAVE TO DO WITH ROMEO AND JULIET?  WHAT WAS ROMEO'S LAST NAME ANYWAY?  I CAN'T REMEMBER.  AND WHY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ALEX AND WHAT DOES SHE HAVE TO DO WITH SHAKESPEARE?" 

Because I thought he was talking about my brother's wife, Alex.

And then I saw Jeopardy was on TV.

And I proceeded to laugh because the host's name isn't Alex it's ALEC.

Matt and I like to have World News Tonight on while we get dinner ready, partly because we like to be caught up on all current events and partly because Matt loves to call David Muir "David MEEEE-UIR."

After David Meeeeeuir was over tonight, I heard, "...and now, here is the host of Jeopardy, Alex Trebek."


With an X.

I glanced at Matt but didn't say anything in case he hadn't heard, but he smiled with satisfaction and said, "You know, I was pretty sure last night that it was Alex, not Alec.  But I didn't think it was a good night to debate it."

He was right about both things.

Tomorrow, I'll be drinking herbal tea.


Robin said...

I am tempted to try putting creamer on ice cream now.

Alana Livingston said...

Haha wow that coffee did do crazy things to you! Lol. I will stay away from panera! And holy cow, his new office is amazing!!

Danielle said...

I feel you. It's so disappointing when people use your stuff and then when you want to use it its gone!! It would be better if they just let you know they have been using it and there is only a little left!! :)


Amanda Klein said...

Lol. Love this. I need the crying/laughing emoji here!

alyssa said...

I just went into a massive tailspin thinking about whether I referred to him in my head as Alex or Alec, and then I somehow had to bring Alec Baldwin into the internal conversation, and now I think I need a nap. (P.S., Romeo's last name is Montague :))

Brittany said...

This is so bizarre because my fiance always calls him Alec, too! I corrected him long ago and now he just does it to spite me. Jeopardy is a mainstay in our apartment.

Victoria said...

lol!!!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!! I really enjoyed reading through this post even though I had NO IDEA where it was going! :)

You had me second guessing myself with the Alec vs. Alex thing!

Let me know how the tea goes!!!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Some days it just hits you like that, right?

Sidebar: I am not a Trebek fan. He's too smug. I love Jeopardy though.

Baby Sister said...

Haha. Oh dear, I hate when I'm wrong after I was so sure and try to convince everyone of my rightness. It's the worst.

I wonder if that's how I would act if I didn't drink Pepsi so regularly. It always makes me wonder if it would affect me like that if I didn't drink it for 5 or 6 months. Too bad that probably won't ever happen. Lol

Becky said...

I didn't start drinking coffee until this year and I think I've finally figured out the right amount I need - wakes me up without making me bounce off allll the walls. My co-worker loves Dunkin and brought me my first iced coffee - medium size with cream and sugar - and boy, I was like the energizer fidgety bunny that day! Haha I bet he has spent his whole life correcting people to Alec!

Mree said...

Wow the view from his office is incredible. I love how you can see the Museum near the river.

Rachel said...

I was pretty sure it was Alex, too, but I have to admit, you were so convincing in your declaration that it's really Alec that even I wavered for a moment there... :P

Lauren Scorzafava said...

Wow! That's such a beautiful view! I used to take sugar and cream in my coffee but I learned to like it black and now I can't drink it if it's sweet or too light.

Lauren Elizabeth
Petite in Pearls

Katie {The Mishaps & Mayhem of a Solitary Life} said...

Hahaha this is hilarious!! And why have I never heard of Chips Ahoy creamer?!? I need this ASAP!!!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Hahaha this cracked me up! I should give up coffee and hope for a crazy energy boost one day when I start back up. Who knows what I could accomplish!

MilitaryPugWife said...

Creamer in ice cream? Interesting!

Liz Joiner said...

I cannot believe they make chips ahoy creamer! Where have I been? As for the coffee, it's always great to be so productive.

liz @ sundays with sophie

B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

Haha this post totally cracked me up - especially learning about the coroner, hahaha!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Oh goodness, that coffee definitely did some interesting things to you! ;)

Katie at Better Off Benedict said...

Okay I was definitely like this last week when I went 4 days without coffee. I'm a coffeeholic. I laughed so hard at this post. I need to read you blog more often :)

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Look at that amazing view from Matt's office! He's definitely spoiled now. And your day sounds just like mine when I go for extra caffeine at lunch. You can't shut me up, and I buzz around like a quick ninja :-P

christina @ the new mrs said...

Haha what a funny story! A chips ahoy creamer almost makes me want to start drinking coffee!

Robyn Proctor Hinkle said...

I think my family is glad I'm not drinking coffee during my pregnancy, because this morning as I took a sip of my mom's she was like "oh no, you know how chatty she is on coffee." I love Jeopardy, we watch it every night. Haha I love what Matt said, smart man!

Robyn Marrie said...

Just stumbled upon your blog here. Love it! I was ROTFL!

Robyn Marrie said...

BTW I put heavy whipping cream over my cereal every night. So yummy!

SlimExpectations said...

wow, I wish I could eat those yum food mentioned. I am already drooling!!! ;)

Miss Caitlin S. said...

omg hahahah, that's funny it had such an effect on you after parting ways with it. And creamer in ice cream is hilariously decadent.

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Ya know what's on the first floor of my office? Me, along with everyone else who works here. Because we only have one floor. #Lame

And I'm absolutely DYING over your comments about David Muir... we watch World News Tonight every night DURING dinner (because when you have small kids you have to do the early bird special) and every time it comes on, my three year all of a sudden turns into a Bostonian or a New Yorker or something... He always says, "Hey, there's David MEW-WAH." And I'm all, "Where did that accent come from?! You live in the south, boy!!"

Glad you found my blog, girl, because it lead me to yours and I love it!

Bijoux said...

Chips Ahoy creamer??? Where does one find this???

I like your idea of creamer on ice cream. I often use it when I make powdered sugar icings in place of the milk.

Faith said...

Hahaha, you are hilarious! :) I haven't been here for a while but you didn't fail to make me laugh out loud.

Oh and those Extra Toasty Cheez-Its ... well, I'm obsessed. I blame you for the fact that I've already eaten 4 boxes! No lie, maybe more but I lost count after the 4.