my favorite niece

I mentioned a few months ago that my brother and his wife were expecting a baby.  The baby was due August 3rd, although I was selfishly "predicting" that the baby would be born on July 30th so that I could take the day off and "miss" a training at work.

Well, my brother called me while I was in a meeting on July 9th.  He didn't leave a voicemail, so I quickly texted him to see what was up.


My brother kept me posted throughout the afternoon and by the time I got home I had so much nervous energy that I changed the sheets on our bed, rearranged the kitchen cabinets, went for a long walk, and ironed three pairs of shorts.

I've never ironed shorts before in my life and I haven't since.

I didn't know what to do with myself.

Finally, when there was no baby by 10:00, I sat down to paint my nails.  I painted my toes blue and my fingers pink because we didn't know if the baby was boy or girl and I am an equal opportunity aunt.

And then at 11:00, when there was still no baby, I repainted my fingers blue because even though I thought girl all along I was having an eleventh hour change of heart.

And THEN I got into bed where I laid wide awake the entire night except for maybe twenty minutes when I fell asleep and had a dream that it was TWIN BOYS.

I woke up at the crack of dawn and picked my sister up and we walked laps at the mall because there was nothing left in my tiny apartment to clean or organize and did I mention the nervous energy?

Then we went to Panera where we got iced caramel lattes, and just as we sat down my brother texted "Not much longer now."


She wasn't about to argue, so we left.

We went to my parents' house and Emily made me a grilled cheese sandwich and I ate exactly one bite.  And then I made the executive decision that we needed to go to Target and pick out a boy outfit and a girl outfit.  We picked out the cutest outfits in the store and then we walked around.

And around.

And around again.

And then we discreetly hid our outfits on the very back of a rack and walked next door to TJ Maxx because I promise you we had looked at every piece of merchandise in Target.


And when we looked at every piece of merchandise in TJ Maxx, we went back to Target, re-secured our outfits, and began walking through the purse department for the fourteenth time when my brother called and said, "You have a niece!"

We left for the hospital as soon as my dad got home from work and even though baby A had to spend her first night in the NICU, we got to go up and see her.

Sidenote: we had to scrub in to the NICU and I really felt like I was on Grey's Anatomy.  As I was sudsing up at the sink and saw a doctor pass by I really had to resist the urge to yell, "Push one of epi! We're going to need a CT, and page cardio!"

Anyway, to the surprise of no one, she was the most adorable little peanut in the world.

My sister and I went back to the hospital for a few hours the next day and got to hold our new favorite family member to our heart's content.

When baby A is older, I'll apologize for my blue nails in these pictures.

But I hope she will appreciate that even though my nails were the wrong color when I met her for the first time, my shorts were crisply ironed.


Amanda Klein said…
LOL @ the twin boy dream and the Grey's daydreaming! You crack me up! Congratulations, Auntie :)
Hahaha I love that you ironed shorts. She's precious! Congratulations to you and of course to the parents! I would feel really important and doctorly if I had to scrub in too.
MilitaryPugWife said…
That's so awesome!! Congrats to your whole family. Now you need to have one lol!
Emily said…
Congrats on being an aunt! Sounds like you got the best of both worlds!
Congrats! I'd absolutely die with anxiety waiting for my sister to have her kid! Shoot, I'll be in that room...whether or not she likes it ;) Congrats on being an Auntie! And I'm sure she'll never care about those nails and she'll appreciate the ironed shorts! xoxo, ganeeban
Kari said…
Congrats on your new niece! How exciting!!
Kari said…
Congrats on your new niece! How exciting!!
Evelina said…
I love this post! I am cracking up at your ironed shorts! I totally can relate to the nervous energy. I was at work when I found out my my sister in law was in labour with my first niece and I couldn't focus AT ALL.
Aww being an aunt is so special! I love the comment about Grey's Anantomy haha. I think your niece will be very pleased to know you ironed your shorts :)
What an amazing experience, glad Baby A is here and is safe and healthy even with your pretty blue nails :)
Holly Olsen said…
Oh this brings back so many memories! My daughter will turn one in ONE WEEK. She was born 5 weeks premature but thank God was a healthy little peanut! Congrats on the new niece! So glad to hear she's doing well. Girls are the best. :)
Lol such a sweet post. I'm sure she will no doubt love the fact that your shorts were crisply ironed and you painted over the pink polish with blue ;) few things are better than Aunt status! Enjoy!
Becky said…
Hahaha your blue nails! I think she will forgive you :) I have a niece as well and spent most of the time between "we're at the hospital" and "here's your niece!" trying to distract myself as well! It was only about 10 hours though and most of them were at work haha. She will be 1 in september and I have no clue how!! Enjoy all the baby niece snuggles :)
thebusybrunette said…
CONGRATULATIONS on your niece! She is just beautiful. Enjoy being an aunt!! :-)
"The Busy Brunette"
Baby Sister said…
Yay!! Congratulations!! That must have been a rough labor, your poor sister-in-law. But that is exciting. :) She's adorable!
Lisa Walter said…
Congrats on your new niece!! How precious! I started cracking up reading about your Grey's Anatomy moment!!! I love that show too!
Liz Joiner said…
Oh she is precious!!! How excited are you to be an aunt??? I haven't gotten that privilege yet. Ironned shorts are far more important than your nails ;)

liz sundays with sophie
Bijoux said… sweet! Great pictures, too!
Awww! She is adorable! And I love your new aunt anxiety. My generation hasn't procreated yet in my family, so I can only imagine what it's like.
Baby waiting can be excruciating, those little things just take their sweet old time.

You can just show her this post and then she'll completely get why your nails were blue!
Babies sure do take their sweet time getting her for sure.

Just let your niece read this post and she'll totally get why you have blue nails.
tina bumblebee said…
Aww what good pictures!!!!! I have blue nail polish on currently as well haha. Congrats!!!!!
Brittany said…
I can't even imagine how stressed I would be if one of my siblings was having a baby. She's absolutely precious - look at that little face. Also, I think it's genius to paint your nails different colors. You have to cover all your bases, of course. CONGRATS!
Pegster said…
This is such a fun account of the day's event. I like how you were super excited and the baby just wouldn't come :).

Congratulations on becoming an aunt, it sure is an awesome feeling, all the love without the work ;).

I finally came out of lurkdom to comment :)
Mree said…
Congrats on becoming an Auntie. So fab!! Love the Grey's Anatomy moment, so funny. I thought the same thing when I was visiting my sister in the hospital. lOl.
Miss Caitlin S. said…
aw, congrats!!! I just went through this last March with my sister and it was definitely "sound the alarms" indeed! I'm so glad she's okay! How scary to be in the NICU the first night. Congrats to your family!!!
Oh yay! Congratulations!!

I'm currently having baby fever, so none of these pictures of newborns are doing me any good!
Congratulations to your family! How exciting. That little girl is going to be spoiled rotten ;)
ae said…
Aww! Being an aunt is so much fun. It is one of my favorite things in the world. I have 3 nieces and 3 nephews biologically and then a slew of honorary nieces and nephews. I have become the professional aunt of my friend group. :D
Rebecca Jo said…
AHHHH - congrats!!!!! Nothing like having a niece.

& man oh man, how I wish you would have said that to the doctor just for the reaction :)
Meg Taylor said…
Aww I love this story and all of the nail painting :) What a beautiful little girl - so awesome that you got to meet her right away!
Oh you always crack me up! Long labors are tough on everyone.... Oh the anticipation!
Brianne said…
The GA part made me laugh. Congrats on the niece! I'm sure she'll forgive you for the nails & have a deep seeded appreciation for ironed shorts.
Melinda said…
Congratulations on being an Aunt!! :-)
How exciting!!! Babies have their own agendas, thats for sure ;) I have yet to hold the title of "aunt", but look forward to that day. Congrats Auntie!
I love this post and I love that you painted your nails twice. Congrats auntie!
I love how he just said “labor!” Congrats on the new niece – so exciting!
Oh my gosh, I am obsessed with this post. I am hoping going to have one of those same moments in the near any day now. Congrats on your new niece...just explain to her that dark nails were in, she will never have to know you had a change of heart!
Katelyn Sloan said…
Oh my gosh....the pictures are so sweet!!! Congrats to your whole family! Babies are the best :)
Emily Wilson said…
Congrats on becoming an aunt! It sounds like you are a *little* excited! It is so hard to wait once the labor starts and all you want to do is meet the little one, but at least your apartment got extra clean and organized ;)
Emily Gilbert said…
She is an adorable new born! and your nails are fabulous ;) Congrats to the new parents (and for you becoming an aunt!)
Rachel said…
Aww! Well that was a surprise early entry for her! Glad she's doing well--how awesome that your family has a brand-new member!
Marli said…
CONGRATS! Becoming an aunt is the BEST!