Monday, August 17, 2015

treadmills should come with air bags

I had to travel for work last week and had reservations at my standard hotel.  I checked in around 4:00 on Monday afternoon and was given directions to room 357 that did not include stairs because even though the hotel is under new ownership, the ground floor is still the third floor and I am still confused.

I settled into my room, and Monday and Tuesday nights were problem free.  However, when I returned to the hotel after my meeting on Wednesday, I noticed that I had no towels or washcloths to speak of, which was unfortunate because I wash my hands obsessively when I'm in a hotel and I had to dry them with the hairdryer.

After my hands were dry, I walked to the phone to call the front desk to rectify the towel situation, the air conditioner made a very loud pop and shut off.

Well, that's convenient.

No AC.

In a hotel room.

In August.

So, I called the front desk and let them know about the towel shortage and air conditioner explosion and was told someone would be right up.  And 45 minutes and 100 degrees later I asked Matt how long he thought was reasonable to wait for a repairman to come.

He said five minutes.


At that very moment a knock came at the door, and in came Barry the maintenance man with a giant cup of coffee and a can of spackle.  I don't know much about AC repair, but I was immediately skeptical of his tool repertoire.

After Barry gave the AC unit the once over, he said he was going to go downstairs to check the breaker.  Two minutes later, the air conditioner came sputtering back to life in a cloud of smoke and a blaze of sparks, accompanied by the smell of something burning.

It was like my own personal fireworks show.

Barry came back up and said, "Okay! It's all fixed!"

"There were lots of sparks," I said, "and do you smell that terrible smell?"

"Oh yeah," Barry said, "the smell is totally normal.  Since the unit has been shut off for a while, it's just the dust and chemicals moving around again."


Barry told me the room would be back in tip top shape in half an hour, so I decided to go to the hotel gym while I waited for my sauna to cool down and the smell to go away. Please note for the record that I travel for work about once a month and never have I ever used a hotel gym.  This was my first foray into the hotel gym arena.

And my last.

I found my way to the gym and hopped on a treadmill.  I set the speed at my standard 3.9 because, as I always say, why run when you can just walk?

And walk I did, until I was a mile in and humming along to Blake Shelton and the treadmill suddenly shut off.  I almost catapulted over the front because INERTIA.  And I was an object in motion.

I hopped right off that thing and sped back to my room only to discover that I still had no towels and the room had "cooled" to a brisk three hundred and twelve degrees.

After a few calls back and forth to the front desk, I packed my bags and waited for Barry to return with keys to a new room a few doors down.  I unpacked my bags in my new room and and put my slippers on and then went over to the AC to adjust the temperature, and this happened.

Where's the spackle when you need it?


MilitaryPugWife said...

Lmao..because inertia. Hahaha.

Funny thing, we had the same problem in our hotel a few weekends ago. We talked to management and they moved us into a new room and gave us a free night. Very sweet people. But I checked on trip advisor and EVERYONE was complaining about a/c in the area. I guess the heat just was too much for the hotels. It was like 107-108 so it makes sense.

Anyhoo, funny blog lady. :):)

Katelyn Sloan said...

If someone told me that smell was normal I would have screamed right there!! I actually laughed to public as I read your title. Too good.

Jenn @ Optimization Actually said...

Omg, what a crappy hotel! Oh wait, you said it's your standard. So I guess normally it's not like that? Sparks does not sound like standard operating procedure!

Alana Livingston said...

Oh my goodness, I would have been so angry!! I hope you don't stay there again!

Bijoux said...

A bad experience, but it sure makes a great blog post! I'm obsessive about hand washing at hotels as well. I've been known to take towels off of maid carts in hallways and make a run for it!

Rebecca Jo said...

These are the things in life you just cant make up

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

oh my word. i really do hope you left a nasty review online! that is ridiculous. we had something similar happen in London with the AC (but it was winter, so the heater) and after I called them the second time they said 'we'll send someone right up' and i was like 'you said that an hour ago, do you really mean it this time?' they upgraded us to the fancy penthouse. i wasn't trying to be rude, but come on. just do what you say you're gonna do!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Lawd have mercy, I would have been hightailing it outta there as quickly as possible! Sounds like a nightmare of a place!

Whitney @ Work it Mommy said...

This would be hilarious if it wasnt happening to you! Sounds like you need a new hotel ASAP. And Im pretty sure thats why I dont go on work out machines, period.

Evelina said...

I know this definitely was not funny at the time it was happening, but I was definitely cracking up reading this post! And then I read it to my husband and he corrected my pronunciation of inertia. I guess I have been saying it wrong all this time! Oooops.

Jenn Cramer said...

Oh my gosh! That is so funny as I read it, but I'm sure you were very upset at the time (as I would be too!). But hey, now you have a good story! :)

Marie said...

Oh my.. What an experience. I would have been so angry. No AC at a hotel is a deal breaker for me. I need my AC. In some hotels now, the AC only goes on when you are in the room and I think that stinks. It takes forever for the room to cool down.

BLovedBoston said...

OMG you're story telling is just the best - I literally envisioned the whole thing even if you hadn't share pictures lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

Brittany said...

Whoa. I can't say I've ever been on a treadmill that just STOPPED mid-workout. That sounds like an even bigger nightmare than being on the treadmill in the first place. I can't deal with boiling temperatures, so I would have been out of there...pronto.

Baby Sister said...

Hahahaha! Oh my word, you just can't make that stuff up! Hilarious.

My treadmill has one of those emergency cords that you pull to get it to stop right away, but for some dumb reason it's right in the front, and then you have the cord that hangs down. Let's just say I have accidentally hit that cord enough times to know what it's like to have a treadmill stop suddenly. It's not fun.

At least you got more towels? :)

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

What a disaster! It sounds like it was cool enough for slippers, though, so who needs the dial?

Dennis Cannon said...

I nearly spat my coffee out! Spackle, to fix an AC? I would've died seeing sparks flying out of it, along with the burning! Can’t say my experience with a busted AC was as bad as yours but professional got me out of a pickle. Got the AC up and running in no time. I hope you have better luck next time.

Jodi Bennett said...

I have learned this experience the hard way. We actually unpacked, took showers, and then discovered the same trouble before having to move to a new room. Now, when we check in a room, we check everything before we take the suitcases off the transportation dolly. Better to find trouble and move than get all cozy in the room and have to pack again.

Jodi Bennett @ Marsh Heating