Wednesday, August 26, 2015

with age comes wisdom. and i have lots.

Well, hello.  I'm coming to you live from vocal rest.

Of course, the vocal rest is completely self-imposed and not formally diagnosed by a medical professional, but on my way to work this morning I experienced sudden, severe pain in the vocal cord region during an overenthusiastic rendition of Uptown Girl.

I just can't hit those notes like Billy can.

Anyway, I've officially been 27 years old for one week now, so I thought I'd write a post about 27 things I've learned since I turned 27.

And then I realized that's a lot of things to learn in just seven days and I'm not that observant or ambitious.  So, since 7-2=5, please enjoy a more manageable list of 5 things I've learned since I turned 27.

1- In my younger years, I used to be able to stretch my birthday celebrations for several days on either side of my actual birthday.  Tonight, I got home from work and realized I'd not only forgotten to take something out for dinner, but also to run the dishwasher.  So my feeble attempt at dinner was to serve Matt a slice of leftover birthday cake that I'd cut with a steak knife.  On a paper plate.  With a soup spoon, our only clean utensil.  

I tried to sell it to Matt under the guise of "Isn't this so fun?! And festive?  Birthday cake on my one week birthday anniversary!  You can't possibly expect a girl to cook dinner on her one week birthday anniversary!" 

Fear not, after some creative thinking and a perusal of the freezer contents, we managed to scrape together meatball sandwiches.


2- My memory is going.  On my actual birthday, I left the house without my wallet.  The really unfortunate part was that I didn't realize I'd forgotten it until I was at the drive through window picking up the birthday beverage I'd ordered.  And then after work I drove seven minutes out of the way to go to the bank and pulled right up to the ATM.  

Without my wallet.  

Because I'd forgotten that I'd forgotten it.


3- I am suddenly using phrases that are popular among the more senior crowd.  I have three brand new colleagues, all of whom I believe are closer in age to my younger sister than to me.  During a conversation with two of them the other day I used the phrase "burr under the saddle," and one laughed and said, "That's my grandmother's favorite phrase!"


4- In a conversation with the third colleague and some others the following day, we were discussing the high schools and colleges we attended and when, and trying to figure out if we knew any of the same people.  She said, "Wow, you graduated in 2010?  You don't look like you'd be so old!" 

I am choosing to focus on the part that she thinks I appear youthful, not the fact that she thinks a 2010  college graduate is old.


5- I'm no longer into pop music.  When I'm not listening to Uptown Girl, I'm listening to Dan Fogelberg.  My current favorite is his 1981 hit, Leader of the Band.

Today I was thinking about how Michelle and I rented a place at the beach for Memorial Day weekend a few years ago because young! And carefree! And then we got down there and turned on the tunes and Michelle said, "Okay, here's a tough question.  In Leader of the Band, where did the singer's two brothers go?"

EASY, one went to Chicago, and the other to St. Paul.

So I think the final thing I've learned is that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

As long as I bring my wallet along.


MilitaryPugWife said...

Oh my. To be your age again! I was in my 1st year of law school at 27. Those days were great. I could stay out every night and be at class at 6am the next day.
My birthday is in a few weeks and I'll be celebrating by being in bed before 10. Ha.

Emily said...

Happy belated birthday!

The Frugal Blogger said...

I'm no longer into pop music anymore either. I don't think that's strange. More like a good thing that we're branching out !


Bijoux said...

I heard some whippersnappers on TV complaining last night that their school's 2007 dress code was totally

Rebecca Jo said...

I remember when I was 27... a zillion years ago :)

I am a failure at Song Pop on anything current. But I KILL IT on the 80's challenges :)

ae said...

Happy Belated Birthday! In my completely unbiased opinion, people born in August are the best! ;)

Leslie @ This is For Keeps said...

These are all great revelations, but #4 made me laugh particularly. I had a similar experience years ago when a group of us were discussing high school. I mentioned that I graduated in 1998. One of the girls I was with said, "Oh my god, you graduated in the 90s???" I still don't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing...

Anyway, happy belated birthday!!! :)

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Right now my current favorite hit is Billie Holiday's 1938 hit, You Go to My Head, so how old does that make me?!?!

And I also love Leader of the Band... it's one of my Momma's favorite songs of all time so it always reminds me of her. :o)

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

If someone who graduated college in 2010 is old, I am ancient.

I'll be singing Leader of the Band for the rest of the day.

Robin said...

Happy birthday!

I don't like pop/mainstream/Top 40 music anymore. And I don't recognize anyone on the covers of teen magazines. And I remember when the hashtag symbol was just quick way of writing/typing "number".

birdie to be said...

Ha! Love the title of this post! Yay for another year older & wiser!

Baby Sister said...

Happy belated birthday!!

Not realizing that you forgot your wallet until you're trying to pay for something in a drive through is the worst!! I always get so embarrassed.

If they think you're old for graduating in 2010, I shudder to think what that makes me.

Getting old is the pits!

Angela said...

Happy Birthday! I too am a big Dan Folgerberg (or Folgerburger as I like to call him) fan.

Marie said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day.

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Happy belated birthday! These all sound just like me especially forgetting to take something out for dinner and not having clean utensils :-P

Evelina said...

Happy belated birthday! If it makes you feel any better, I graduated in 2009 and forget at least one thing every day haha! At least we're not 30 yet!

Kayla MKOY said...

Hahaha you sound like me with your wallet thing. I've left my debit card before so I thought to myself "no fear, I'll just hit up the ATM". Whoops. Bahah! So happy you enjoyed your bday, girl!!

Liz Jo said...

No, my mind is going too! I forgot to remind my boss something that she told me to remind her (part of my job...)

I feel old and I'm really not that old, when I think about the fact that the upper 90's are now able to drive...

liz jo @ sundays with sophie

Elle Sees said...

i'm all for making the bday a week-long celebration. my family hasn't gotten the memo about this unfortunately. loved this post!

Sara McCarty said...

Bahahaha! I'm totally laughing at the wallet story. That' SO my life too! :) Love this! Happy belated birthday, old lady! (I say that as someone WAY older than you!)

Emily said...

My memory is going too. The other day I forgot how old I was. I seriously had to ask my husband how old I was. lol I would be lost without my planner for daily to-dos.

Corie M said...

As the medical professional (to be) that would diagnosis vocal rest I love that you diagnosised yourself LOL Life just gets so weird as we get older ;)

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

lol you're hilarious. the wallet thing.. definitely something i have done.
i lost my ATM card last year and never replaced it.. you wouldn't believe how many times i have tried to go to the ATM without it lol

Sarah Alway said...

Happy birthday! That story about your wallet is hilarious. And girl, I graduated from college in 2004 so this post makes ME feel OLD. LOL