Friday, April 29, 2016

i'll never be able to hitch hike

Our big project this past weekend was getting the yard and patio in shape.

First up was our customary Saturday morning Hope Depot trip.  When we got home we power washed the patio, planted two rhododendron bushes and some raspberry plants, put together a patio set that my parents very generously got for us, and began to plant 120 flowers.

That's right.  One hundred and twenty flowers.  It's safe to say I grossly overestimated how many flowers it would take to fill our gardens.  Whoops.

We decided to quit around 5:00 on Sunday.  I had a vacation day on Monday, so I decided I'd finish the flowers then.  As we were putting away our tools, Matt said, "We can just leave the shovels in the garden center, since we'll use them again tomorrow."

I'm sorry, the garden center?

He was referring to the small fenced area on the side of the house where the previous owner kept his trashcan.  It made me laugh because my parents have a deck and an upper and a lower patio in their backyard, which they refer to as Zone 1, Zone 2, and Zone 3.

We're just carrying on the outdoor area naming tradition.

Monday was 80 degrees and sunny and I was all hopped up on spring weather and decided to make a big pasta salad before I started gardening.  I threw in a bunch of veggies we had in the fridge, and decided at the last minute to toss in some red onion.  As I was cutting the onion, I thought to myself, "I should research how to cut an onion properly.  I always feel like I'm going to slice my thumb."

And two seconds later I SLICED MY THUMB.

To make matters worse, Matt had a bad run-in with a broken glass last weekend and had the band-aids with him in his work bag.  It was touch and go for a few minutes but I managed to stop the bleeding and get on with my gardening.

The thumb injury only hindered my progress a little bit.

I hope it heals.

And I hope it's green, because I have 120 flowers depending on that.


Liz Jo said...

We go to Home Depot so much that whenever we say we're going Sophie gets excited....

OH MY GOSH YOUR THUMB!!!!are you getting it reattached this weekend or today??????????

liz @ j for joiner

Faith said...

Haha, we've been visiting Home Depot a lot the last few weekends. We have a trip planned tonight as we need to do some mulching tomorrow.

Oh gosh, your poor thumb. That is my worst fear whenever I'm cutting vegetables.

And your garden is looking so good! 120 flowers is a dream!

Hilary said...

It looks awesome!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Your back porch looks amazing!!!! You guys are going to have the best times out there!

Emily said...

Boo to your thumb!! The band-aids are neeeeeeeeever there when you need them, are they?

OKAY but this onion thing !!!!! !!! Freddie recently taught me this trick he learned in a knife cutting class, and it is the best. It is also all over Facebook and what not now, but I'll pretend that it's a top secret thing.

Bethany Carson said...

Ha! That is a very clever title. It took me a few moments to catch on. :D Hope your thumb heels quickly, and happy gardening. Your patio looks awesome!

Julie said...

Nice patio!

Emily said...

The flower garden looks beautiful! I'm tackling my garden this weekend which is never fun in the FL heat.

Emily said...

It looks SO good! Good work. OUCH, sorry to hear about your thumb.

Evelina said...

Your garden looks SO beautiful! And I hope your thumb is ok!
PS - You changed your blog design right? I am not going crazy? If so, I love it!
Evelina @ Fortunate House

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i think the same thing every time i cut an onion, and it's also why we always have large chunks vs small ones because i am scared of cutting my thumb (again lol). 120 flowers?! that is a lot of flowers. love that you all and your parents name outdoor areas haha.

jessica // creative index said...

Your flower garden looks so beautiful!

Sarah said...

I love your patio area!! You'll have some good afternoons drinking ice coffee and reading out there this summer.

Kayla MKOY said...

Oh my goodness it turned out so great!! :) yay!!!

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

That is so many flowers!!! Have you thought about planting something that comes back every year? Let's be real - I'm sure you have! Dave and I are waiting to plant a lot of things until the fall. Our yard is a jungle but that's okay! It will all change in the fall.

You should research how to cut an onion. I'd love to know the official way. I cut off both ends. Slice a little bit all the way down, peel it and then cut off the amount I will need.