this is a lot of traveling for a homebody

Last Thursday I went down the shore.  

I was there until Sunday, when I stopped at home to unpack and repack my suitcase for a work trip on Monday morning.  The work trip took me to the Pocono Mountains, and I took advantage of some beautiful hiking trails before and after my seminars.

  The scenery was quite the juxtaposition from the conference, which was at an African themed resort.

I got home on Friday night, and tomorrow morning I leave for a girls trip to Washington D.C. with my mom and sister.  We get back on Thursday and then I round out the month of travel with one more long weekend down the shore.

And then I will come home and never leave again because I am a girl who likes to be home, and after this month, I've almost forgotten my address.

Although I'll admit these trips have been pretty fun, and I've covered all the bases.  Beach, mountains, city, and African safari.  

If only I could arrange to have these views and that gorilla statue at my house.


Lux G. said…
I'm smiling because I'm also a "homie" but I've traveled so much recently. Still tan from going under the sun for days. :)

Love your travel photos. Thanks for sharing your experience.
Rebecca Jo said…
That beach picture with all the blues? That is gorgeous - I'll just leave that up on my computer to get me through Monday at work :)
Kelly said…
Nothing says "home sweet home" like a life-size metal gorilla statue.
I am a definite homebody, too, and it always feels nice to get home. Enjoy your last leg of traveling!
I totally get it! I love to travel, but tend to feel overwhelmed if it's too much too close together. I have some busy weeks ahead and I'm looking forward to it, but also freaking out. : )
Kayla MKOY said…
So much traveling! Which I do love to do, but there's just something awesome about being HOME (with no commitments)! Yay! PS - that little waterfall is GORGEOUS!
So jealous of all of your traveling! What beach do you go to? My parents grew up in the Poconos and both sets grandparents lived there until they passed away! Hope you had a great time there!

Corie M said…
That is A LOT of traveling and I'd want to stay home for a while too lol Have fun in DC!
I am in a weird spot now with the shore house - technically that's home too, but I still feel like I'm away from home most of the time.

Gorgeous pics from the Poconos!
Michelle said…
I'em exhausted reading about all that travel! But also a little jealous. But it makes being home that much better. I'm sure your chickens miss you ;)
Leslie said…
That is a lot of traveling, but it seems like you are seeing lots of beautiful sights (and interesting ones too with the African Safari theme!).
oooh pretty pictures though :) and that gorilla statue is pretty fabulous. that really is a lot of travelling though, i'd want to be home after all of that as well.
Kenzie Smith said…
Sounds like a lot of fun though -- the photos are all gorgeous :) I am a homebody but it is nice getting out of the house and into nature on occasion.
Camila said…
Gorgeous photos! I just love the coast so much :)