goodbye july

My best work friend, Jen, got a great new job and left our company last Friday.  We've worked together for five years.  We were both paralegals for a few years, then she was my boss for a few years, then she graduated law school and worked as an attorney for our organization and I took her place as a supervisor.  Even though our jobs have both changed over the years and we no longer spend 40 hours a week sharing a cubicle wall, we still talk all the time.

Until this week.

But, she called me tonight after her first week at the new gig and we talked for two and a half hours.

I am in the midst of a competitive Fitbit workweek challenge so I walked while we talked and tallied 13,000 steps.  There was one interruption from the local ice cream truck (which, true to form, was playing Ode to Joy) but other than that it was a productive conversation.

And after a week of temperatures in the 90s and 100s it was a brisk 86 degrees.  I'm so happy we are heading into August because it is my very favorite part of summer, and I thought I'd share a few photos from the last few weeks because after talking for two hours my brain is out of words.

Also, one of my very best friends is facing a very tough obstacle right now with her little boy.  If you have a prayer to spare for a miracle, I'd appreciate it and I know she would too.


MilitaryPugWife said…
Love these pictures! July is over....what??
BLovedBoston said…
I'm with you - Aug is my favorite here too because it finally cools off! xo, biana BlovedBoston
Your last photo gives me the warm fuzzies.

Here's the zucchini pie I make:

And this is my favorite zucchini bread, I don't put the nuts or berries in but I do add chocolate chips:
Danielle said…

Are those your chickens!? And is that your chicken coop!?


Seriously though, if that is your yard it is straight up dreamy and everything I aspire to retire on one day!
Emily said…
August really is the best! Well, I could take August a little cooler here in Texas...

This post just makes me realize I need to stop a take pictures of scenery more than people sometimes!
Prayers for your friend's child, Laura!
Michelle said…
Praying for the little boy!

I love your pictures. Especially the chicken coop and garden.

I just read that book! What did you think?
Brandi Little said…
Love all of your photos!!!
Saying a prayer for your friend + her little boy <3
Emma said…
What beautiful pics! Can you believe it's already August?!
oooh that last picture - that book looks fun.

i am so sorry about your friend and her son. i hope all is okay.

i love summer, but august is such a good month. we haven't had a very hot summer though, no 100s over here. low 90s at most. boo.

congrats on your 13,000 - i am trying to do 10,000 each day because most days i don't even get half that from sitting down all day. it's not good!
Julie said…
I can't believe August is here...that means school starts real quick :(
Kayla MKOY said…
Prayers to your friend! I hope everything is alright. It's always sad too when work friends leave the company! Praying your August continues to be amazing. Fitbit challenges are awesome. We need to be friends on there!
Brittany said…
Man, these pictures are giving me the summer happies. Love them. I'm also ready for August because that means we're one step closer to Fall! I'll send a prayer your friend's way!
That means she was a real friend and not just a work friend and that is awesome. I have to date never entered a fitbit challenge 'cause I already's not happening.
jenn said…
have you seen miss pettigrew lives for a day? because i LOVE frances mcdormand in that movie.