Well, it's a new year, and around here we are walking New Year's stereotypes.  We've been drinking fruit and veggie smoothies for breakfast, systematically de-cluttering the house, going to bed earlier, and we joined a gym.

Actually Matt joined the gym but has granted me guest privileges, but he isn't starting until Monday.


Because why start a new workout routine today when you can start on Monday?

Anyway, the fizziest drink around here on New Year's Eve was the Akla Seltzer Plus Cold tablet Matt dropped in his water before dinner.  And then, he dramatically held up another tablet and said, "How much would you pay me to just eat this straight, without dissolving it in water?"

First of all, we share a bank account, so I would pay exactly zero dollars to watch Matt ingest an Alka Seltzer tablet.

Second of all, can you say wild partiers?

We did rally and had a fancy dinner and some fun snacks while we waited for 2017 to arrive.

On my last day of vacation, I met Stacy for coffee.  We hadn't seen each other in a while, so we caught up on all the goings-on and then before I knew it, we were talking about what grocery stores have the best prices on meat.

I guarantee you that's not the conversation we would have been having the morning after New Year's Eve 8 years ago.

My Christmas break ended with an unbelievable spring-like day, so I had no other option but to go for a long walk at my favorite place.

I hope to log a bunch more walks here in 2017.

When I'm not at the gym, of course.


Faith said…
Haha, about the fizziest drink. You guys certainly did rage! ;)

Beautiful images. I could not believe how warm it was a few days ago. Winter is about to rear it's little head.
rooth said…
I've totally been neglecting the gym so of course it's going to be packed when we go back tonight
Kelly said…
Such pretty photos from your walk!
Rebecca Jo said…
That picture of the little cave in branches... reminds me of Stranger Things. Dont go in there.
Brianne said…
I would be taking all the walks in a place like that! I too don't believe in starting things until Monday lol. My friends & I definitely have a whole lot different conversations now than we did when we were in college.
Michelle said…
Those pictures are gorgeous! Your NYE sounds about as wild and crazy as ours was ;)
I would absolutely always prefer to walk outside. I hate gyms.

LOL @ the prices of meat.

Happy new year!
Such beautiful photos! Looks like an amazing walk to take. I'm impressed with no fizz. I'm going to work on it this year but not yet. Hahahaha. Maybe Monday. :)
Amy said…
I would like very much to see my husband eat an alka seltzer tab. Did you go inside that stick cave?
You really have been doing the New Year's thing. Way to go! Haha.

Meanwhile, all I've done is clean the house and Jesse is sick with the flu so his whole exercise plan for the last three months has kind of been thrown out with the millions of tissues.

Jesse would totally put off starting at the gym until Monday too though. He will often not start something until a specific day - even when I'm like "or you know, there's no time like the present!?"

Seriously stunning pictures! What an awesome day of weather you had. Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!
Your pictures are absolutely stunning! Wow!!!
What a beautiful place to take a walk!! Thanks for sharing those gorgeous pics! Glad you were able to make the most of that spring-like day! :) Have a great first weekend of the new year!
Rachel said…
Gorgeous photos from your walk! We stayed up till midnight with my family, watched some fireworks that were shooting into the sky from the neighborhood next to ours for 5 minutes, then went to our apartment, hung up a load of laundry, and fell asleep. :) At least we made it past midnight this year!
Cat W said…
Oh, your New Years eve was just about as wild as ours :). We finished driving home from Florida, had a snack, and were all in bed by like 8. Here's to a wild 2017!
What a unbelievable view you had on your walk!
Gorgeous photos!! I love the one with the red buds!! LOL at the alka seltzer comment... my husband is constantly saying things like that to me. "I'll give you a dollar if..." No need, no need. I was doing great the gym thing this week... then I got sick... and I've been down for the count ever since. SIGH.

I even ordered some cute Kate Spade workout clothes with the 30% sale-on-sale, too.

Next week.

sara, journey of doing
Megan said…
I'm dying!! What would it be like to eat an alka seltzer tab!! And why would he think of that!! BOYS!
Jenny said…
Love the pictures. So pretty!
lol KC and I make bets all the time, and when he wins i'm just like.. eh, we share a bank account. when i win, i'm like give me money. hahaha.
beautiful place to walk! gym is less beautiful, i bet.
Klein Dot Co said…
OMG love this post, lol to it all. Plus, gorgeous photos :)
Diana Mieczan said…
What a beautiful place for walking...just looking at those photos I feel all relaxed and chilled:) Happy New Year, lovely. xoxo