it's like forrest gump, but with butter. butter cookies.butter cake. buttered noodles.

I'm currently sitting here eating my breakfast - a cup of coffee and an English muffin with homemade honey cinnamon butter.  And it occurred to me that I never wrote about how it's possible for me to enjoy homemade butter whenever I please.

Did anyone else's husband think, when Christmas shopping this year, "I know what my wife would love for Christmas...a butter churner."  


Just mine?

Matt officially went a little out of the box with his Christmas gifts this year, and got me (among other gifts I truly loved) a butter churner.

Forget Laura Darling.  Just call me Laura Ingalls.

You might be thinking "Wow, Laura, I don't picture you as the butter churning type of girl" and I can assure you I was thinking the same thing on Christmas morning.

I went grocery shopping a few days later, and Matt asked me to pick up two pints of heavy whipping cream so we/he could get started on our butter production.  I wheeled my cart to the dairy department and right past the case of pre-made, pre-packaged butter, and selected two pints of heavy whipping cream so that I could go home and make the very butter I just walked by.

If you're questioning my sanity, you're not alone.

When I got home, I put the cream in the fridge and we read the directions.  Step number one was to let the cream come to room temperature for two hours.

So, naturally, we grabbed the cream from the fridge, dumped it in the jar, and started churning.

And churning.

And churning.

This is my butter churning "smile."

They weren't kidding about that room temperature thing.

Finally, and I do mean finally, we had ourselves a stick of butter.

It was so good that we made the honey cinnamon variety a few days later, and the process went a lot faster since we actually followed the directions this time.

When I was at the farm show last week, I saw a large crowd gathered, ooh-ing and aah-ing about something inside a glass case.  As I got closer and squeezed my way to the front of the crowd, I saw what was drawing their attention.

This giant sculpture made completely out of butter.

Matt better get churning.


Homemade honey cinnamon butter sounds heavenly - and now I kind of want to add butter churner to my wish list.

I think you need to start practicing your butter sculpting techniques. I'm looking forward to your next post; "How to sculpt your own butter half"... or maybe a butter-fly ;)
Evelina said…
I am so impressed! That sculpture is just around the corner for you, I just know it!
Evelina @ Fortunate House
Klein Dot Co said…
I totally want to get one of these for my little guy! Fun, and, he's OBSESSED with butter. Like for breakfast, I'll ask what he wants and he'll say butter. So, I have to guide him (you know - oh, a waffle with butter?). Also, I must make cinnamon honey butter! I read about it online, then forget all about it.
Just think what a good upper body workout you get with that little machine.

I used to make butter every year for the first peas of the season from the garden. (I used an electric hand mixer--works well if you put plastic wrap over the bowl to keep the drips from getting all over.) I always had the most trouble with squeezing the buttermilk out at the end.

I no longer grow shelling peas or make butter, due do the time constraints imposed by small humans, but maybe I should get out the ole Mason jar of cream and start those small ones shaking. Lord knows they have enough energy, and then we'd all have butter with no work by me. Good plan.
Faith said…
I've never thought to make my own butter. Does it taste better than what you buy at the store?
Michelle said…
That homemade cinnamon butter sounds straight out of a dream. I laughed to hard when you posted the butter churn on Christmas. And yet...a part of me really wants to try it. Next up, Matt is going to buy you a cow so you can get the cream that way!
rooth said…
Is it worth it?! Also, can you do the same thing with a hand mixer / stand mixer? Asking for a lazy girl
I need an interview with Matt about how this made it from the store to under the tree. Added benefit (beyond tasty butter): arm muscles for days! You'll be ready for summer!
Bekah Bruce said…
"Just call me Laura Ingalls." DYING! I would love to know the story behind the butter churner actually becoming a gift! Homemade cinnamon honey butter does sound divine though!
The Laura Ingalls comment is perfect. You are my favorite to read especially on rainy Monday mornings! Enjoy your butter ;)
Rebecca Jo said…
I legit busted out laughing at the last picture.
Yeah... my step daughter puts cream in mason jar & lets the kids shake it. Shake it long enough & yep, butter. It wears the kids out too - BONUS! :)
OMG I bet homemade honey butter is amazing! And girl, when you first said that you got a butter churner the first person I thought of was Laura Ingalls. BAHAHAHAHA. I LOVED Little House on the Prairie... I read those books a hundred times each growing up!
Emily said…
Definitely an out of the box gift but you can get so creative in the kitchen with different types of butter!
Lizzie Simantz said…
I think you have more patience than me :) But it seems to have worked out and that cinnamon butter sounds amaaaaaaazing!
Jenny said…
I love that he got you a butter churner! Haha! These men! ;) I received a meat thermometer for Mothers Day one year. Wanna trade? ;)
How fun! I bet it's worth all the work, the honey cinnamon sounds DELISH :-D
Hilary said…
Matt BUTTER get churning! :-DDDD
Rae Of Sparkles said…
I didn't think that churning butter ever sounded interesting, but now I'm kind of curious myself! :)
Whipping cream is so expensive at my small town grocery store, the cost of a stick of butter would be tripled just to make one!

I went to the Minnesota State Fair this past Summer and they do insane butter sculpures of pageant contenstants.The girls have to sit inside a refrigerator for hours while they get sculpted into butter. It's sooo strange! haha
Jane said…
Okay this looks seriously cool! What an awesome gift. I kind of want a butter churner now haha!
Amy said…
I want a butter churner! I used to just put the cream in a jar and shake it for a million years.