if crown molding wasn't so expensive, i totally would have bought the time-a-tan

On the weather segment of the news the other night, the meteorologist announced that the dead of winter is officially over.  The coldest temps in Philadelphia are from January 5-26, so things will only go up from here.

I almost went upstairs and put on a bathing suit.

Later that night night I was working on a photo book of pictures from last year, and when I got to summer photos, I wished I could transport myself to New Jersey in June.

Yesterday Matt and I went to some thrift shops, before we came home and installed crown molding, and event which shall hereafter be referred to as "the night we surprised ourselves with patience while simultaneously vowing never to put up crown molding ever again."

We didn't get crown molding because we are sophisticated and high society, we got it because we had to cover up an awkward gap between the brick fireplace and the ceiling, both of which were added when the garage was converted into a family room by the previous owners.  When we moved in, there was an ugly piece of wood in that space between the fireplace and ceiling, but we pulled it down because we assumed it was purely cosmetic.  As it turns out, it was not purely cosmetic.

Crown molding is complicated because there's lots of angles and you have to cut things upside down and the whole process is very delicate with minimal room for error, even though Matt was using terms like "I'll just chop this end off" and "we can just slice and dice this corner."

Perhaps all the chopping and slicing and dicing is the reason why I wanted to call in an S.O.S. to Tom around 7 pm last night.

And by Tom, I mean Tom Silva, of This Old House fame.

We refer to him simply as Tom around here and were personally responsible for about 4783 views on his Youtube channel last night.

A few hours in, I suggested to Matt that perhaps we should go a different route and he said, "failure is not an option."

And so we persisted, and now I'm sitting on my couch and enjoying my view of the molding and feeling pretty darn proud of our handiwork.

Anyway, back to the thrift shopping.  It's hit or miss, sometimes you find nothing, sometimes you find a treasure.

I didn't get it, but I could totally use it at the beach in June.


Leslie said…
It will be summer soon, my friend! So impressed that you and your husband were able to install crown molding! That is fancy!
How hilarious is that old school tan??? x
Jen Mc said…
Crown molding is a pain! I could take some beach time right about now. Have a good Monday!
Kelly said…
Oh wow, I am so craving summer now too after looking at those photos! We had a "nice" day on Sunday (aka 25 degrees after a week of <5 degrees and finally a little sunshine).
I love crown molding but don't think I would attempt the install myself - Congrats for making it through!
Lizzie Simantz said…
crown molding is complicated! But so pretty and worth it :) I want to see pics!!
Faith said…
I was hoping you'd share pics! Installing crown molding on your own, that is so impressive! Seriously, not sure how we did anything without tutorials from YouTube!
rooth said…
Can't wait to see the finished product - come on share it girl!
Bekah Bruce said…
Let's see that crown molding! I love your husband's attitude! Slice and dice! I die!! I too am ready to bring on summer!!
What the hell is that Time-A-Tan?! Hahahah. Good for you guys for getting the crown molding up. I don't think my marriage would have survived! Post some pics!
OMG, I can't believe they used to have little tanning lights like that back then. What in the world!! I can't believe y'all even attempted to put in crown molding. There's no way I would have the patience for that, but it's soooo pretty!
I hope to god there is not a late winter situation that's going to happen this year.

Ugh I fear the molding. We need to do it.
Rebecca Jo said…
That tanning lamp ... I legit busted out laughing. I think my husband has a stronger light in his work shop.

I grew up on This Old House. Memories. My dad always had it on TV.
I'm super impressed with all the home improvement projects you take on! I could barely put together a bookshelf from Target without smashing the entire thing during the process haha

It finally got out of the negatives for a few days a couple weeks back and I was soooo close to pulling out my flip flops. I've been counting down the days until Spring since the day after Christmas!
Yeaaaah, crown moulding definitely isn't easy to install. I feel like anything you have to do above your head is like 23020340245 times harder.

You guys are way braver than I. I would have been calling it quits.. or you know, calling someone to do it for me :P

Rachel said…
That picture of the ship with the sails just makes me want to be out on a ship somewhere! Home improvement is NOT easy. I have a home plumbing disaster story waiting to be blogged about...waiting on being actually fixed, that is, because I can't blog the story till it has a happy ending, right?? :P
Jenny Evans said…
YouTube! It's how my husband learns to fix everything. He is like, basically a car mechanic now because of YouTube.
I want to see the crown molding.

Thank God for YouTube. And I'm right there with you wishing it was summer.
Leslie said…
Ha ha ha I loved your comment "We didn't get crown molding because we are sophisticated and high society".
We use YouTube for SO many projects around the house. You really can learn to do just about anything.
so impressed that you did your own crown molding. We outsourced it (along with just about everything else). DIY'ers we are not!!
Tara said…
I always start daydreaming about summer in January! Hahaha to that suntanner and I'm impressed with your DIY crown molding... we did our own baseboards and that was enough for us!
I can't believe you installed your own crown molding. I've read those tutorials and thought NOPE... that's a disaster waiting to happen... to someone else. Congrats to you!!