did we accidentally drive all the way to texas?

Another week, another work trip, except this one is in the southwestern part of the state.  I drove out here with three colleagues, and as we passed mile after mile after mile of farms and barns and rolling green hills, one of them remarked, "James Carville was right when he said Pennsylvania is Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Alabama in between."

Or, as some other people call it, Pennsyltucky.

And then, we rounded the bend of a small, curvy country road and up ahead was a field filled with something I'd never seen before.

The elusive Pennsylvania longhorn.

We pulled over so we could take pictures, and as we all pulled out our phones, I'm pretty sure I saw the cows roll their eyes at us.

But Toto, we aren't in suburban Philadelphia anymore.


That's rad. We used to live near a place that had a few Scottish Highland cattle, which also have long horns, in addition to very shaggy fur, making them the cutest cattle ever. I always purposely went that way so "the kids" could see the cattle, but really so I could.

I mean, I don't want to be taking care of animals that big with horns like that (my experience with our sheep flock was extreme enough for me), but I like to look at them behind a fence.
Brianne said…
Haha I grew up in rural Minnesota, & now live in Texas, but I still love cows so much that I'll stop to take pictures.
Holly said…
Your pictures are beautiful; It must have been incredible seeing these things up close!
Faith said…
So beautiful! Living in PA right now but haven't seen that yet, haha.
Confuzzled Bev said…
There's a church right up the road from me that for some reason has cows. I've lived here for 2 years now and if I see the cows out in the field I still stop to say hello/take photos of them. (And yes, I literally say "hello cows" out loud if nobody's around to think I'm a freak ;-) )
rooth said…
Yay longhorns! Hook 'em horns!
Leslie said…
Gorgeous! I think it is amazing how sometimes driving for just a bit puts you in a totally new landscape!
Audrey Louise said…
Hahahaha- I love that you guys pulled over to get some pictures! I think longhorn cattle are so majestic-looking!
Rebecca Jo said…
I feel like someone needs to make a gif of one of these rolling their eyes now
Michelle said…
I would've been so excited to see those cows! This fits in perfectly with your text about line dancing (was it line dancing?). Which, by the way, I want to hear more about.
How fun! I love it, and I LOL at them rolling their eyes at you. Once we were driving up the California coast and saw a Zebra! Totally random...We too pulled over and took pictures.
Ooh! Pennsyltucky looks like my kind of place! Love the longhorn pics. :D