Friday, October 13, 2017

let them eat cake. and a pork roast,

Matt's dad turned the big 6-0 last week and there was a party at their house on Saturday for the occasion.  Matt's stepmom had texted him early last week to let him know the menu was going to be meatball sandwiches and hoagies.

Two of my personal faves.

The following day, she sent another text to Matt, and to all of his siblings, that said, "I decided to do a roast/toast for your dad's party.  Please tell your spouses so you can be prepared."

Matt proceeded to tell me absolutely nothing.  Coming soon: our book on how to excel in communication.

We got to my in-laws' house early on Saturday to help set everything up.  My mother-in-law told us how she planned to arrange the food table.  "I'm going to put the meatballs here, and the hoagie trays down here."

"Where is the pork going to go?" Matt asked.

"Pork?" said my mother-in-law, "We're not having pork."

"Oh," Matt replied.  "I thought you said you decided to do pulled pork."

In the hustle and bustle of getting ready we moved on quickly from the pork confusion and set to work putting the champagne in the fridge.

Champagne for the toast.

Do you see where this is going?

We ate dinner and then my mother-in-law went inside to get the champagne.  My sister-in-law, Liz, came over to Matt and said, "So, I assume as the oldest son you're going first, what are you going to say?"

I've never seen Matt look more bewildered.  Because as it turns out, my mother-in-law meant a ROAST, as in, making jokes about my father-in-law.  Matt thought she'd meant A PORK ROAST.

The funniest part is that Matt responded to my mother-in-law's initial text about the roast, saying "Great idea! I love those!"  So she thought he was all in.  No.  He was all in for some pulled pork.  He said he wondered why she put "/toast" in the text, but knows his dad likes pulled pork and toast, and since her last text had been about food, he didn't think the topic had changed.

Luckily we both thought quickly on our feet, since Matt did indeed have to go first.  Everyone got a good laugh out of Matt's confusion, and someone came up to me afterwards and told me I had the best line of the night, so we will call it a success.

My father-in-law had such a wonderful time that he declared a party should be hosted in his honor every single year.  

Next year we can have it at our house.  Maybe our kitchen will even be finished.

And we will definitely serve a pork roast.


Leslie said...

Hilarious! I'm sure you did have the best line too, even with no notice!

Hilary said...

Haha, I had the same thought when I first read "roast/toast."

Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said...

Hahaha, I can just see the image in Matt's head of pulled pork and toast.

Way to go for pulling it all together with no prep though, haha!

K @ Keeping Up With K... said...

I actually laughed out loud about this when I saw it on your IG story. There's noooo way I would've been able to think of something on the spot!

rooth said...

Matt and I would've been on the same page as well - and then been disappointed when there was no roast

Audrey Louise said...

I cracked up over this when I watched your IG story :)
I'm glad you and Matt could think on your feet!!
And what a fun idea for a birthday!!

Brianne said...

Haha that's so funny! Also, what is it about meatballs? They're just so tasty! Meatball subs, meatballs with pasta, meatballs by themselves! The're so good! I want meatballs... with garlic bread...

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm impressed with quick thinking on your feet. I'm pretty good at roast ideas but if I had to do it right on the spot? OH NO... Its why I could never be a full time comedian - the ONLY reason ;) haha... that's so funny in itself it made me laugh

Kelly said...

LOL, Too funny! I am not so great at the thinking on my feet but I'm not surprised you came up with the best line of the night since your blog is always so funny - I'm always thinking, How does she manage to make everyday life so hilarious. :-)

Klein Dot Co said...

I'm dying!!! LOL for days...

sara [at] journey of doing said...


Oh Matt. Nice recovery. LOL