Friday, July 29, 2011

i was tempted to buy a bow and arrow

If someone asked me a few years ago if I ever planned to spend part of a date night in the hunting department of the sporting goods store, looking at countless types of guns and ammunition, I would have said HECK TO THE NO.

  And I would have been very, very wrong, because look where I accompanied Matt the other night.

Oh my.


Julianna said...


When I saw the post title, I was like "WHAT!!!" Clearly you've read about how I am. Ha! :)

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It's really just an opportunity to TRY higher end brands before you go pay an arm & a leg for them, and then wind up not liking them at all.

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Wow... I could be a Birchbox Represenative.

There's also another program called Eco Emi, and they do all organic stuff, but they do lots of food samples, and birchbox's main focus is make-up (although sometimes they send food, nail polish, one month I got a "greeting card") and they have a lot of organic companies that are partnered with them as well!

Hope I helped! :)

Annica Benning said...

Hahha, that's so cute. Did he get anything?

Palm Trees, Pearls, and Everything Southern said...

I LOVE hunting! And trust me, if you would have asked me if I would ever hunt when I was little, I would have SCREAMED no because I LOVED Bambi!

Anyways, love the blog and I am now a follower! Have a great weekend!

Baby Sister said...

Hahaha. That's awesome. I'm still waiting for the expected day where I will have to do the same thing with Boyfriend. *sigh* Yay?

Ashley said...

I love it. Hey, sometimes date nights end up being all kinds of random!!! Go for it girl! The last time I was around a bow and arrow was Girl Scout Camp many many years ago!!

Bellanouva said...

lmao you crack me up :D

The Vintage Modern Bride said...

that's too funny. i love it!

Jean said...

i was quite sad we were unable to bring my boyfriend's amazing air gun up north. . . i love playing with that thing! my brother is into all types of hunting & he loves bows & arrows (&guns), it's crazy how expensive they can be! i think it's funny with how many sisters i have, i still am more of a tomboy. except i love girly clothes now >_<